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ISU Corp: Specializing in enterprise software development and consulting

ISU Corp: Specializing in enterprise software development and consulting

In this hyper competitive world, enterprise application integration (ERP) has become so essential that you cannot run a company without it. Absence of ERP is like trying to navigate a boat through stormy waters without a compass. You will have to make decisions based on your instincts. Your instincts might be right, but it is always better to have a compass!

ERP systems play a crucial role, when it comes to organize and process financial data. It also enhances overall business development activity in the long and short term. In addition to these advantages, by utilizing ERP Software for your organization, you can enhance the efficiency of your processes, decrease costs, streamline processes and as well as elevate productivity. We have with us ISU Corp, a high tech company specializing in enterprise software development and consulting. The firm has a comprehensive team of IT professionals that bring to the business many years of experience in a wide variety of technologies. ISU Corp writes software for software companies from conception to the end. In addition to working with a number of software companies, ISU Corp is also partnered with organizations in the food industry, the stock market, the education industry, the medical industry, financial industry, and real estate industry.

David Mansilla, Founder/CEO will furthermore tell us the story of ISU Corp Educate us on the history of the company, and transformation over the years.

ISU Corp started out with one employee, which was myself. I was able to quickly hire a second person who was my first developer, who is now one of our senior architects. We also hired an office manager, and within one year we grew to three people. We were trying to grow and flourish, but quickly realized that an important aspect of any company is the culture that is developed. ISU stagnated at around 8 people for a while until 2009, when we began to develop and implement what would become ISU Corp’s company culture today. We started to use best practices and hone-in our idea of what an ideal place to work is. That’s when we really started to grow. Since then, we have built a culture with autonomy, gratitude, growth, and contribution. I figured out that the secret is to have an employee that is highly engaged and happy. The problem, which is a problem for many start-ups, is that the beginnings of a company is normally so small and unstable that it doesn’t have time to prioritize on culture.. I only focused 100% on technology and new clients. After 2011, we grew to over 100 people. We then focused on sales growth and tech growth, again letting culture backslide. The result of this was that at the end of 2012, we had to go back to the drawing board. I realized the company I built wasn’t the company that I wanted. It was the company I was running from when I was a full time employee for a big corporation. I took a 1-year intensive leadership post grad course and at the same time I read all I could about culture. In 2013, I started to implement everything and slowly we were growing again, but in the right way. My focus was now my employees. We try to create diversity, as a result 40% of our staff are women, which is difficult to find in the tech industry. We represent a company of people from all walks of life.

What was your initial project? Share about your product developments.

Our initial project was consulting for a local software manufacturer. The manufacturer made MFPs (Multi-Functional Printer), huge photocopiers that have many functions. We wrote software for that in order to connect it to the internet. That was our first contract where we hired our first developer. It was very successful.

A company is where an employee or employer works together for the development of their professional satisfaction. Is it true with your company?

This is definitely a major pillar that holds ISU Corp up. We strive to offer a positive and encouraging work environment. We are a family here at ISU, and we work together to make this world a better place, and to delight our clients. We pride ourselves on our team work and our supportive work environment.

For a company’s growth a firm and determined team is essential. How do you motivate your employees?

We built a private social network called Hublinked. Since its launch in 2013, we always post positive messages and use it to keep a constant reminder of what’s really important. We focus on the personal and technical growth of our employees, and recognize that for an employee to be motivated and engaged, they need to have fulfillment in all aspects of their lives. We offer blogs on self-improvement, healthy living, and maintenance of mental health. They are encouraged to grow in all areas of their lives.

Mention the factors that make your organization ‘A great place to work’?

We believe in creating a community-oriented environment for our employees. Although there are international borders between teams, every year we strive to meet in one place and have a company party, where members can meet each other and share dinner.

What qualities of your company have helped to sustain in the marketplace?

We are technology leaders. We stay up to date, research, become masters at the latest developments and we are always on the leading edge. Another quality is our people, our culture, and our goal to make this world a better place. We also invest a lot in our process, which is the greatest tool that keeps our work professional, efficient and precise.

How do you support your employees in their work-life balance?

ISU Corp offers remote work opportunities for our employees, granting them the opportunity to live their lives with a flexible job. They can pick up their kids after regular school hours, go out as needed, as long as they are connected when they need to be and complete their hours and tasks.

What is your company’s position in the current marketplace?

We provide software consulting services to maximize growth and revenue. We are currently investing in AI and Cryptocurrency development. We are about to launch an e-commerce website with Cryptocurrency enablement, so our clients look for us for leadership and anything that has to do with software development. Our position in the marketplace is that of pioneers in any new and upcoming technology that our clients are looking to utilize in their businesses.

Where do you visualize your company in a couple of years?

We’re going to keep growing. We just had a company retreat, and over 30 of our employees came out. I realized that the more people that we bring into this family, the more companies we will have the privilege to work for and help them see growth. We plan on continuing on the leading edge of technology.

Backdrop of the ace

David Mansilla came to Canada at age 19 with his wife and one-year old daughter. Over the next 20 years, he and his family would turn $20 into a thriving software development company of over 35 employees, dealing multi-million-dollar software projects for clients ranging  from start-ups to giants like General Electric. ISU Corp is a company that fosters a positive workplace culture, creating jobs for people in Canada, Guatemala, and Argentina among five other countries. David Mansilla graduated from Conestoga College and later was honored for his achievements with an Alumni of Distinction Award. He has been featured numerous times in the CIO Review magazine, and his company has been listed in the top “20 most promising project management solution providers” for four consecutive years. David Mansilla holds many nominations, one of the most prominent being the Ernest and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2017 and 2018. He was recognized in Insights Success magazine as one of the “50 most creative CEO’s to watch” and was included in their “50 most valuable tech companies” for 2017. While ISU Corp’s first priority is providing clients with outstanding software solutions, the tech company also endeavors in various charitable pursuits. David personally sponsors two kids from Colombia. ISU Corp is a donor for Neruda Arts, a non-profit that enriches the arts and culture scene in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. ISU Corp also supports Loving Arms, an organization that helps underprivileged children in Guatemala attend school and provides over 70 kids with breakfast and lunch every day.

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