Alexa Kastle Systems: Managing Security in the Age of IoT
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Kastle Systems: Managing Security in the Age of IoT

Kastle Systems: Managing Security in the Age of IoT

24/7 Security. 24/7 Peace of Mind.

How did Kastle systems originate?

Like any great invention, Kastle Systems was born out of the necessity for a professional security outsourcing solution for commercial real estate owners in the Washington DC area who expressed the desire for an organization with dedicated security expertise to take responsibility for managing their security so that they could focus on core business operations.

Over time, Kastle broadened our service scope to include other verticals like residential multifamily, enterprise businesses, education, construction and more while expanding to serve cities across the United States.

What is your company’s value proposition?

The key concept to stress here is “Managed Security” which describes Kastle’s end-to-end approach for servicing clients’ security needs by taking full responsibility of their security package and operations. This was an alternative option to the more common practice where a business would simply buy a security system like any standard office product, have it installed and then attempt to run it themselves. Lacking security expertise, many firms eventually run into unanticipated operational challenges like staff turnover, training needs, ad-hoc maintenance and replacement issues, missing software updates, and other problems where they must consult a series of outside vendors to address incurring significant expense.

Kastle thus came up with a long-term solution by providing an on-going security setup that covers everything under the domain of security operations. It doesn’t stop by just providing the best systems, rather it ensures that the expertise required to design, install, monitor and maintain the systems are made available to the clients forever, thereby forging a long-term relationship with the client.

The company has embraced cloud technology which offers superior security to the conventional on-site servers because security data is stored remotely, avoiding any intermingled access to the on-site network for hackers to infiltrate. The cloud technology also enables Kastle to “push” software updates immediately to the client system without any disruption.

All of the services are designed in a manner that the client can entrust all the burdens of security on trained professionals and dedicate their valuable time in business.

Does your product offering encourage innovation?

Innovation runs through the veins of Kastle and enables us to continuously evolve to provide clients with best-in-class security while focusing on creating a better user experience. Staying engaged with advancements in technology as well as studying broader societal shifts in behavior spur creative thinking to not only deliver security but also use security functions to enhance other aspects of life. For instance, our smartphone-based access control app can also enable emergency mass communications to users, or our access control data can inform other sustainable building operations like smart elevator scheduling or lighting controls based on space use data.

The idea behind this framework is to create a unique but flexible ecosystem that can provide user benefits beyond the security function alone by integrating hardware, software, and service with a broader user experience in mind so that Kastle stands unmatched in the security industry.

What is your appetite for risk?

Kastle does not pursue risks that would compromise our client security, but we are determined to take risks to explore new technologies in order to keep up with the external risks facing our clients.

The security industry continues to face threats unlike ever before given the always-expanding capabilities of technology. Hence it’s of paramount importance to stay updated with the growing risks in every field to keep our client’s away from potential threats.

What is your success mantra of staying ahead?

  • Commitment to Service
  • Embracing Technology
  • Continuous Discovery
  • Partner with the Best

Which is that moment when you felt “puffed up with pride”?

It can’t be summed up into a single moment-- rather it’s a collective feeling of satisfaction that is derived from our clients that keeps the fires at Kastle ablaze. Most customers stay with us for over a decade and that’s in a marketplace where the typical business switches access control providers every 5 years. Our emphasis on service is reflected in our compensation plans, which are tied to client satisfaction scores measured by J.D. Power. And the company has consistently secured high marks, thus enabling them to share the sky with world-class service-oriented brands.

Is your organization pursuing growth and new business/market development with as much passion as it does operational efficiency?

Absolutely, from a standalone DC-based organization focused on access control, Kastle grew to a nationwide provider with offices in 10 major US cities and even Australia. And with this widened scope company also expanded its service variety; from access control it moved to include video surveillance, identity management, visitor management, fire protection, environmental control and even city surveillance here in Washington DC.

Kastle invests in technology to continuously create new, unique user experiences, like hands-free Bluetooth access credentials or an elegantly simple visitor management systems, because as a service provider we combine technology with security for maximum protection with enhanced user experience.

How powerful is your company’s strategic vision?

Our strategic vision is to connect physical space with technology to make the world safer, sustainable and more productive. We think that’s very powerful.

About the mastermind

Haniel J Lynn, CEO joined Kastle systems in 2018 with more than 25 years of global operating and executive management experience growing and scaling enterprises from startup to $1 billion, He has the unique ability to oscillate between high-level vision and tactical execution while inspiring a culture of teamwork. 

He spent 16 years at CEB (now Gartner), and served as Group president of its Best Practices & Decision Support business and member of the company’s executive leadership team responsible for product strategy, direction, and operating a $600m business globally.

"We are on a mission to be your best service provider by making your spaces safer, smarter and more convenient. Let’s talk security."

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