Alexa IronNet Cybersecurity – Delivering Collective Defense through network detection and response (NDR), and real-time threat intelligence sharing
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IronNet Cybersecurity – Delivering Collective Defense through network detection and response (NDR), and real-time threat intelligence sharing

IronNet Cybersecurity – Delivering Collective Defense through network detection and response (NDR), and real-time threat intelligence sharing

We live in a digital world. Our work lives, personal lives, and finances have all begun gravitating toward the world of the internet, mobile computing, and electronic media. Unfortunately, this widespread phenomenon makes us more vulnerable than ever to malicious attacks, invasions of privacy, fraud, and other such unpleasant acts. That’s why cybersecurity is such a vital part of a secure and well-ordered digital world. Cybersecurity keeps us safe from hackers, cyber criminals, and other agents of fraud.

IronNet Cybersecurity is one such firm that merges industry-leading cybersecurity products with unrivaled service to deliver the most advanced real-time defense across global, private, and public sectors. is a global cybersecurity leader that is revolutionizing how enterprises, industries, and governments secure their networks. IronNet takes the skills of its top-notch cybersecurity operators with their real-world, public and private sector, offensive and defensive cyber experience, and integrates their deep tradecraft knowledge into its industry-leading products to solve the most challenging cyber problems facing industry today. Its solutions leverage behavioral analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques to help public and private enterprises across critical infrastructure detect unknown threats.

Most relevant cybersecurity platforms offered by IronNet Cybersecurity

IronDefense: IronDefense is the industry’s most advanced network detection and response (NDR) platform built to stop the most sophisticated cyber threats. Gain unparalleled visibility. Empower your entire team. Make faster, smarter decisions. It enables real-time insights across industry threatscapes, human insights to detect threats, and higher-order analysis of anomalies correlated across groups of peers via IronDome Collective Defense integration. It has advanced network behavioral analysis that leverages proven AI/ML and analytics used to defend highly secure networks, allowing the ability to scale up analysis to the largest enterprises. IronDefense enables analysts to respond to even the most sophisticated threats targeting your enterprise.

IronDome: IronDome is the first automated cyber Collective Defense solution that delivers threat knowledge and intelligence across industries at machine speed. With IronDome, your organization can collaborate with others across industries and sectors to stay ahead of evolving threats through real-time threat sharing. The IronDome solution facilitates Collective Defense to deliver the unique ability to automate real-time knowledge sharing and collaboration between and beyond sectors for faster threat detection. Now, you can build a stronger cyber defense that can scale over time by anonymously collaborating with others in real time. It leverages proven analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques across anonymized participant data to identify stealthy, sophisticated threats that otherwise may be missed by an individual enterprise and signature-based tools. It delivers real-time visibility of cyber threats targeting supply chains, industries, regions, or any custom IronDome Collective Defense grouping.

Digital Detect: Traditional fraud detection tools only claim to verify the legitimacy of site traffic from digital media. Unfortunately, these tools overlook some of the more nefarious and sophisticated forms of ad fraud, compromising your reputation and overall campaign ROI. Digital Detect is the only data-driven solution proven to stop ad fraud to help teams maximize budgets, increase qualified leads, and build awareness. Digital ad fraud is a growing cybersecurity issue. Fraudulent ad traffic drives up cost, drives down viewability, and increases your brand’s overall risk. The firm has developed a revolutionary product that brings the power of network detection and response to ad fraud detection. Digital Detect enables you to protect your brand while maximizing your digital marketing effectiveness with advanced ad fraud detection. Digital Detect protects your brand by analyzing traffic to digital ads and websites and identifying the fraudulent activities that affect overall campaign effectiveness.

The mastermind behind the triumph of IronNet Cybersecurity

Keith Alexander is the Chairman of the Board, Founder, and Co-CEO of IronNet Cybersecurity. At IronNet Cybersecurity, as the Co-CEO and President, General (Ret) Keith Alexander provides strategic vision to corporate leaders on cybersecurity issues through the development of cutting-edge technology, consulting and education/training. He is reinventing how industries mitigate cybersecurity threats with IronDefense, a patented solution designed to detect and alert on anomalous enterprise network behaviors through fine-tuned analytics. His goal is to bridge communication systems between private and government sectors to create the next level of intelligence sharing and protect the nation against cyber threats on a global stage.

“Our ability to share the derived raw intelligence with peer enterprises in real-time, uniquely enables industries to collectively defend against well-funded nation state and cyber threats.”

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