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Manufacturing Made Simple: Dynamic Blending

Manufacturing Made Simple: Dynamic Blending

Jordan Erskine and Gavin Collier founded Dynamic Blending in the year 2015 as an R&D formulation consultancy company for skin care and cosmetics products. It was after 8 months that they understood the requirement of contract manufacturer to help smaller clients and their needs.

Contract manufacturers have been around for decades. Contract manufacturers are in business to provide manufacturing expertise and capabilities that most companies don’t have.

Jordan and Gavin have many years of experience pertaining to manufacturing, R&D and operations. Dynamic was created with the sole purpose of disrupting the industry and eliminating the main barriers to enter. 

Dynamic Blending follows a pattern of market innovation.


Conceptualizing and understanding your goals is the first step in their turnkey manufacturing process.


The moment your product concept is fully formed, their cosmetic chemists will develop the perfect formula.


Their experienced design team will help create your brand image and artwork for your packaging.


Your product will be manufactured to the highest cGMP quality standards.


Dynamic’s production team works around the clock to fill and package a market ready product.


They will ensure that your product is delivered on time to your facility.

Now let’s dive deep into understanding the company while in interview with Jordan Erskine, Co-Founder/President and Gavin V. Collier, J.D., Co-Founder/ CEO.

Does your firm see innovation as a single time process or a continuous one?

Dynamic Blending is constantly innovating and developing new ways to shake up the stale contract manufacturing industry. Dynamic Blending has won 8 awards for being innovative and changing how the client collaborates with their manufacturer. Dynamic Blending understands innovation  is key to surviving any company let alone an industry where the main players have been around for 20 years. Innovation must be a driving factor for organizations who expect to see continual growth. We all know what happens to companies who don’t innovate, i.e. Compaq, Blockbuster, Circuit City.

How much do you value the workplace innovation?

Dynamic Blending encourages workplace innovation, no, requires it! Once a month Dynamic Blending’s sales and marketing team, as well as the executive staff, discusses new innovative ideas to bring more value to our clients. Because of this internal process we have been able to differentiate Dynamic Blending from the rest of the manufacturers in the industry. The industry knows Dynamic Blending as the company who can do it all!

What is your company’s recent innovation?

Dynamic Blending recently created a program for its clients named Project Ignite. Project Ignite is a tool to help clients get their company and product to market the right way. There are different options for clients to choose from including: graphic design & branding help, website development, joint venture opportunities, fulfillment & drop shipping services and much more. The program sees a great deal of success because most clients need help with these areas.

What problems in the industry you could turn into an opportunity?

A big problem in the industry is there are no true turnkey manufacturers out there. Dynamic Blending is changing that. Before the typical process would be that the client already has their branding, formulas, etc to get a product to market. Then the only service a contract manufacturer would perform would be manufacturing and producing the product. Dynamic Blending can now help create the company, the idea, the product and dropship to their clients. This is the first of its kin manufacturer. This also conveys to the client that Dynamic Blending is not just another contract manufacturer. But a partner who wants their business to succeed and is going to give them all the tools to do so.

How appealing is your company in the current market?

As mentioned above, Dynamic Blending has created the first ever complete turnkey solution for its clients. This eliminates all supply chain issues when everything can be handled by one company under one roof. Therefore, companies want Dynamic Blending to be their exclusive manufacturing partner. This way if there is an issue they don’t have to call 10 different companies who each have inputs to their product. They can have one single point of contact at Dynamic Blending for their entire product line.

List your enterprise’s unique products and services in brief.

Dynamic Blending is unique due to the extremely small minimum order quantities (MOQs) that are required to begin. Most contract manufacturers require high MOQs upwards of 50,000 units to get started. Dynamic Blending starts at 1000 units. This allows companies to utilize their starting capital in other areas of their business, like marketing and advertising. Dynamic Blending is also unique in that it gives their clients the formulas once they are created. For example, most contract manufacturers hold their clients formulas hostage and require they hit a certain unit volume before they release it. At Dynamic Blending, the client owns the formulation that was created for them. Apart from this, our turnkey process and Project Ignite is something that is not being done in the market. The fact that someone that had no idea what they were doing can get a full company created, branded, products produced and drop shipped out of one facility is a unicorn in the contract manufacturing space. 

What are your future ventures if you could share some?

Dynamic Blending’s future ventures include a new website with the first ever client project portal. This will include an interactive real time status on projects, manufacturing timelines and ETAs, as well as other important documents. This will help our clients stay organized with the documentation required to complete projects.

Backdrop of the incomparable duo

Gavin V. Collier, J.D., CEO

Mr. Collier is an experienced scientist, legal practitioner and business executive, which provides any team he is a part of with competent leadership. Mr. Collier provides a thoughtful critical thinking approach, which is an asset to the many successful businesses he has co-founded, founded and sold. Mr. Collier has the business and legal expertise to handle extremely complex business acquisitions, mergers and the related negotiations and contract strategy needed to obtain the business goals he and his partners have set.

Mr. Collier and Jordan Erskine recently had a big win with one of their several successful businesses. Mr. Collier not only created the entity legally, he also negotiated and strategized in such a way as to force the acquiring company into giving Mr. Collier and his partners extremely favorable terms, which netted many tens of millions of dollars for he and his partners. Mr. Collier played a key and essential role in obtaining the extremely favorable outcome for he and his partners.

10 Most Influential Companies 2019: Dynamic Blending

Mr. Collier has also played a key role in Dynamic Blending Specialists, Inc., an award-winning business, that just recently won the American Business Awards “Bronze” for fastest growing business. Dynamic has grown by leaps and bounds, ever expanding its capabilities. With its dynamic executive management team, Mr. Collier and Jordan Erskine have created a company that is not only innovative, but also exciting and successful.

Mr. Collier sits on the board of several companies, and is currently Chairman for NarcX, Inc. Prior to his partnership with Jordan in forming Dynamic; Mr. Collier ascended through the ranks in his firm and obtained partner status. Mr. Collier provided aggressive and prepared legal services, which made him very formidable as a trial attorney.

Mr. Collier has 11 years in personal care manufacturing and has recently been named CEO of Dynamic Blending Specialists, Inc.

Mr. Collier has a, A.S. in general studies as well as a B.S. Degree in Life Sciences Biology with emphasis in Chemistry and Micro and Molecular Biology. Mr. Collier also obtained his Doctor of Jurisprudence and is a licensed attorney in the State of Utah.

Mr. Collier speaks English and Spanish fluently. Mr. Collier enjoys being with his family and playing golf on occasion.

Jordan Erskine, President & Co-Founder

Jordan Erskine is a highly motivated entrepreneur who has co-founded many successful businesses. Jordan has over 17 years in the personal care/skin care industry. Jordan currently serves as President for the award-winning contract manufacturer Dynamic Blending. Jordan also serves as Chief Operating Officer on the board for NarcX.

Jordan has spent his entire career in the manufacturing and R&D world. Jordan started his career at a large contract manufacturing facility, Wasatch Product Development, in Draper Utah. At Wasatch Product Development he wore many hats in R&D, manufacturing, formulations, etc. He spent many years in R&D developing new and innovative personal care/skin care products. Jordan then moved on toa large dental manufacturing firm named Ultradent Products, Inc. Here, Jordan formulated and provided technical formulations assistance for two large Fortune 500 company accounts, Glaxo Smith-Kline and Colgate-Palmolive.

After this Jordan decided to start Dynamic Blending with Gavin Collier due to the huge need for contract manufacturers. Dynamic Blending was founded in 2015 and has seen triple digit growth year over year. Jordan’s vision for Dynamic Blending was to offer a full turnkey solution in the skin care contract manufacturing industry. That is what Dynamic Blending does. From concept to fulfillment, Dynamic Blending can do it all.

Jordan and Gavin created a strategic program for Dynamic Blending to joint venture with other companies. This allows the other companies to have full access to Dynamic Blending when equity is given.

Jordan loves to golf and spend time with his family. Jordan holds an MBA in International Business from Northeastern University.

“We are the #1 choice for contract manufacturing.” 

“We disrupt and create innovation in the industry.” 

“Our company follows the tightest guidelines for quality requirements to ensure you exceed your customers’ expectations. Our commitment to progress and deliver innovative quality solutions will never rest.” 

“We are recognized for our experience, innovation, and excellence.” 

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