Alexa Managing Information Systems 3 Inc.: We specialize in Business Transformation through IT Modernization
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Managing Information Systems 3 Inc.: We specialize in Business Transformation through IT Modernization

Managing Information Systems 3 Inc.: We specialize in Business Transformation through IT Modernization

Over time, however, this approach has become unsustainable. Managing the complex morass of disparate software and hardware technologies along with the custom code written to interconnect them is increasingly difficult. IT budgets are bloated with costly internal resources, external consultants and software and hardware maintenance fees. Delivery timelines are extending. And by the time many IT solutions make it to market, after years in development, the needs of the business have often changed, rendering them obsolete on arrival or in need of even more development. IT budgets are increasingly being used to maintain existing systems – “keeping the lights on”– and new innovations stagnate as a result. Let’s not forget that the digital revolution is already upon us, disruption is evident in every industry and new innovations are emerging at an accelerating pace.

Clearly, enterprises need to rethink the role of IT and expand its influence and impact if they want to lead a successful digital transformation effort. Investing in digital as a competitive advantage is a key tenet of digital success.

The more ambitious organizations will know that transitioning can help them become faster and smarter in day-to-day operations, as well as decision making and delivery.

Companies that fail to modernize risk falling behind their market competitors. Overcoming the challenges associated with implementing an IT modernization strategy is a vital first step.

MIS3 Inc. provides proven secure digital transformation and IT modernization framework. The company very well understands the importance of digital transformation and is now the Secure Digital Transformation Leader in Canada.

“We understand the delicate balance and connection within any organization between people, process and technology.”

When it comes to co-existing, the firm balances IT, while developing a digital transformation framework, and adopting an IT modernization strategy to drive towards business outcomes.

MIS3 Inc. is a Business Value Technology Partner skilled in Business Transformation through IT Modernization. It provides a 360 degree view of IT with an application centric philosophy, MIS3 Inc. guide their clients in understanding the business value New and Emerging Next Generation technology platforms provide, to enable digital transformation.

MIS3 Inc. aims to be a strategic business & technology partner for its clients, by providing thought leadership in business transformation through the adoption of IT modernization.

The company is completely focused on aiding clients lessen their technology footprint and moving towards IT operational simplicity, MIS3 Inc. specialization is centered in providing innovative disruptive technologies that have business relevance for every organization.

MIS3 Inc. believes clients in Canada are looking for an organization that can provide thought leadership and awareness around aligning business outcomes with simplistic secure technologies and strategies.

Achieving business transformation through IT modernization is hard and not possible today without partnering with New and Emerging Next Generation technologies within Infrastructure, Cyber Security and IT Operations.

Vision: To be the Canadian leader in providing Secure Digital Transformation

Mission: Leading and enabling its clients to achieve Secure Digital Transformation through adoption of IT Modernization

The company’s core values are built on:

  • Integrity
  • Inspiration
  • Being phenomenal
  • Trust
  • Teamwork

Next Generation infrastructure The company provides thought leadership to business owners and IT leaders around delivering the next generation of IT services and applications with architectural simplicity.

Building a private and hybrid cloud requires the adoption of an application approach with a software defined strategy, rather than an infrastructure approach.

MIS3 Inc. helps define and build an Invisible Infrastructure framework focused on 3 guiding principles:

  1. Make storage INVISIBLE
  2. Make virtualization INVISIBLE
  3. Make the public cloud INVISIBLE

Business transformation, workflow automation and architecting a simplistic infrastructure that is self-healing, self-provisioning, easy to operationalize, scale and allows for non-disruptive migrations.

MIS3 Inc. partners with strategic infrastructure partners to provide invisible infrastructure for the next generation of private and hybrid cloud platforms with web scale in mind.

Neil Mistry, Founder and CEO, will give us a clear picture about the firm.

Q. How do you take IT Modernization to the next level?

Touchless experience with extended reality and holographic technologies Secure IoT and leveraging 5G for Wireless WAN

Q. How do you collaborate new and emerging Next Gen technologies within Infrastructure, Cyber Security and IT Operations?

Part of our IT Modernization Framework enabling business outcomes focused on Transformational IT – Business Transformation Through IT Modernization is possible with a Secure Digital Transformation Strategy

Give us an understanding on Tactical IT, Operational IT and Transformational IT.

A business and technology thought leader providing a proven secure digital transformation and IT modernization framework.

We understand the delicate balance and connection within any organization between people, process and technology.

We provide the balance in IT when it comes to co-existing, while developing a digital transformation framework, and adopting an IT modernization strategy to drive towards business outcomes.


We help with the day to day tactical technology requirements


We provide technology and professional services to help you improve utilization and stay current on your investment


Business Transformation Through IT Modernization Planning and Strategy

Q. Tell us about MIS3’s digital transformation via IT Modernization.

Digital Transformation is about identifying techniques or processes that aren’t being serviced to their maximum capacity, and how alternate solutions can be applied to digitize or streamline technology, to further gain market share, increase revenue and customer satisfaction or reduce inefficient expenditure.

MIS3 Inc. provides a proven IT Modernization framework aligned to the four core pillars of Digital Transformation to enable every organization to proactively change.

Running existing applications and infrastructure but need to modernize from the inside out to gain a competitive advantage and stay current.

 IT Service Delivery for the Next Generation of Application & Services.

 Before you invest in cloud, infrastructure, security technologies, backup software and more tools, formulate an Application Rationalization strategy with MIS3 Inc to drive out cost inside your IT env’t, while reducing overall IT complexities.

Starts with the applications.

Secure Digital Transformation is only possible with IT Modernization.

Deliver applications and services securely in the Next Generation to engage your customers, empower your employees, optimize resources and transform your brand.

Q. Explain about IT service delivery model.

Applications can now be delivered in the form of SaaS, IaaS / PaaS and on premise with hybrid cloud integration and fluidity for data movement and application / OS relocation, scale etc…

IT needs to be able to leverage all 3 areas to deliver services and applications and Governance becomes the greatest challenge. We help clients build governance ane cyber risk strategy so apps, DB, OS can live and breathe in 3 different areas and IT can leverage SaaS, IaaS / PaaS and on premise with confidence to deliver the apps and services securely in the desired business SLA’s.

Q. How is Next Generation Virtual Consulting helpful during pandemic?

We were able to provide thought leadership and continued strategic value to businesses who needed it. This pandemic time made clients reimage their business and revisit how they leverage technology to function. Current state vs future state visualization and providing an unbias view of today vs tomorrow was needed. Our virtual consulting was easy, extensive across several areas (infrastructure, cyber risk, IT Ops, Public Cloud etc…) allowing clients to get real value quickly and begin developing a new strategy for the new normality.

Brief background of the aspirant

Neil Mistry is a business leader, motivator and consultant with extraordinary experience in technology and business consulting. He helps clients make use of the present technology investments and strengthening transformational platforms such as cloud, while providing thought leadership around governance and security.

He builds strategic vision around MIS3 Inc. the brand and its value in the IT industry across Canada. He is responsible for managing all financial and fiscal year metrics, capital, loans, cashflow and reporting to CRA.

He oversees commercial liability, insurance and all areas of business risk and is responsible for revenue creation and cost containment and manages internal team of Principal Consultants and Managing Directors to achieve corporate goals.

MIS3’s approach towards success

“Our core focus is to UNDERSTAND our clients business and their 4-6 key objectives for the fiscal year. What is the business asking IT to provide in terms of services, for both their internal and external users. How will IT leaders provide these corporate services and applications to meet their objectives.

CONSULT is where we begin aligning relevant new and emerging technologies to achieve the business objectives. The services and applications of the future now live both on premise, and in the cloud with SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. We help clients leverage the proper technology strategy to service the business owners while simplifying how technology both on premise and in the cloud should be architected, integrated and operationalized, with governance in mind.

Helping our clients REALIZE tangible business outcomes by leveraging technology transformation and modernization approaches, is our overall goal. Utilizing new and emerging technologies that enable the business to push forward is what we expect to deliver. We help our clients adopt technology transformation and innovation, while simplifying IT operations.

“Secure Digital Transformation Canadian Leader provides Business Transformation through IT Modernization.”

"MIS3 Inc. and its Next Generation Infrastructure Technology Business partners make the entire physical and virtual infrastructure stack invisible.”

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