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We create high-risk merchant account and provide you with customized credit card processing solutions: iPayTotal

We create high-risk merchant account and provide you with customized credit card processing solutions: iPayTotal

There are businesses out there that have higher risks of scam through stolen credit cards.

Not all buyers are out to deceive the sellers but are there to try spreading that idea to other primary merchant account processors and providers. These businesses are high risk and are in need of a high risk account.

High-risk businesses might also face issues of acceptance. Most account providers do not intend to engage with high-risk products and services because of the financial risk. However, having a high-risk merchant account can enable a business to maneuver around most account processors. They can do it by providing similar services for processing payments using cards at very reasonable rates. Aside from that, high-risk merchant accounts also have some benefits of its own. Here are three of the most common benefits that businesses get when acquiring a high-risk merchant account.

iPayTotal helps you create your own high-risk merchant account and provide you with personalized credit card processing solutions. iPayTotal can assist you in creating your high-risk merchant account and provide you with customized credit card processing solutions.

We conversed with the company to get a clear picture of the work they do.

Q. Tell us about the company.     

iPayTotal is a rapidly growing provider of high-risk payment solutions for various businesses. It offers customizable payment solutions at competitive prices while providing multiple layers of security. The company’s tailormade package includes an arrangement of a merchant account (MID) with one of its international acquiring banking partners, with an award-winning payment gateway service, reporting tools, integrated fraud-prevention, and free dedicated lifetime support.

The organization brings transparency and standards to the high-risk payment processing industry, providing businesses with the most competitive deals in high-risk merchant accounts suited to their needs. The company offers these solutions in integrated packages that will perfectly adjust to the client’s company card payment requirements.     

Q. What were the initial challenges you faced?  

Success, like every growth, needs nurturing. In the business industry, thousands of ideas are generated, and millions are rejected. However, iPayTotal Ltd was not such one idea. iPayTotal Ltd was an idea started by three people three years ago, and their aims were clear: they were going to make it work. They planted this small seed, but they didn’t hope for it to just grow on its own; they   nurtured the growth of the company to put it up on its feet where it is today.

There were hindrances and hardships, but there was more hard work and ambition. Every entangled situation was thought over to provide the best service that we do till date.

Q. What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success?            

We have a strong team who believe in accomplishing company’s mission. We know payments and always make payment processing experience simple and enjoyable and hassle free for our customers. We have been in this industry and experience has helped us get better. We know how important your time is to you, and we work hard to make sure you are moving quickly towards your goal of building your business. 

We are leading in Customer Service. Our team will attend to you whenever you need   them. From sales to technical issues, we’re here 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted service. In terms of safety, we create a payment experience that is easy and secure.

Q. What are the products/services the company focuses on?

We focus mainly on high-risk merchant accounts. We partner directly with banks specializing in numerous high risk industries all in efforts to get legitimate approvals and processing solutions. Our online payment gateway is an independent platform for providing safe and secure payment processing for PSP /ISO and merchants. Our PCI DSS Level 1 Certified cloud payment platform allows consumers to pay merchants securely for goods and services online, mobile, and over the telephone.    

Below is a short overview of services we provide in a most satisfied customer experience.

  • We provide end-to-end merchant account payment solutions for businesses and consumers around the globe.
  • We can set up with International bank accounts - SWIFT or IBAN, to keep the money flowing even if companies were not able to contact high street banks.
  • We can register and set up offshore /European companies with banking solutions.
  • We can provide a Crypto backed Bank Account and debit card.
  • Financial Licensing and other legal projects.

Q. How are your services different from those in the market? 

Businesses can be considered a high-risk merchant if they operate in an industry identified as high risk by the credit card processor, or if there is a significant risk of financial obstacles inherent to the business model.

Regardless of whether you require an international payment gateway, an international merchant account, a high-risk payment solution for your start-up, a subscription account for your gaming business, a pharmacy merchant account, a travel merchant account, or set up an offshore merchant, iPayTotal can efficiently help you secure with the lowest rates for your high-risk businesses.

Q. Is there any specific industry you specialize in?

Customized Forex Trading Business Payment Processing Solutions

iPayTotal is an innovative Forex payment gateway and Forex Merchant Account provider which provides tools to transform, grow, and scale your online business globally. We are recognized as the best payment solution with the essential back-end operations in place to support Forex Trading business.

iPayTotal offers a complete set of solutions for Forex businesses to accept/make payments in a quick and convenient way.

We integrate an extensive global network of banking relationships. At iPayTotal, we are an extension for Forex companies, working closely with them providing a wide variety of high-risk forex payment processing requirements, taking care of every step of the way to simplify, streamline, and strengthen your online business back-end operations.

Q. How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services?  

It needs considerable planning and organisation to step up in terms of products/services. We consult members of our team about development plans and also seek the views of merchants and other business associates. At iPayTotal Ltd, we combine our technical skills with our simple,   straightforward approach. We always aim to provide our merchants first class High Risk Merchant   Account services at the most competitive fees. Be it for IBAN accounts   opening, obtaining offshore accounts and financial licensing.

We escalate solutions and possibilities to help our clients scale deliberately, increase profitability and achieve long-term viability. Our commitment is a promise to ourselves to live the values that our   employees created; Pioneering, Courageous, Open and Focused.

Q. Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share?  

MOBAM, an iPayTotal Vertical, is a new end-to-end merchant onboarding and payment gateway solution that reduces technical complexity. The solution eliminates the hurdle of complicated integration and removes holdup to business growth for PSPs, ISOs, and acquirers. 

MOBAM is a highly scalable and PCI-certified payment orchestration platform for White Label Clients and Enterprise Merchants. The modern, easily extendable architecture provides intelligent routing and cascading as well as state-of-the-art risk management functions as well as centralized reconciliation and settlements along with plugin-based integration of Acquirers and Payment Service Providers. Our white label payment gateway is being used by many clients globally. 


  • Auto Merchant Onboarding Auto Assignments to the Boarding network
  • AI-based document and identity verification
  • API integration with more than 100 banks and PSPs


MOBAM™’s future is to build the most demanded business features such as:

  • Virtual Card Instant Generation
  • IBAN generation
  • Swift Account Transfer
  • Crypto Payments
  • Crypto to Fiat Currency  

Q. Detail us about banking underwriting process.

The merchant account underwriting process can be really overwhelming. At iPayTotal, underwriter will look at the merchant’s financial history and how long the merchant is in the business and also evaluate the risk factor of a business. The merchant needs to submit all the necessary documents which will be closely monitored by our underwriter and then we submit the application and documents to the acquiring bank.

Our international connections with Acquiring Partners give us the edge to offer reliable credit, debit, and Echeck processing to almost every high-risk industry, no matter if you are located in the USA, Australia, Latin America, EU, or Africa.

Q. How can high-risk merchant be a saviour?

There are several reasons why a processor might label a merchant as ‘high risk.’ Some characteristics that identify high risk businesses are superficial factors based on the business’s industry or clientele, while others are directly related to the merchant’s business practices.

If you run an online business with a higher risk of chargebacks and want to process credit card transactions, that’s when you need a high-risk merchant account. Let’s take an example of high-risk businesses is the travel industry, as there are various factors there that can cause cancellations. This usually ends up with a large number of refunds and customers who file chargebacks. Few others are gambling, forex trading, and adult-themed websites, etc. 

“We grow your brand through Customized Payments.”

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