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Iterable: A cross-channel marketing platform that powers unified customer experiences

Iterable: A cross-channel marketing platform that powers unified customer experiences

To meet the expectations of today’s consumer, marketers need to assemble a tech stack that can scale with them, process large amounts of data instantly and enable decisioning based on a customer’s actions in real-time. Legacy systems were not designed to ingest and activate the scale, velocity and volume of data accessible today. Globally there are various firms helping companies overcome this issue but Iterable stands out from the rest. Iterable is a cross-channel marketing platform that powers unified customer experiences and empowers you to create, optimize and measure every interaction across the entire customer journey. Support an audience of hundreds of millions while appealing to each user’s unique preferences. Iterable’s world-class processing speed and low latency let you move quickly, whether ingesting data into Iterable’s platform or retrieving it for segmentation. Leverage real-time user, demographic, behavioral and custom event data to instantly trigger individualized messaging and campaigns.

Iterable’s flexible data model allows data ingestion from virtually any source, so you never have to worry about having irrelevant content. Iterable’s platform supports forwarding data via APIs and webhooks to any third-party integrations. Understand every customer’s unique characteristics and preferences by storing hundreds of demographic and custom event data fields for each user profile. Dynamically segment your subscribers for highly targeted email, direct mail and mobile campaigns, then create lookalike audiences and retarget users on social media. Create a seamless, individualized experience for your customers across email, SMS, mobile push, web push, in-app notifications, social and more. With Iterable at the center of your modern growth stack, you can access next-generation integrations from Iterable’s innovative partners—from location-based messages and AI-powered copy optimization to immersive augmented reality experiences and live video email.

Extended email reach, deeper customer connections

Design sophisticated email campaigns spanning the entire lifecycle. From warm welcomes, interest-piquing promotions to rousing re-engagement messages, freely create the dynamic emails that earn the clicks and loyalty you’re after. Define specific audiences using real-time segmentation capabilities. Segment an audience based on granular attributes of customer interaction details to create dynamic audience segments for your targeted messages. Build the audiences, tailor the campaigns and bring them to life inside Workflow Studio. Send highly targeted and personalized messages to every one of your customers. Data-driven segmentation, workflow progression and dynamic content delivery ensure every message is unique to every individual’s current experience. Your customers’ data automatically populates message templates with specific content of interest, related items of interest through data feeds and personalized recommendations with Catalog. Snippets eliminate the challenge of managing content consistency across your campaigns. From headers, calls-to-actions, footers, and more, Snippets are an efficient way to create reusable content blocks across your campaigns. Instead of manually editing repeating content on a template-by-template basis, edit changes once and enable them everywhere. Send interactive emails that engage your customers with Google AMP for Email. Now your customers can engage directly with in-message content like they would your website or app. Whether it’s filling forms, booking trips, browsing through carousels, or more, the message experience is always responsive and real-time.

Catalog creates relevant content, offers, and product recommendations without engineering or data-science support. Build dynamic Collections of similar content out of vast product data sets that you can easily insert into. Created in only minutes, it’s a marketer-friendly way to deliver highly personalized content experiences at database-wide-scale. Quickly launch A/B and multivariate tests for any active campaign from our experiments dashboard. You control the test group sizes, experiment lengths and elements being tested. After reaching your desired confidence levels, see the variant-specific result metrics or automatically apply winning elements to your broader campaigns. Within Workflow Studio you can A/B test each stage of the customer journey and optimize every Workflow step for the best-possible experience. Confidently segment, and tailor relationships with customers even as your audience grows. Dynamic segmentation enables you to easily update audiences in real-time as behavior and attributes change.

An immersive experience

Create cross-channel experiences that seamlessly move between channels—without ever losing connection. Mobile reach across push, in-app, SMS, and Mobile Inbox means the messages your customers want most are never more than a tap away. Adding digital depth to single-channel campaigns is easy with Workflow Studio. A simple drag and drop is all it takes to incorporate new channel messaging into your campaign workflows. Whether it’s a welcome series combining in-app and push touchpoints or enhancing an existing cart abandonment campaign with triggered push notifications, creating cross-channel continuity has never been easier. Design a striking push that captures the attention of users, and gets them to reopen your app. Send a rich push and amplify the message with custom images, GIFs, and tappable action buttons where users can interact without leaving their home screens. From lightweight to immersive, build in-app messaging that enhances your mobile app experience. Select the on-screen placement, design the content’s look and feel, and pick the engagement options that drive the message home: image carousels, animations, and deep-linked destinations. Quickly and easily design SMS campaigns that capture your customers’ attention for all the right reasons. Offer proof of transactions with text-based confirmations as part of your checkout process, or consider incorporating text-based delivery updates using media-rich messages that build customer excitement.

Andrew Boni, Co-Founder & CEO

“Authenticity, connection and joy—the key components of a memorable experience. These are the pillars upon which we’ve developed our platform since our founding.”

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