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ioTium - Enabling Industrial Enterprises Accelerate Their Digital Transformation

ioTium - Enabling Industrial Enterprises Accelerate Their Digital Transformation

The technology around us is improving at a swift pace. Our lives have become more comfortable with the digital adoption of the things around us. IoT has made our lives easier in a way never thought before. IoT provides us the flexibility to control things remotely. And especially with digitization, we don't need to physically be present at a place to operate or use a service. ioTium is a company that aims at enabling industrial enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

ioTium provides a secure managed software-defined network infrastructure for industrial IoT to securely connect legacy and greenfield mission-critical on-site machinery and automation & control systems to applications that reside in data centers or the cloud - all at scale. The solution is zero-touch provisioned, eliminating all complexities in scalable mass deployment.

The ioTium Benefit

ioTium helps in digitizing Legacy Systems. To drive digital transformation, Industrial Enterprises must adopt new technologies enabling them to work with legacy applications. Their connectivity approach allows IT/OT teams to rapidly modernize their legacy systems, transport data to any clouds for better insights and greater control.

ioTium reduces third-party access risks by providing a seamless one-stop solution. Most of the time, third-party vendors have been identified as the source of many significant security breaches. ioTium lets you obtain a uniform methodology for Industrial Enterprises to manage and monitor which technicians and which vendors are accessing which subsystems and touching which applications across all your assets. ioTium offers you a multi-cloud edge to drive digital transformation.


OT-Net lets you securely and seamlessly connect all your mission-critical industrial control and automation systems and assets at scale. It simplifies connectivity management using ioTium's Network Infrastructure offered as-a-Service to connect any asset using any protocol to any application residing in any cloud or data center. It can be obtained through any network infrastructure and operator in a secure, seamless, and plug-and-play manner.

ioTium's OT-Net is Cloud provisioned using certificates and key-based authentication with no need for truck rolls, no changes to existing facility firewall/security/proxy settings, and no Command Line Interface (CLI) no usernames and passwords. It provides a single pane of glass to manage centrally, update, and upgrade the entire network infrastructure. It supports Legacy Protocol. With this, you can instantly upgrade the security of all legacy communication protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, IEC 61850, and OPC without expensive software rewrites or forklift upgrades.

It provides complete security by offering layers of built-in security including secure managed OS, built-in firewall, managed PKI (public key infrastructure) eliminating usernames/passwords, no changes to enterprise firewall/proxy policies, a book-ended architecture for auditable and reliable access, and isolation of OT traffic from IT traffic on the same network.

OT-Net is supported on a variety of trusted name-brand hardware platforms and all public cloud environments. It works with any application, infrastructure, operator that is best for your business, thus eliminating vendor lock-in. It is highly scalable through an innovative architecture that separates the management and data planes and offers zero-touch provisioning. OT-Net significantly reduces deployment costs as well as security and connectivity OpEX across thousands of sites.


ioTium's OT-Access lets you provision, authenticate, manage, and audit secure remote access for third-party vendors and technicians to all your assets across the globe through a single pane of glass. OT-Access is a remote access management infrastructure offered as-a-service that puts you in control to enable scalable agent-less secure third-party remote access to your mission-critical assets. This enables a uniform methodology for you to manage and monitor technicians from which vendors are accessing subsystems and touching which applications across all your assets globally in verticals including Building Automation, Oil & Gas, Power and Utilities, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Smart Cities.

OT-Access offers a streamlined, secure third-party remote access to all your assets globally. You can simply plug in the ioTium iNode and leave all the heavy lifting to ioTium's OT-Net infrastructure. Use OT-Net to provision, authenticate, manage, and audit secure third-party remote access in minutes.

OT-Access is agentless as it requires no new software download or installation by vendors and technicians to connect to industrial subsystems and assets across the globe securely. It offers continuous centralized monitoring and audit of access, with reports on who accessed the network and when. You get access management ease through centralized enforcement to grant or revoke technician/vendor access to assets. It shields vulnerable devices from exposure to public internet by enabling secure remote access to vendors while the devices continue to remain in private networks.


OT-Edge lets you securely deploy and manage applications at scale at the Edge across millions of assets globally in one-click from the cloud using ioTium's OT-Edge. Built on remotely-managed Kubernetes, ioTium's Edge-Cloud Infrastructure offered as a service enables one-click remote deployment and management of containerized applications at scale across verticals including building automation, oil & gas, power and utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, and smart cities. It is a one-click technology for Edge applications' deployment across thousands of industrial assets and control and automation systems via ioTium's cloud-based central management Orchestrator. It has built-in security to provide runtime assessment of each app and ensure app isolation. It also enables management and monitoring of apps running at the Edge across sites via cloud-based ioTium Orchestrator for ongoing serviceability and telematics.

OT-Edge offers custom Edge App deployment with Docker-based workflow and enables custom apps with reduced development & test time. ioTium-enhances remotely-managed Kubernetes to automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It also provides popular third-party apps (analytics, machine learning, AI, DPI, and more) for one-click deployment to the Edge from ioTium's Industrial App Store.

About the CEO

Ron Victor is a Silicon-Valley based entrepreneur with 20 years of experience and expertise in both Fortune 100 companies and launching new ventures and start-ups. He is the Founder and CEO of ioTium Inc, which provides a secure, cloud-managed, easy-to-deploy Networking as a Service infrastructure for all IoT verticals. ioTium is the first secure network infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), allowing mission-critical environments to realize the promise of Industry 4.0 safely. Prior to ioTium, Ron has served as VP of Marketing and Business Development of Wireless Industrial Technologies, an Industrial IoT company providing IoT solutions for heavy industry such as aluminum smelters, copper tank houses, and more.

"Our vision for software-defined converged infrastructure solutions for IIoT is based on the learning that both flexibility and simplicity are equally important in approaching Industry 4.0. Organizations must combine elements of security, network, and edge computing in a multi-tenanted, scalable and open way to realize their deployment," – Ron Victor, CEO, ioTium.

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