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Keeping it Realtime and Real Simple with PubNub

Keeping it Realtime and Real Simple with PubNub

Time is one of the most important and critical entities for mankind. A business can make it or break it largely depending on the time factor and this is especially true for the modern market-oriented world. With the technological and electronic communications tools available today, real-time data has become deliverable today. We have with us PubNub, a realtime communication for the Internet of Things and smart devices powered by its secure global data stream network.

By focusing on PubNub’s innovation, businesses can launch speedy realtime APIs and global messaging infrastructure. With the company’s IoT device control, an enterprise can safely monitor, control, and stream data between Internet-connected devices. At PubNub, the enterprise-grade security comes at a standard. There are TLS and ES256 encryption and various types of compliant including the SOC 2 Type II Compliant, HIPAA Compliant, and the EU GDPR Compliant.

IoT Device Control

“PubNub powers realtime communication for the Internet of Things and smart devices, powered by our secure global Data Stream Network,” says the founder and CEO of PubNub, Todd Greene. The firm designs and develops infrastructure and APIs for various communication purposes, irrespective of the size of the IoT deployment.

With PubNub’s Device Control, businesses are equipped with bidirectional communication where businesses can send and receive data between multiple devices like sensors readers, triggering device action, and any other. PubNub also caters to cross-device and platform messaging that uses a combination of PubNub’s 75+ SDKs to connect web, mobile, and smart devices and hardware.

Additionally, businesses can monitor device metadata status in realtime, like the online or offline status or consumption levels. Moreover, the businesses are equipped to act on the data instantly with PubNub Functions which automatically executes code to trigger alerts or device action. There is also intelligent data routing to any existing system in realtime, like AWS, IBM, or Microsoft Power BI.

The PubNub Device Control also caters to clients with device provisioning and remote firmware upgrades. In this, deployments get functioning quickly and securely. Business clients can remotely upgrade firmware through private channels with no action needed. There is also enterprise-grade security with powerful end-to-end TLS and AES encryption. This further secures all data that passes over the network. And not to forget the minimal battery and bandwidth drain with PubNub’s service. Protocol-independent and reduced “chattiness” conserves battery drain and bandwidth consumption.

Realtime Updates

Right from mapping, geo-tracking all the way to dispatching, broadcasting the alerts and updates available up to the millisecond can be achieved with PubNub. The company ensures that everyone and everything is kept on realtime. With PubNub realtime updates, everything is clearly reflected in the app simultaneously when it takes place in the real world.

For instance, the clients are catered with mapping solutions where they can stream geo-location data from any number of sources, process it, and display it in on their map. This is achieved without refreshing servers or manual. Additional mapping features are geo-fencing, geo-coding, geo-hashing, geo-search, and directions.“You can build interactive and powerful geolocation features directly into your app with PubNub Functions,” says Todd. There are also push notification for all major platforms like iOS, Android, and the web also. “Use PubNub’s Mobile Push Gateway add-on to send to APNS and GCM push notifications to mobile devices,” he explains.

And that’s not all. Clients can also trigger SMS based on any event. They can also connect other monitoring services like New Relic or PagerDuty for instantaneous alerts. Moreover, updates and visuals are broadcasted as well. Live auctions, financial stocks and indexes, or scoreboards can be sent and published to UIs in an instant. Simply put, you can stream from source to anything! With PubNub’s realtime updates, clients are enabled to bring data to life with realtime data streaming, customizing and publishing any number of streams of data to the dashboard.

Developers love PubNub

  • 2 Trillion Monthly Transactions
  • 330 Million Unique Monthly Devices
  • <1/4 Second Latency Worldwide
  • 99.999% Uptime SLAs

Realtime Stories  

There are so many well-known companies who have used the PubNub Realtime App. For instance, Adobe built a collaborative, multi-user digital publishing suite using PubNub. Coco-Cola built an interactive second screen application with PubNub’s realtime voting. StockX, the world’s first “Stock Market of Things,” uses PubNub for realtime bidding and leaderboards. Yahoo! second screen app Fango creates an immersive second screen experience using PubNub and so on.

The Brilliance behind PubNub

Todd Greene is the Founder and CEO of PubNub. As an entrepreneur who has founded and successfully sold companies across the software spectrum, Todd helps shape the PubNub vision of revolutionizing the way people interact online. Todd most recently was CEO of Loyalize, an Audience Participation company successfully sold to Function(x) (FNCX), a Robert F.X. Sillerman company, where he designed the first-ever massively multi-user Social TV mobile and web applications licensed to companies like Viacom and Yahoo. Todd previously was founder and CTO/VP Products of CascadeWorks, a company providing Services Procurement solutions to Texas Instruments, Charles Schwab, and ABN Amro, and acquired by Elance. After working with companies like GE, SGI, and Quantum while a consultant at Price Waterhouse, Todd joined NetDynamics (sold to Sun Microsystems in 1998) to help create a truly game-changing product: the first application server built for the Internet.

“Focus on innovation and launch fast with our realtime APIs and global messaging infrastructure.”

“Keep everyone, and every device realtime.”

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