30 Most Innovative Companies 2019

Magnani: An Experience and Strategy firm

Creating engaging brand experiences is no easy task. It requires thorough research coupled with the technical and creative expertise to unleash a brand’s true potential across various channels. Magnani, a company based in Chicago, Illinois is one of the best at this.

Magnani was established more than three decades ago in 1985. The company since its inception has stood out among its competitors by making it easy for marketers to deliver the most effective and engaging brand experiences. The company has been more innovative than consulting firms and more digital than most creative agencies consistently.

A unique approach to design

Magnani has been repeatedly found to be among the top digital and UX agencies. One of the main reasons the company has been around for so many years is because of its innovation with design. Their approach is unique and story-driven. They like to call this approach ‘Narrative-Based Innovation’.

The company’s narrative based innovation puts the focus on consumers. Magnani delves deeper than most of its competitors to get an understanding of customers and build a compelling vision of how to deliver engaging products and experiences. These research results provide Magnani a real insight which they use to uncover opportunities. Magnani simply applies the principles of storytelling to the design process which gives them a unique angle to deliver highly engaging user experiences.

A bright future

With a highly skilled team which is committed to crafting experiences which fulfill customers and businesses alike, the company has delivered in a big way for its customers for the past 34 years now. Its customer portfolio includes the likes of Siemens, Wrigley, Marriott International, Motorola, Quaker, and many more. And this portfolio continues to grow owing to its fantastic work.

In 2018, the company was also recognized as one of the best workplaces by the Inc. magazine. Over the past two years, Magnani has been recognized widely as one of the best companies in UX, advertising and design agencies in the world.

Meet the leader

Justin Daab, President

Mr. Daab has spent more than 20 years at Magnani and has spent much of it developing the company’s digital strategy, innovation experience design and, creative capabilities. He has been a creative director, writer, and web development pioneer. He began his work at Magnani in 1995.

He has been known to write music and also doubles up as an independent iPhone app developer. In addition, he blogs regularly on marketing, business strategy, innovation and, experience design.

Mr. Daab graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of journalism. He earned his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Helping @properties

@properties is a Chicago based real estate brokerage firm that was established in 2000. The firm became the #1 brokerage firm in Chicago within a decade’s time. The company was widely known for its reputation which constantly redefined expectations in real estate. But before Magnani intervened, their legacy website was a bit slow and not aesthetic. Moreover, it was difficult and time consuming for the users to filter search results.

In this internet age, the user experience online is pivotal for companies as they define how many customers a particular company has. To solve the aforementioned problems, Magnani created a dynamically updating form on the @properties home page which would let the users see the number of results they would receive in addition to the top six search results, much before they hit the search button. The changes made by Magnani helped the company create a tiered and a structured view of property data which helped create a user experience that catered to different user information needs.

The result was astounding for @properties as the load times decreased by a shocking 50%.

Pricing a home an art and a science

Selling a home is hard and one of the hardest things a broker does is determine the right market value for a home. But previously the conversation between agents and sellers were focused on intuition and feeling. Magnani created a tool for @properties which helped the company with initial pricing of homes in real-time. The platform allowed agents and sellers to access the real-time sales, market times, and price changes of competing properties. It also allowed agents and sellers to communicate directly and make fast strategic decisions on pricing.

Magnani came onboard to help @properties in 2014. The company experienced fantastic growth between 2014 and 2017 as its market share grew from 17% to 20%.

We customize every engagement to complement our clients’ needs at any stage of their planning, design or development processes.

Magnani is a team of highly curious, creative individuals committed to exploring the human condition and the craft of making experiences and interactions that are more fulfilling for customers and businesses, alike

We embrace consumers as heroes in their stories to develop deeper understanding and empathy, to communicate a more compelling vision of how solve their challenges and, ultimately, to deliver more engaging products and experiences.