Alexa MAILAMERICAS: Experts in international shipping to emerging markets
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MAILAMERICAS: Experts in international shipping to  emerging markets

MAILAMERICAS: Experts in international shipping to emerging markets

Having two decades of experience in developing Cross Border Solutions into emerging countries, MailAmericas is playing a strategic role in encouraging international sellers to take full advantage of the exponential growth of E Commerce transaction in Latin America and Africa.

MailAmericas offers a wide variety of services that assist both small businesses and e-commerce giants, in delivering more than three million international packages per month into Latin America.

MailAmericas’ competency in enhancing cross-border delivery of e-commerce packages can be traced back to its early days. The company was founded during the turbulent period of the early 2000’s that ravaged many Universal Postal Union (UPU) members in the international mail industry. Due to the deregulation of the mail market, the Designated Postal Operators (DPO) within the UPU member countries were facing fierce competition from private consolidators. Business was taken away from the postal stream affecting the international inbound volumes received by DPOs in developing countries. MailAmericas’ goal was to assist those DPOs in strengthening their capabilities in line with the private operators and recover their lost mail volume. In a few years, MailAmericas oversaw the consolidation of international mail in over 20 countries in Latin America, 17 in Africa, 12 in Southeast Asia, and 10 in Eastern Europe. Working with over 65 DPOs with Direct Access Agreements, MailAmericas implemented a hassle-free mail delivery system in emerging markets while catering to the specific requirements of each customer.

Over time, with the eventual decline in printed material and subsequent rise in online shopping, MailAmericas pivoted its focus to the cross-border e-commerce sector and hence, to help national and international e-commerce companies navigate the previously uncharted Latin American territory. Today, the Company, with the help of its partners brings cutting-edge package tracking and information processing solutions and offers Alternative Delivery Solutions (ADS). In this way, the company became a multicarrier platform leading to a reduction in delivery times from 40 to 8 days with the possibility of handling increased capacity while enabling its customers to choose services and suppliers according to their needs and demands.

Today, MailAmericas not only, make it possible to meet their customer’s needs, but also allows a much more specific market segmentation with more personalized options, more diversity, and a wide range of services.

MailAmericas believes that the key to innovation and the success of its operation has to do with its way of connecting the world. This is one of the central facts that allowed the organization to set a new standard in Latin America.

“Working with different cultures even within the same region is very challenging, but thanks to our vast experience we have been able to adapt to our customers’ needs and new government regulations. During Covid we have had to move fast to keep delivery of the parcels on track,” asserts Nicolas Tabanera, Commercial Director at MailAmericas.

MailAmericas is looking forward to expanding its ADS network in all the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. In addition, with the strategic agreements that the company possesses in Asia, Tabanera believes that businesses in countries from the APAC region, like India, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and South Korea, will now have a competitive edge shipping into Latin America. “The time is now for Latin America, and the time is ripe for the international business community to take the advantage of all that we offer,” concludes Tabanera.

In addition to its outstanding technology, the company is very proud of its team of dynamic people. From the firm’s customer service team and Key Account Managers to those in its warehouses and operations. An excellent team is the key to success.

Nicolas Tabanera, Commercial Director

With more than 18 years of experience in the international mail sector, direct marketing, and cross border e-commerce with extensive knowledge in postal administration including rules and regulations within the Universal Postal Union Members, he participated in the foundation and construction of MailAmericas.

Nicolas started his career in MailAmericas in 2004, while studying economics at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). Eight years ago, having identified the opportunity to work with postal operators in Latin America and collaborate to make their service suitable for delivery of e-commerce packages, he promoted public-private agreements that gave rise to new logistical solutions for cross-border transport into Latin America.

A pioneer in the development of tailored solutions for the Latin American market, MailAmericas allowed the largest marketplaces in the region to offer BtoC products from China in a way they never did before and continues to expand its coverage into Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe.

“MailAmericas has been able to set a new standard in Latin America by bringing down the average delivery time from 30-40 days to 8 days while providing customer service round-the-clock.”

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