Alexa Knewton: Giving you Adaptive Technology, Data-driven Insights, and Seamless Integration for Education
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Knewton: Giving you Adaptive Technology, Data-driven Insights, and Seamless Integration for Education

Knewton: Giving you Adaptive Technology, Data-driven Insights, and Seamless Integration for Education

Having the right skills can take you to great places in your career. But which is the right place to gain access to these skills? How do you learn what you really need for the real-life out there? Technology-infused devices have become part of our daily lives. However, using technology for the purpose of education is still exploring new possibilities. One such company that's opening new horizons in education is Knewton.

"We believe that technology has the potential to transform what’s possible in education," says the CEO of Knewton, Brian Kibby. At Knewton, everyone believes that achievement is always within reach. Ever since its establishment in 2008, Knewton's mission has been personalizing learning for the world. The entire team believes that the status quo is just not enough when it comes to education, right from performance to the prices.

That's why Knerds, as the employees of Knewton call themselves, dare to do more. From designing the best adaptive technology to delivering a lasting impact, Knewton does it all. The impact is so strong that achievements are within reach for all. "Knewton is for everyone. But above all, it’s for you," says Kibby.

Alta for Higher Education

The star service from the company is Alta, the latest product dedicated completely to higher education. "Alta is Knewton’s fully integrated, adaptive learning courseware," explains Kibby in simple terms. The Alta product was designed and developed as a complete courseware solution. The course seamlessly integrates content that is open with high-quality and expertly designed adaptive learning technology developed in-house. These power tools together create a personalized learning experience for all.

Most importantly, Alta is a course content that is accessible, affordable, and surely improves the end-result for the student. All of the content that a student may need like videos, texts, examples, assessments, etc. are included in every Alta course. Alta is constructed on Knewton’s adaptive learning platform. This is an added advantage as Alta can identify and boost your knowledge gaps while you're still completing assignments. Alta can take you places that you want to go! At present, Knewton delivers Alta in four subjects for multiple courses in math, chemistry, statistics, and economics.

Experience Talks

“I chose Alta because it levels the playing field for students. It provides support so that I can engage all students in the classroom. If a student is struggling with mathematical problems, Alta quickly diagnoses that and presents the student with instruction geared towards those knowledge gaps.”
— Donna Jean, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Park University

“I liked Alta’s visual examples and explanations. I feel like using Alta was necessary for me to pass my class. The purchase was very worth it.”
–Kimberly, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

The Knerds of Knewton

The team that brings out this course content is a dynamic and creative one. The Knerds are a team of workers who have a job that's more than just a job. Kibby says, "At Knewton, you’ll solve important problems, learn on the job, and bring about positive change for the world’s students." The Knerds have unique careers. On a daily basis, they solve and tackle technical problems that no one has ever solved before.

But the company ensures that every individual has a life outside the office. It encourages a balance of home and work. Flexible hours, paid maternity/paternity leaves, and no vacation policy are some of the bonus perks of working with Knewton. As an extra care, the workplace at Knewton is always stocked with food and drinks so that its people never go hungry or thirsty ever! Seamless dinners, lunches, kegerator, and an espresso machine are always within reach.

A company that's set out to revolutionize education is a company that's always learning. The Knerds are on a path of constant learning. They learn from the peers, take risks, and experiment what's best out there. With its international presence, Knewton strives to work together. "Knewton prioritizes collaboration and communication," concludes Kibby.

The Visionary

Brian Kibby is the CEO of Knewton and brings more than 20 years of leadership and executive experience in the education industry. Brian is a passionate driver of digital transformation in education, with deep experience in personalized learning technology and an unmatched record for generating results. His global experience includes having served as President and General Manager of McGraw-Hill Education in Australia and New Zealand. Most recently, he served as CEO of MV Transportation. A veteran of the U.S. Army, Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Western Illinois University.

Prior to joining Knewton, Brian served as the President of McGraw-Hill Education’s Higher Ed Group from 2011 to 2014. Through partnerships and acquisition strategy, he succeeded in making adaptive technology the centerpiece of the company’s higher education business. Brian previously served as Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Pearson Education, where he delivered consistent increases in top-line and bottom-line growth.

"Start where you are. We’ll take you where you want to go."

"Putting achievement within reach means making sure all students have affordable and accessible course materials that make an impact on learning outcomes."

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