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Offering leading national and international moving services—International Van Lines

Offering leading national and international moving services—International Van Lines

The professional challenges in today’s modern work scenario have made relocation to a different country, state, or city a prevailing situation for people. Whether for business or personal a requirement, moving is one such task that requires impeccable planning and organizational skills. There are many things to be thought of while relocating from one place to another, like packing, loading, unloading, arranging vehicles for carrying the stuff, unpacking, and rearranging. Shifting to a new home is exciting, and equally, it’s highly challenging. The process of packing, unpacking, and rearranging is not a child’s play. All these tasks require a lot of manpower and lead to mental and physical stress. If you are relocating to another country, you need to arrange to ship your items, do a lot of documentation, and follow many rules and regulations you are not even aware of.

First-time movers usually choose to undertake the moving mission in their own hands. They find out that sometimes it is much better and easier to hire professional movers to handle the packing and moving.

Packers and movers provide a great aid in shifting things. The professionals deal with every requirement of shifting perfectly well. Whatever the size of the goods you are moving, if there are packers by your side, they will be perfectly taken to the next destination.No matter your requirement, movers take care of shifting everything professionally to ensure ending the entire process on a positive note.

Since moving is stressful, it is advisable not to risk your household goods with an unlicensed moving company and go with the best one available in the market. As America’s leading national moving company, International Van Lines, is the most suitable for your national as well as international moving services. Established in 2000, International Van Lines has offered top-notch moving services for over 20 years and has established itself among the most significant private moving companies in the country. International Van Lines operates out of California, Florida, Illinois, and Texas but covers the entire continental United States and over 180 other countries globally.

International Van Lines—the idea behind the company’s inception, its vision, and mission

International Van Lines originally began as an international moving and logistics company. We only handled ocean and air freight.

After multiple customer requests for domestic moving and logistics, the company decided to buy its first truck in 2010. International Van Lines has now transitioned into one of the largest private moving companies in the United States of America. The company estimates that approximately 80% of its current business is within the domestic moving market.

“To build a disrupting relocation company that offers the best customer experience and maintains the best agent relationships.”

This has been the company’s motto since its inception in 2000. International Van Lines has significantly impacted the moving industry in the U.S. and worldwide. The firm has created unique processes and strategic partnerships and offers technology that most moving companies simply can’t and don’t provide.

Scaling a moving company is much more than just offering quality service; it is also about building and maintaining relationships with partners. As an international company, International Van Lines has to work with hundreds of partners to get the job done, and maintaining those relationships is crucial to delivering unmatchable moving services.

The firm is in the process of converting existing companies to International Van Lines at a rapid pace. The company is building a unique infrastructure that will allow for more volume, better service, and great partnerships.

Successful leaders, risks taken, and growth in leadership—In conversation with the man at the helm of International Van Lines

When asked what are the essential attributes of successful leaders today? Josh Morales, the Founder and CEO of International Van Lines, says that one of the vital attributes of a successful leader is self awareness. Self-awareness helped Morales open his mind to grow as a leader in business and as a father of three. It also gives Morales the ability to hear people out and make rational decisions instead of emotional decisions.

As much as we would like to believe we are always right, we are not, and knowing that has helped Josh hire people with skills he does not possess and, in return, helped grow International Van Lines into one of America’s fastest-growing companies, according to Inc magazine.

Another attribute of successful leadership according to Josh Morales is developing others and not breaking them down. Josh has high expectations of his crew as a CEO and business owner, but he says that you will never hear him yell, lash out, or even get angry with someone. If someone isn’t fulfilling their expectations, he encourages them, offers more training, and builds them up to be the best they can be, thereby retaining talented and trained staff who, in turn, take great care of the business.

Morales says that starting International Van Lines was the most critical risk he has ever taken. Morales was 21 when he began the business. Morales had a good job and the opportunity to grow within the company he worked for. He also didn’t have a college education and had very little money in the bank. Therefore, he says, “So the ball wasn’t really in my court.”

Starting and running a business at a young age comes with many challenges that most people aren’t aware of. For one, Morales says that many people didn’t take him seriously in the beginning. He found it problematic to land accounts and find employees. Building relationships with the bank was a challenge. Even though he had a lot of roadblocks, Morales says he is grateful for running through them.

Today, the 39-year-old Morales and International Van Lines generate revenue close to $40 million a year. Yet, he still has the same fire that he did back then, and the team is aggressively growing the company.

Self-reflection and understanding different people’s perspectives are essential for leadership development. As a leader, it’s critical to look at oneself, decisions, why one makes them, and work on areas where one may fall short. It’s also important to understand that people may see things differently.

Morales says that we all have different backgrounds and may not see eye to eye in certain areas, and that’s okay. He has grown and learned a lot by hearing people’s different perspectives, and he is always open to being challenged by any one of his employees. Hence, he is grateful that it has forced him to think on a larger scale.

“National moving can be stressful. Don’t risk your household goods with an unlicensed moving company, and go with the best!”

Challenges faced in the moving industry and International Van Lines’ solution for them

International Van Lines’ number one customer service issue is delays. It’s no secret that there’s a labor and driver shortage within the packing and moving sector. It’s also been very challenging getting equipment like new tractors and trailers due to the pandemic. It’s a national problem, but International Van Lines is working on a solution.

The company created an agency business model that seamlessly allows pre-existing moving companies to convert to International Van Lines. The offer to agents is better and more strategic than the firm’s competitors.

Adding more locations will also add more trucks, workforce, and warehouse locations which will help International Van lines with the issue of delayed moves.

Introducing innovative technology to the moving industry and plans for the future

The company’s MoveOne virtual tour technology was built because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although moving is considered an essential business during the ongoing pandemic, the firm had difficulty getting surveyors out to homes for obvious reasons. So, the company decided to create technology that allows the customer to complete a full and accurate video survey within minutes.

The MoveOne technology is a guided room by room technology that records the entire inventory list and details about the customer’s move. The technology has helped the moving process, allowing International Van Lines to get accurate moving quotes out to customers within minutes instead of days.

International Van Lines is one of the industry’s largest and most innovative moving companies. The company wants to expand to hundreds of nationwideand international locations and establish itself as the best in the business.

The leader driving International Van Lines to national and international domination

Josh Morales is the CEO of International Van Lines. He started IVL in 2004 at the age of 21. He worked out of his bedroom in his parent’s house for the first two years.

His vision was to build a high-end international relocation company. Josh built the company reasonably quickly with his logistics background and agent relationships.

Within three years, International Van Lines was featured in the INC500/5000 magazine for their rapid growth. Josh is the youngest person in U.S. history to obtain an NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier) license from the Federal Maritime Commission.

Today Josh and his team have helped International Van Lines become one of the most prominent names in moving.

“International Van Lines handles an average of 20,000 relocations per year. Long-distance moving makes up about eighty percent of the moves we transport annually”

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