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Inviso Corporation: A partner you can trust

Inviso Corporation: A partner you can trust

Inviso Corporation was founded in 2004 by Martin Wolfram and Ken Lippe. They visualized Inviso as a specialized business consulting firm. The company today delivers business solutions through Azure, Software Asset Management (SAM), Business Intelligence, Marketing and Staffing.

Move to Azure

Cloud’s offerings have taken the tech world by storm. It is by no means a new technology but it is making it easier to deliver computing resources to businesses all over the world. And it is doing so at the fraction of the existing costs.

With the rising needs of the businesses and the emergence of new thought processes such as automation, the cloud is becoming a need for organizations all over the world. Chances are that if you’re a tech company you have at least one workload on the cloud.

The world’s largest companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon have already moved a considerable amount of their workloads to the cloud. In fact, they have identified cloud as a big opportunity and some of them have become cloud behemoths. But most companies are in the meantime struggling to migrate their workloads to one of the cloud computing platforms.

Microsoft Azure is the foremost cloud computing platform and occupies a substantial market share in today’s cloud market. And hence, thousands of companies around the world are looking to migrate their workloads into this environment. But moving the business data, applications and the other important elements of an organization to a cloud is a difficult proposition. Inviso Corporation helps businesses execute this by helping them assess, and plan the migration.

Inviso’s cloud migration plan begins by acquiring a clear and data-driven understanding of its client’s current server infrastructure. This assessment is important to gain a foundational understanding of the server workloads. This process provides an in-depth understanding of the resource utilization of these workloads and roughly takes one to two weeks. Inviso then categorizes workloads and produces Azure VM sizing, preliminary modernization opportunities, and cost modeling in the third or fourth week. In the fifth or sixth week, the company provides application-level analysis and targets an application as a candidate for migration. They group the workloads by application dependencies, assess application-level readiness, and estimate application modernization level of effort to complete the planning and assessment.

Inviso takes an incremental approach to implement broad-scale Azure adoption. First, it identifies the simple candidates for the initial migration phase to deliver value fast at a low business and capital risk. The company carries on with the migration strategy to demonstrate the business value. Inviso also implements the ongoing processes to continuously optimize the workloads running in the Azure and identifies the workloads to migrate in the next phase.

Being a Gold Microsoft Partner, Inviso’s product knowledge and experience with modern Microsoft technology platform is unmatched. The company leverages the tools available such as Microsoft Power Platform to deliver low/no-code solutions. Inviso’s expertise with the full Microsoft BI stack enables them to deliver fully customized solutions to their clients.

Delivers the best SAM

Software Asset Management (SAM) tools automate many important tasks and help control software spending. They are pivotal in facilitating in-depth analysis of software assets by decoding software license entitlements. Gartner says that the challenges of managing multiple environments and usage scenarios in combination with SAM skills shortages are growing. It further predicts that the usage of SAM managed service providers are to grow by roughly 40%.

Inviso is a leader in Microsoft-centric Software Asset Management delivery. The company was listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s February 2018 market Guide for Software Asset Management Managed Service Providers. Thousands of enterprises use Inviso’s data-driven insights to:

-optimize software spend

-manage software licensing

-plan cloud migrations

-identify security risks

The Chief says…

“At Inviso our culture is a little...different. Our success is evident in the quality of people retained and the wins we put on the board for our clients. We focus on outputs ahead of inputs and on growing peoples‘ careers for the long term. Exploiting new technology is how we deliver for our clients, stay challenged professionally and still have enough time left over to have some fun.”

-Martin Wolfram, Co-founder and CEO

New Office!

2019 has been a great year for Inviso Corporation as the company was named as the Microsoft SAM Partner of the Year finalist. The company has also expanded and established a new office in Mexico City. It has also launched its services is the APAC region. Further, it has also added new Azure and Microsoft 365 experts to the team in Bellevue.

“We are a premier consulting firm that delivers business solutions through Azure, Business Intelligence, Software Asset Management (SAM), Marketing, and Staffing.”

“We help you assess, plan, and execute your migration to the cloud so you can deliver higher quality services and achieve key business goals at a lower cost.”

“Inviso is here to help you with your migration from traditional on-premises to cloud services.”

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