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Aptum — a managed service provider of hybrid, multi-cloud, and network solutions

Aptum — a managed service provider of hybrid, multi-cloud, and network solutions

The cloud has become an integral part of our professional lives, as the technology provides every worker with the tools to perform complex operations via the simplest of methods.

In recent times, the cloud has emerged as the most in-demand solution for businesses in virtually every industry, due in part to its ability to transform existing business models. As companies’ IT needs continue expanding, there is a larger amount of data being accumulated with every passing second.

Due to this ever-growing need, businesses need to be equipped with the tools capable of analyzing this data to unearth valuable insights from it.

Cloud computing has made it easy for us to manage data at the personal and professional levels as well. It has become one of the most noted and in-demand solutions for organizing storing, accessing, and managing data. To a large extent, it has changed the way businesses work and process their data. You just need steps to plan your cloud strategy.

If you're in the market looking for a provider of cloud computing solutions, look no further than Aptum. Aptum is a global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider delivering high-performance and complex cloud solutions with an integrated security network. Using its Data-As-a-Infrastructure approach, Aptum solves compound technology challenges with tailored options and complete solutions that drive tangible business outcomes and maximize the value of clients’ technology investments.

Aptum’s cloud and global network solutions, underpinned with expert-managed and professional services, offer genuine choice and adaptability with a global reach spanning the Americas, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

The story of Aptum

Aptum has been bringing true hybrid infrastructure solutions to customers for over twenty years.

The firm’s over twenty years of experience working with firms across all sectors, in and out of the cloud, and everywhere in between, makes them pretty unique. The firm is proud of its journey as a multi-regional provider of network, hybrid cloud, and infrastructure solutions that power modernization that works for businesses.

Aptum means adaptability and for over two decades, they’ve done just that through business mergers and acquisitions, rebrands and reorganizations.

Through it all, Aptum has helped customers adapt to an ever-evolving environment to meet their critical IT solution requirements and unlock the full potential of their data.

Q. Why choose Aptum over the rest?

From cost overruns, IT leaders deficient in resource skills, and unpredictability to businesses lagging in their modernization goals, Aptum meets customers where they are. One thing the firm has learned in over its lifespan is that every company's version of data and infrastructure is distinctive. Their certified infrastructure, cloud, and network professionals meet companies where they are and help take them where they need to go. Aptum’s history as a company is rich and varied — from its early days as PEER 1 and CDS to the present — it has observed colossal technological advancements and digital disruptions bringing forth remarkable opportunities for businesses.

  • Aptum is built on over 20 years of managing, optimizing, and securing data infrastructure across over 14,000 devices and 10,000 servers for over 25,000 customers in more than 60 countries, The firm’s technical teams have deep expertise across AWS, Azure, VMware/Private Cloud, and bare-metal solutions.
  • Its technical teams remain current and fully certified, with over 150 certifications across cloud, network and infrastructure technologies. The firm’s customers can be assured that they're getting honest advice on costs & benefits.
  • Aptum’s clients benefit from expert, impartial guidance, and a holistic viewpoint that together deliver a holistic TCO picture, enabling clients to make informed choices, hasten transformation initiatives, and optimize their investment decisions from the start.
  • Aptum offers unmatched service and support. Clients can rely on the firm’s team of experts who employ around-the-clock monitoring to guarantee the performance and security of clients’ data infrastructure.

Aiding organizations with peerless cloud computing solutions

Susan Bowen is the CEO and President of Aptum. With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Susan knows the importance of transformational leadership to stay at the vanguard of customer needs and expectations.

Throughout her career, Susan has earned a reputation as a leading voice and trusted advisor within the technology industry. While her passion for technology has guided her, Susan’s strong focus on driving operational efficiency and sustaining revenue growth has helped create an organization devoted to enabling its clients to run their businesses.

Susan has a post-graduate certificate in Education from the University of Greenwich, a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University, and a Bachelor of Science, Business Information Systems from the University of Portsmouth. Susan is also a Board member and Non-Executive Director for Versarien PLC, a Non-Executive Director and Trustee for JISC, and a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

“Shape your IT infrastructure and solve your cloud challenges, no matter how complex they are.”

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