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Melcher Studios — An interactive production studio providing immersive solutions

Melcher Studios — An interactive production studio providing immersive solutions

Virtual Reality (VR) is considered one of the most important technologies, giving scope for diverse fields. It is a computer-simulated environment that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds. It is a tool that will power the Metaverse in the future, which is a variety of virtual experiences, environments, and assets that gained momentum during the online-everything shift of the pandemic. Online gaming is also expanding at a record rate after the post-pandemic paradigm shift.

Melcher Studios is an interactive production studio that provides immersive solutions and experiences to help tell your story. Specializing in virtual reality, virtual Unreal production, augmented reality (AR + XR), game development, e-learning, mobile apps, and touchless solutions, they do it all. The company provides a balance between the customer-focused dedication only a small business can provide & the interactive design quality of a large corporation.

Melcher Studios is a company that constantly works towards producing innovation in digital experiences and online solutions. The company size allows a big agency reach while also retaining the flexibility of a small company. Due to their depth of experience in the industry, the company embraces and employs the latest technologies to share meaningful stories and create inspired online experiences. By leveraging a unique blend of out-of-the-box creativity and strategy, it brings a clear vision to complex projects.

The Studio has grown and thrived through the development of relationships throughout Saskatchewan and beyond. It has established connections in Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. Their broad scope of customer relations has helped them achieve their ultimate goal of seamless customer service and delivery of an impeccable product.

VR/MR hub

Melcher Studios' custom VR/MR hub is built as an open stack framework. The layout and design have been crafted with the client and user in mind using the newest technologies seamless application. It is a local application that connects to a cloud-based distribution platform that will allow the company and its users to access and administer its solutions. It will also allow access to stats and the ability for admin(s) to access reports and add, edit and delete users, which are just a few examples of the many features and capabilities.

Account Administration

It allows to purchase and manage courses & peripherals with easy access to billing. You can create users or groups and define permissions that allow access to the courses in your catalog. It also allows enabling remote access when there is no internet available.


Melcher Studios' VR hub is flexible to your needs. You can customize what stats are tracked, logins, pass rate, localization items, access levels, playability, and multi-use. If you don't see it on the list, you can just ask for it.


The VR hub can customize what kind of stats you'd like to track. User progress and achievements are tracked using an API. The VR hub sends the stat data to the database, where is it is stored securely.

Early Administration

The company's cloud-based system for VR/AR/ Gamified solutions downloads as a package and saves locally. The system keeps data saved locally when there is no internet and updates in the cloud once the internet becomes available.

Future Integration of BlockChain

In the near future, the VR hub will evolve to include Blockchain; this means that your users' data and stats will become even more secure. Blockchain is an immutable, time-stamped series record of data that is distributed and managed by a cluster of computers, making it nearly impossible to hack. This technology will create irrefutable evidence that no test has been tampered with and will make official certification possible.

Games & E-learning

Melcher Studios can tailor games and e-learning to your audience to help communicate the simple or complex subject matter. By utilizing cutting-edge graphics and state-of-the-art gameplay mechanics, learning becomes fun and retainable in ways static images or text is not. Melcher Studios is continually helping improve the user experience for foundational web, mobile, apps, and social platforms. From start-ups, modifications, and re-vamps, it is prepared to take on any project.

Melcher Studios provides high-quality CG to help clients reach their full potential. They specialize in visual effects for high-end video, motion graphics, animation, and 3D Modeling. They like to push the limits of technology and creativity to achieve the best possible results.

The Studio is helping blur the lines between virtual and reality by overlaying digital content and information onto the physical world. This method has become increasingly pivotal for workforce training, customer experiences, and touchless solutions. Touchless interaction is becoming much more important than ever, and their team is paving the way. The company embraced no-touch solutions ahead of the curve with Leap Motion and Kinect.

Meet the President

Dwayne Melcher is the President and Partner of Melcher Studios. He has been working as a professional production designer and project manager since 2003 after he graduated with a diploma in 3D Animation and Design from New Media Campus in Regina, Saskatchewan. Managing and coordinating hundreds of exciting projects with clients from across Canada and beyond has come together to provide Dwayne with the unique ability to not only create high-quality interactive, immersive media but also manage and coordinate any project, large or small.

Dwayne is the company's role model, creative leader, and award-winning visionary. Still, at the end of the day, his approach is simple, "Be honest, work hard, constantly innovate and make client needs top-priority. Good things will soon follow."

"We strive to provide our clients with the highest standards for service available in the industry, with a straightforward approach and a knowledgeable, skilled team."

"We pride ourselves on our characteristic balance between the customer-focused dedication only a small business can provide & the interactive design quality of a large corporation."

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