Alexa Kentik - Synthetic monitoring for Internet, Cloud, and Hybrid Networks
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Kentik - Synthetic monitoring for Internet, Cloud, and Hybrid Networks

Kentik - Synthetic monitoring for Internet, Cloud, and Hybrid Networks

Network monitoring is necessary for every organization. Unlike the early days of the internet, where basic antivirus and firewall were quite sufficient, we have come to a time where large-scale networks require sophisticated technologies to safeguard your organization from any web attack. Kentik unifies network data from the cloud and on-prem infrastructure, delivering instant insights to improve network team efficiency, automate issue resolution, and create new business capabilities.

Kentik provides unbounded ad-hoc analytics to improve operations, optimize capacity, resolve anomalies, detect DDoS, and protect their applications and services. It provides visibility and performance, detection and DDoS, network planning, integration solutions for Web enterprises, actionable visibility, detection and alerting, planning and engineering, and open integration solutions.

K/ML: Machine Learning

Kentik's machine learning engine, K/ML, applies algorithms and other techniques to surface network anomalies worth investigating. By automatically baselining normal network behavior and identifying abnormal network activity, K/ML enables automatic alerting and remediation of unusual network events. The Kentik platform includes an advanced machine learning engine that constantly watches data and metric values as they stream into the system, comparing them with prior patterns of behavior and watching for significant departures from the norm.

The ML engine can watch any system parameter, whether coming from raw data inputs or created as an enrichment value as part of inbound ingest. ML signatures are applied automatically by the Kentik system but can also be defined for specific interest scenarios to any customer or user.

K/Ingest and K/Enrich

Kentik lets you ingest all types of network traffic: Not just network flow data (NetFlow, etc.), but also metrics and even log data. Using K/Enrich, data can be further enriched with infrastructure and business context, during ingestion or at query time, to meet many advanced network analytics use cases.

Every day, Kentik takes in hundreds of billions of new network flow records and enrichment data points. By collecting network data from routers, switches, packet brokers, probes, servers, load balancers, and components, they extend your visibility across the entire infrastructure that carries your network traffic. Every record is enhanced with a diverse set of related data, including BGP, SNMP, GeoIP, and threat feeds. The result is a rich, unified dataset that enables timely, informed decisions.


K/Advise turns network traffic data into actionable intelligence. Customizable dashboards show you what is happening right now. Sophisticated anomaly detection and alerting keeps you updated as conditions change. Real-time exploration returns results in seconds. You don't need to keep guessing the critical details or waiting hours for answers. Kentik delivers the insights you need to operate, optimize, and protect today's digital business across your organization.

Kentik gives you custom control over how your data is enriched and presented. Custom labels, tags, and groups let you tailor the dataset to your specific situation, and a broad range of templates enables easy creation of custom views. It keeps you directly informed about any current alerts or advisories that have been detected with the K/ML subsystem. For each report, a simple click reveals a detailed view of the triggering data pattern, as well as any automated corrective or mitigative actions that have been invoked.


Kentik Automate is built to drive automation with built-in integrations and a rich set of APIs. REST APIs enable Kentik-stored data to be queried securely and seamlessly from external systems for operations, BI, or research. With Kentik-sourced network traffic data, NOC dashboards and customer portals can be easily enhanced. And third-party mitigation systems can be triggered instantly from their advanced anomaly detection engine. Across your business, K/Automate helps unlock the value of network data.

Built with an "API first" philosophy, Kentik ensures that your data is always easy to access. Their Query API lets you generate nearly unlimited types of visualizations and tables - with results returned as images, data, or URLs. You can even copy an example code for any query right from the Kentik application. There's also an extensive set of Admin APIs that automate setup tasks, including registering devices, managing users, and specifying tags and custom dimensions.

With so many aspects of today's business, relying on networks, network data is critical for operational and business optimization. But you can't learn much from data that is trapped in closed, proprietary systems. Kentik is built for open access and painless integration, so you can take full advantage of all the insights your data can reveal.

With access to Kentik's full range of dimensions, filtering, and tags, their powerful Query API lets you add network traffic intelligence to all kinds of external systems and processes. Kentik-sourced indicators can be added to a NOC dashboard to provide a unified, multi-level view that's richer and more informative.

The K/ML anomaly detection engine becomes even more powerful when combined with K/Automate's automated notifications and mitigations. Kentik can automatically send notifications to messaging systems such as Slack or PagerDuty, raise trouble tickets in systems such as ServiceNow or OpsGenie, or make webhook calls to user-specified endpoints. Automated corrective actions can also be applied, such as mitigating DDoS attacks via BGP Flowspec or API-level integrations with Radware and A10 solutions.

Kentik's API-friendly architecture and multi-tenant portal allow a service to deliver customer-level visibility-as-a-service to build loyalty and enhance revenue. With full API controls for the multi-tenant features, provisioning "visibility-as-a-service" becomes simple, repeatable, and scalable.

 About the CEO

Avi Freedman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kentik. He has decades of experience as a leading technologist and executive in networking. He was with Akamai for over a decade as the VP Network Infrastructure and then Chief Network Scientist. Prior to that, Avi started Philadelphia's first ISP (netaxs) in 1992, later worked for the AboveNet network, and served as the CTO for ServerCentral.

“As network and service operators and developers, we've spent our professional lives designing and running large-scale networks. We know the shortcomings of available tools. What we always wanted — but never found — was an infrastructure visibility solution that's scalable, powerful, easy to use, and affordable. We started Kentik to create that solution.”

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