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ISU Corp: Software Design and Development is Our Passion

ISU Corp: Software Design and Development is Our Passion

We live in an age of technological disruption where software is a core part of innovation. The most important parts of building any software are the software design and development processes, and they are crucial for the future of any business today. ISU Corp – based in Waterloo, Ontario – is one of the leading companies in software design and development.

ISU Corp was founded by David Mansilla in 2005. He consistently found himself outgrowing every corporate job he had as an executive by automating all of the company’s processes. After serving multiple multinational corporations at the executive level, David, sparked by the desire to start his own company, established ISU Corp.

Overcoming the challenges

The ability to take a challenge and find any way possible to conquer itis what makes companies great. ISU Corp, like many successful businesses before it, faced hurdles initially. One of the earliest hurdles the company faced was convincing their first client to trust them with their software development project. The company had no background yet, and the only thing which ISU Corp had with it was the founder and CEO, David Mansilla’s reputation as an employee of fortune 500 companies.

ISU Corp began with just David Mansilla and another developer, and when the company got going they had a tough time finding the right people to support the growth of the company. But once the exceptional talent came, the company was deemed for success.

Growth backed by a strong culture

For the past five years, ISU Corp has been focusing 100% on growth and strategy. Driven by the amazing culture and people who look after one another and the clients, the company has been successful. ISU Corp thoroughly believes that they are in business because they are capable of delivering and are ready to do whatever it takes to delight their clients.

Agile methodology has been the leading cause which has given ISU Corp the ability to push forward in completing projects swiftly and efficiently. Besides this, the strategy applied by the company is quite simple;satisfy the clients by delivering on time and under budget. The company follows a scrum methodology that helps them improve at the end of every single project, which then refines the work done by ISU Corp at the start of every new project.

While the company has an exceptional sales team and a reputation that precedes its name, ISU Corp has a lead generation team that helps in finding the right clients. The company chooses the right people to work with and strongly believes that the clients must match the culture at ISU.

“We want to work for people that have Gratitude, Growth, and Contribution as part of their values. We want to work for people that want to make this world a better place.”

The focus makes them stand out among their peers. Imbibing the simple philosophy of increasing the profits of the clients, ISU Corp conducts a thorough analysis to make sure that a client will benefit from the company’s services.

Moreover, the company does not take on everyone as a client if it seems that the potential client cannot generate any revenue. Instead, ISU Corp even suggests a different partner so that a pursuer gets what they are looking for. What a refreshing outlook!

The latest in technology

ISU Corp is a market leader in the industry, thanks to their promptness in adopting the latest in technology. For example, the company was already in the process of working with multiple clients who were carrying out massive analytics for companies for better decision making even before AI became a big thing. And when blockchain came around, ISU Corp was one of the first companies that started working with the technology. The company has even been able to implement blockchain with one of their clients.

ISU Corp is constantly on the lookout for newer technologies which they use to build internal products and to learn from, before applying these technologies to give their clients an advantage. A large part of the company earnings finds its way into research and development.

The goal is to help

ISU Corp engages a client with the single aim of providing maximum value. The value in turn received by the company is diverted in part to help people in need. A goal that is always tied to ISU Corp is the aim of helping others unconditionally, which is seen through the efforts with Loving Arms, an organization that provides meals and education for school children in Guatemala.

Meet the Pioneer

David Mansilla, Founder and CEO

A high-tech investor, he provides leadership and guidance to ISU Corp. He earlier founded HubLinked, a client platform that enables intuitive and easy communication across organizations. He is also a board member of Neruda Arts, which is a not-for-profit organization that connects diverse cultures through arts.

“We increase our clients’ profits with exceptional custom software solutions.” 

“We have a comprehensive team of I.T. professionals that brings to the business many years of experience in a wide variety of technologies.” 

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