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January Monthly Edition 2023

inPowered – Helping Brands Maximize their Content Marketing ROI

inPowered – Helping Brands Maximize their Content Marketing ROI

"We are laser-focused on helping people make informed decisions on things important to them and driving real ROI. We are creating a company we are proud of, one that has the power to change the content marketing industry as we know it."

Content marketing is important precisely because it's the present and future of marketing. It is how consumers prefer to be marketed to. It not only nurtures them, but it also builds loyalty and improves customer retention. It's more cost-effective and sustainable than traditional marketing and brings in more leads and ROI. Content marketing is also how you do SEO right – not to mention win the top positions in Google. It makes your website better for users and search engines, which contributes to a better internet. And, because content marketing centers on your website, you’ll get the benefits of building your authority on land you own, versus the rented real estate on social media platforms. Tech giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are investing heavily in AI, these companies know that the future in AI is revolutionary and they all want the biggest share of the pie. Content marketing is a smart and valuable way to grow a brand, plain and simple, and should be part of every business's growth strategy. By evaluating user data and making sense of user intent, artificial intelligence is assisting marketers in understanding the complex and ever-evolving world of content marketing.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the $300 billion digital marketing industry to create more meaningful conversations with consumers that lead to real business outcomes and inPowered has been leading the charge with the mission to solve content marketing’s ROI problem. It was 2014 and the founders had just sold their last company, NetShelter, to Ziff Davis as the largest tech media network on the internet (at the time). Co-Founders Peyman & Pirouz had experienced firsthand from their journey that banner ads and other forms of interruptive advertising were failing digital marketers and consumers alike and there had to be a better way to engage consumers online. It was Pirouz that came up with the idea: “What if we helped consumers to read content from a brand, instead of forcing them to click on a banner ad?” This initial idea was the start of inPowered.

Since then inPowered has grown to become the AI platform delivering business outcomes with content marketing. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the company’s Content Intelligence and Content Distribution solutions allow marketers to drive real ROI with Content Marketing – positively changing brand perception, increasing action taken onsite, lead generation, and user engagement. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and years of machine learning, their Content Intelligence and Content Distribution solutions allow marketers to collect proprietary data and use it to drive real ROI – positively changing brand perception, increasing action taken onsite, lead generation and user engagement.

Content Intelligence

High-tech artificial intelligence can understand and/or produce written language. Reading and writing provide incremental improvements over time as the system takes in the new information and makes necessary adjustments. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence have the potential to revolutionize several subsets of digital marketing. Artificial intelligence in digital marketing can simplify matters for businesses and their target audiences. Brands can provide better service and resolve client issues more quickly with the help of AI and digital marketing services. Drive audiences to take your desired actions by using AI to test various call-to-actions displayed at different times and automatically show the right call-to-action at the ideal time to drive desired outcomes such as Engagement, Positive Consideration, and Website Actions. Pageviews are great but knowing what content delivers real business results is everything. Whether your goal is to drive Engagement, Positive Consideration, or Website Actions their AI automatically prompts users to perform your desired actions and reports on what content is most effective at driving each goal. Drop a single tag across all pages of your content hub and create and manage various CTAs across different blog posts from a single interface. Assign multiple CTAs to specific blog posts, categories of content, or across the entire blog and make changes at any time - say goodbye to static call-to-actions. Feed your retargeting pool with quality scalable first party data proven to convert. Build custom audiences based on amount of time spent engaging with your content, average scroll depth, and interactions with your call-to-actions.

Your most effective content does not always receive the highest traffic. This is why they developed AI that knows when to prompt users to take action with a user-friendly experience proven to perform so you can reach statistical significance quickly and measure effectiveness of every piece of content. Driving tangible business outcomes should not come at the expense of users. That’s why they have developed tools to help you customize look and feel of your call-to-actions and enable you to set frequency controls that ensure users have a great experience every single time.

Content Distribution

Artificial intelligence has many use cases for content marketers, it helps us find the right audience and create the right content, but the task of content creation, which is the bulk of the entire activity, still needs human effort and is a major task. On top of that building, a strong customer relationship is key to business success. The amount of customer information available and possibilities around it is colossal, for humans alone to manage it will be nearly impossible, artificial intelligence is key to innovations and indispensable to remain competitive in a super competitive markets. Stop guessing who to target across each advertising channel. Let their AI scan your content to understand what it is about and recommend audiences to target across each channel proven to perform for similar content. Select your desired outcome and let their AI predict, test and optimize each piece of content against every possible variable to deliver the lowest cost-per-outcome. AI automatically pushes every variation of headlines, images, audience interests, demographics, and devices as separate ad variations to your desired ad channels through API and optimizes bids and budgets in real-time to deliver the lowest cost-per-outcome. Drive users to take your desired actions by testing various call-to-action image and copy and automatically showing the right call-to-action at the right time for each piece of content to drive engagement, positive consideration, leads, and conversions. Build high quality custom audiences based on real user engagement such as amount of time spent with your content, percentage of content scrolled, and interactions with your call-to-actions. Feed your retargeting pool with quality scalable first party audiences. Their cost control algorithms will predict ad variations most likely to come below your desired cost caps and eliminate non-efficient ad variations to manage delivery of your campaign without going over your cost caps.

About | Peyman Nilforoush

Peyman is the CEO and Co-Founder of inPowered which enables fortune 500 brands to discover and amplify trusted content to educate consumers and drive sales. Peyman along with his brother Pirouz previously founded NetShelter in 1999, which became the world’s largest technology property on the web before being acquired by Ziff Davis in 2013.The company’s fast growth earned numerous distinctions in the Inc 500|1000, Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Profit 100 and the San Francisco Business Times Fast 100.

A media entrepreneur and visionary Peyman has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and was named to the 2010 Who’s Who in Business Publishing by BtoBOnline’s Media Business Magazine. He was also a recipient of Profit 100’s Young Entrepreneur Award for being the youngest CEO on the Profit 100 list of fastest growing companies in 2009. Peyman is also a Charter Member of C100, which supports and mentors Canadian entrepreneurs.

"We are creating a company we are proud of, one that has the power to change the content marketing industry as we know it."

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