Alexa Integron: IoT Services for Life Sciences and Healthcare
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Integron: IoT Services for Life Sciences and Healthcare

Integron: IoT Services for Life Sciences and Healthcare

Businesses all over the world have already realized how IoT could add to their bottom lines by helping them reduce costs and gaining insights. They are currently scrambling to get their hands on IoT but they underestimate the complexities that come with a fully-functional IoT. It can get especially messy to deploy for multiple geographies. Moreover, with cost structures, hardware selection, coverage, and global rollout, the complexities are immense in number.

But these challenges need to be addressed to establish a strong IoT infrastructure. Integron, an IoT Managed Services company ensures that it resolves these challenges for its customers. The company deploys its solution in 87 countries in the world.

Integron is based out of Rochester, New York. Established in 1985 it has been at the forefront of managing services and developing the latest technology. The company today is an Internet of Things (IoT) Managed Services company which serves energy, healthcare, transportation and life sciences industries.

Integron handles end-to-end IoT implementation to help identify vendors, negotiate agreements and deployment due to its strong partner system. The company also excels at integration across various points including hardware, connectivity, security and device management (SDN and MDM) to deliver enterprise managed services.

Quick fact

Integron is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified and also holds FDA Registration for medical device contract manufacturing and repackaging/ re-labeling.

Working with VitalConnect

IoT is starting to have a greater stake in healthcare with each passing year. IoT is one way patient outcomes are improving and healthcare costs are reducing. One company contributing to IoT solutions in healthcare is VitalConnect.

VitalConnect was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to delivering healthcare solutions. Being a Silicon Valley company, it leverages the power of connected technologies to deliver on this promise by tapping into critical patient information beyond an intensive care environment. The company developed The Vista Solution to make continuous patient monitoring possible anywhere in the world. But there was one problem with this solution. While the concept was fairly simple, its technical execution was going to be difficult.

VitalConnect turned to Integron to put the solution into application. Integron being an expert in the matter understood the hardware requirements, source of the best product and budget. Integron helped VitalConnect with hardware procurement and directed the systematic loading of mobile device management and application software. Integron ensured that each device in the connected devices network was properly configured and kitted to meet the requirements while being ISO and FDA complaint.


-Patients could freely move, rest and recover without the removal of wires and devices

-The physicians had centralized view of vital signs which reduced the need for repetitive manual measurements and spot checks by nurses

-Continuous monitoring of the patient without disturbance

-Monitor multiple hospital units, including outpatient care from one location

-Remote monitoring of patients at home reducing the risk of readmission

Integron has been doing some fantastic work in the healthcare industry whether it is to help lower insurance premiums, connecting patients with their doctors or helping reduce energy consumption. The company is continually developing solutions to integrate wireless connectivity more into the healthcare industry for companies all over the globe.

The Road Ahead

Integron has had a very interesting 30+ years in the managed services space. It began when not many companies were operating in this space. The company went on to launch its wireless M2M services in 2004. In 2009, Integron deployed its first connected healthcare project. In 2015, the company opened its second branch in Netherlands.

Integron’s partnership ecosystem today includes wireless partners (T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and more), hardware partners (Huawei, Samsung, Apple, ZTE, Qualcomm, Foracare), and IoT partners (SAP, Intel, IBM, Microsoft Dynamics and more). The ecosystem continues to grow as we progress into a new decade.

Leading from the Front

Jeanne Pagani, CEO and Co-Founder

She is the CEO and Principal of Integron. She served as Integron’s President since the company’s establishment in 1985. She has a Bachelor’s degree in political science and English from the Kent State University.

 “We like to think of ourselves as the Intersection of IoT, delivering a comprehensive set of services that create a seamless end-to-end experience for our clients.”

“We specialize in developing IoT managed services related to wireless connectivity, software-defined networks (SDN), security, provisioning, device management, and support for enterprise businesses.”

“At Integron, we remove the burden of staying up-to-date with the latest technology thanks to our robust managed services portal which gives our clients the data they need to make sure they have the perfect IoT solution for their project.”

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