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Equipping people of marginalized populations with Connectivity, Power, and Knowledge: Kumbaya

Equipping people of marginalized populations with Connectivity, Power, and Knowledge: Kumbaya

Many companies are expanding to offer solar enery, which is among the most energy-efficient and lucrative renewable electricity sources on the market. Today, solar energy companies have more options than ever to make the most out of their equipment. Harnessing the power of digital transformation with IoT can resolve common challenges associated with complex energy grids and make it far easier to manage panels and energy output. For solar energy companies, installing an IoT system will help meet customers' demands and improve overall efficiency. It is no longer a question of whether to attempt IoT digital transformation, but rather how to do it successfully.

Kumbaya is one such firm that has designed the Kumba, a Solar-Powered, Communications and IoT Hub, developed for households in the rural off-grid communities in the developing world. It will be the most effective communication tool critical in fighting COVID-19 to inform, detect, and monitor. The Kumba provides connectivity, access to information, knowledge, and skills, including innovative solutions to address the last mile marginalized communities and households' multi-dimensional needs.  The firm provides solar-powered energy, connectivity, access to telemedicine and preventive health information, early childhood education, agriculture best practices, and entrepreneurship development. It also provides connectivity to TV, radio, broadband internet, WiFi, and mesh networking.

Innovative Solutions

Kumba: The Kumba platform, a modular (emission-free) solar-powered system to connect users to LTE, 4G, and WiFi Mesh, ultimately provides broadband connectivity access for everyone. The platform also allows access to non-invasive eHealth monitoring devices and point-of-care decision support. Detect diagnostics, monitor, and Collects health information via USB and Bluetooth from multiple PHM devices simultaneously (e.g., blood-glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, etc.) This small but powerful affordable device can be deployed all over the world and, with a little sun and connectivity, will bring power, TV, radio, broadband internet, and even CO/CO2 climate and weather sensors, and much more to off-grid populations, desperate refugee camps, and areas afflicted by natural disasters. While the product has been in development and refinement over the past few years, the advent of COVID-19 and the unprecedented challenges to humanity's well-being further emphasize the need for a product like the Kumba. Never in the history of humankind has connectivity been so relevant to keep people informed and safe.

Network Connectivity platform: Network Connectivity with an innovative voice-driven interface designed for illiterate and digital challenged in underserved markets. Enabling cost-effective ways to deliver knowledge content (video) calling and technology-enabled "smart" telehealth solutions to detect, analyze, and prevent. Early warnings save lives, track the path and effects of natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods, as well as climate change, and understand what to do to stay safe and help others in need. Communication to stay informed and enables warning to others.

Connectivity Tools: The ultimate aim of any education system is to equip children with the numeracy, literacy, and wider skills to realize their potential and that their countries need to generate jobs, innovation, and economic growth. Educational and knowledge content will be delivered in a way that is engaging, relevant, and accessible.

Data Collection for Global Development: Leveraging data collection's growing reach is fundamentally a real-time connected conversation with the next billion to be researched and analyzed to make intelligent decisions for social and economic growth and global development. Data is the new currency. It is harnessing emerging markets digital potential:  new tools for a new age. Its wallet enables one to save, send, and spends funds.

Meet the Leader

Mike Freni is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Kumbaya. An active member of the UN Global Compact and a vocal supporter of emerging market impact organizations, Mr. Mike is the humanitarian business visionary behind Kumbaya and its mission to Connect the Unconnected. His passion for bettering the world for all its inhabitants, his three decades of global business experience, and his vast network of friends and colleagues around the world are the perfect storm to inspire a sea change in the global alternative power and connectivity markets. Mr. Mike is a high impact disruptive leader in innovation; measures impact not by the followers you amass but by the leadership you inspire.

"Human Capital is the Most Valuable Asset of All. Kumbaya unites experts in their fields to power and connects remote communities."

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