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Leading Cloud Telephony solution provider enabling businesses to communicate effectively via all the channels: Ozonetel

Leading Cloud Telephony solution provider enabling businesses to communicate effectively via all the channels: Ozonetel

Ozonetel was founded in 2007 by an experienced team of technologists and entrepreneurs. The company’s full-stack customer experience software was built from the ground up to solve the practical problems that keep call centers worldwide from making the most of their communications platform. Ozonetel is known for developing and launching the first cloud-based customer experience platform in the Indian marketplace. Since then, unparalleled customer support and constant AI innovation continue to set Ozonetel apart as it has grown to create a global impact. The company sees a future where contact centers of all sizes have the technology and support they need to focus on delivering a great customer and agent experience.

Ozonetel is committed to providing a fully integrated, modern customer experience platform that eliminates the delays, hassles, and high costs associated with traditional contact center software. Today, Ozonetel gives SMBs and large-scale companies in the U.S. access to affordable, flexible, self-service contact center platform. The company offers the industry’s fastest deployment times and easiest CRM, helpdesk, and auto-dialer integrations.

Better customer experience

CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) is a cloud-based platform that businesses use to embed real-time communications features like voice calls, in-app messaging, WhatsApp messages, interactive voice response, email, and SMS communication into their existing workflows and applications— enabling faster turnaround time and agile innovation. This communications platform allows developers and IT teams to leverage their web development skills to build telecom applications. The platform acts as an interface between business applications and the user’s landline, feature phone, or smartphone. With a CPaaS solution, your business does not require to own infrastructure or build communication features from scratch. Instead, with the help of Communication APIs (Application Program Interfaces), all you have to do is pick your preferred communication features and integrate them with the existing software stack.

Rapid innovation

Businesses often have ideas for out-of-the-box solutions to improve customer experience (CX) on their mobile applications or websites. However, video, voice, and SMS are each single-purpose applications each having its code and logic. As a result, integrating and syncing them on the backend with communication channels is an enormous challenge for developers. CPaaS empowers IT heads and developers with a robust platform where they can easily build these communication capabilities into their existing software or applications for seamless connectivity. IT teams can build and implement innovative communication solutions rapidly, with negligible capital expenditure. This gives them the freedom to quickly prototype and test ideas. Today’s customer contacts a business through multiple touchpoints. For instance, they could buy a product at your offline store, make a complaint about it via email, follow up on that complaint via a phone call and then make a repurchase on your online store.

When they contact your customer service, they expect the agent to already have details of their prior communications. Similarly, when your business gets in touch with the customer via, let’s say a WhatsApp message; they expect the offer you send to be personalized for them. This is only possible when there is a seamless integration between your various customer-facing channels and the backend data. Businesses can use customer journey data to communicate personalized offers to customers at critical touchpoints. Agents have seamless access to the relevant customer data when they speak or chat with them on any channel.

Custom applications

CPaaS offers your business the tools for a rapidly changing communications environment and reacting faster to unpredictable situations. Compared to UCaaS and CCaaS solutions, you don’t get a pre-bundled set of features but instead can quickly add the exact features your business requires at that point. You only pay for what you use and can scale up or add new features on the fly as your business requirements grow or change. CPaaS offers a rapid means of building your own business applications on a robust communications platform. Developing a solution from scratch can significantly drain resources and time. A lot of time goes into writing custom code and managing disconnected applications. This process can become inefficient, cost-ineffective, and unsustainable over the long term, while solutions like CPaaS prove cost-effective and efficient. CPaaS providers bill on a pay-per-use basis, which is far cheaper than building and hosting your own communications infrastructure.

Businesses use number masking for last-mile delivery solutions, field force management, and automated rescheduling of appointments for real estate agents or other field staff such as service engineers or homecare nurses. For instance, during COVID, there was a surge in clinical services provided at home including physiotherapy services and lab tests. Healthcare teams were working on the field, and their smartphones were the easiest way to connect with them. Some diagnostic service providers used Ozonetel’s CPaaS to build an innovative IVR to remind and confirm that day’s appointments with their phlebotomists before they left their homes. Similarly, a large appliance company uses Ozonetel’s virtual number masking solution to let their vast fleet of service engineers speak to customers for appointment confirmation and quick consultations— via their mobile phones—but without either the customer or service engineer seeing each other’s actual phone numbers.

Murthy Chintalapati, CEO

“Ozonetel offers an award-winning, cloud-based contact center solution with best-in-class features at highly competitive and flexible pricing.”

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