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Logz.io: Monitor, Troubleshoot and Secure Production At Any Scale

Logz.io: Monitor, Troubleshoot and Secure Production At Any Scale

Logz.io was founded in 2014 to alleviate the problems that come with operating and securing large distributed workloads. Built by two engineers, Logz.io strongly identifies itself as a company that is by engineers and for the engineers. Logz.io was incorporated with the intention of helping the engineers focus on building better software instead of getting distracted by tasks like maintaining difficult to scale open source stacks.

The company began its operations to enhance ELK by adding to its cloud scalability, machine learning capabilities and a variety of enterprise-grade features. Today, Logz.io has expanded its offerings by adding new products for security and analytics based in Kibana. It has also announced the upcoming time-series analytics using Grafana.

The Boston-based company’s solutions scan logs intelligently and look for anomalies. It then flags them and lets the IT security know. This space has been dominated by the likes of Splunk and Sumo Logic for a few years but Logz is the quintessential disruptor now. The CEO and co-founder noticed that the open source logging tools were gaining popularity and decided to solve this pain point.

Helping engineers is the motivation

Machine data analysis is playing an important role in maximizing performance and improving the downtime. But today, the distributed environments are growing and the massive volumes of data are making it hard for the developers to keep up with all the tasks to be completed at work. Logz.io is incredibly focused on improving the open source experience for the engineers. By doing this, the company is helping engineers use the open source in a completely new way to tackle the growing problem of dropping efficiency of machine data analysis.

Dave Lemaire, Software Development Director at Oracle Dyn says, “Moving to Logz.io allowed us to not worry about the scale and know that we could scale if we needed to and leave it in the hands of experts as opposed to having our own staff maintain our own logging solution.”

Raises $52 million in Series D

In May 2019, the company closed its Series D round of funding. Logz.io secured $52 million in the exciting funding round that was led by General Catalyst. The round saw participation from OpenView Ventures, Giza Venture Capital, 83North, Vintage Investment Partners, Greenspring Associates and Next47. Logz.io said that the company will be using the funding to improve its offerings and expand to newer markets. The company also plans to use the funding to invest in its partner ecosystem.

Earlier this year, Logz.io expanded its AWS regional coverage across North America, Europe and Australia. The company also set up a new European headquarters at London.

ELK as-a-Service on Microsoft Azure

Log.io announced a partnership with the tech giant Microsoft. The partnership is now enabling Microsoft’s Azure to offer its customers Logz.io as an easy and scalable ELK as-a-service. After this availability, the Azure customers will easily be able to deploy, run, and scale ELK through a managed offering. With Log.io’s offerings onboard, Azure customers will have with them one of the world’s most efficient machine data diagnostics technology.

Meet the Chief Executive

Tomer Levy, CEO and Co-Founder

He co-founded Logz.io in 2014. Before Logz, he co-founded and was the CTO of Intigua, a company that developed innovative Docker-like containers for large enterprises. He was at CheckPoint Software Technologies for 6 years before Intigua. Here, he led the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) product from concept to market. The team helped the company generate $100 million in revenue in the second year. He has also worked as a Software Developer for Metalink.

He has a MBA from the Tel Aviv University and a BA in computer science from The Academic College of Tel Aviv, Yafflo.


“Logz.io stood out to us in the log analytics space for its scalability and flexibility, and the fact that it’s built on a popular open source platform means we can take advantage of a huge set of skills without needing to build anything proprietary.” – Joseph Poirier, Director of the Cloud Platform team, Bazaarvoice

 “Having centralized logging with Logz.io has been a tremendous time saver for debugging issues that would otherwise take days to find the source of.” – John Kelly, Senior Backend Engineer, Bleacher Report

 “What I consider a success, is when my engineering team feels comfortable enough with logging to quickly and easily gain visibility into production issues. Logz.io has been a key ingredient in making this happen, ultimately resulting in turning root cause analysis into a matter of a few minutes.” – Anton Drukh, VP of Engineering, Snyk

 “We believe in open source and in community. That great things come from sharing knowledge and support whenever and however it’s needed. We’re here to help.”

“We help companies such as Dyn, CNN, and British Airways keep their apps performant and secure and their engineers happy and productive.”

“Logz.io helps your business grow by making it easy to provide the best possible machine data analytics service for your customers.”

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