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Data Meaning is a consulting company that provides business intelligence services to leading companies and government agencies

Data Meaning is a consulting company that provides business intelligence services to leading companies and government agencies

For more than 20 years, Data Meaning’s management team and consultants have implemented disruptive business intelligence solutions and made bold moves to drive profound business transformations. In partnership with the world’s leading companies and spanning across 15 industries, The company’s team is proud to have struck the balance between industry knowledge and business intelligence expertise to help institutionalize more effective analytically powered business transformations. Thus, the intersection of industry knowledge and business intelligence is not just what Data Meaning does but is a fundamental part of who they are and what their partnership has to offer.

Data Meaning’s Philosophy

Each year US business intelligence consultancies receive billions for their services. Much of this money pays for a sweeping, undiscerning barrage of data and impractical analytical solutions. At Data Meaning, the team believes clients deserve a better understanding of what business intelligence consulting assignments have the ability to accomplish–and they need to get more than reports and dashboards out of the billable hour.

The organization’s core philosophy is that the business intelligence resulting from Data Meaning’s partnerships with their clients should drive real, high-impact business value.

At Data Meaning, their leadership team and consultants provide services and solutions that support measurable business results. They consider the purpose of every billable hour within the context of the business goal needing to be accomplished. Their philosophy is predicated on the idea that consulting services do not solely rely on analytic expertise and convincing dashboards, but also the ability to help their clients use this information and technology to make successful, impactful business decisions.

Singularly Unique Professionals Bound by a Common Purpose

Data Meaning is a unique blend of MicroStrategy and Tableau developers; cognitive ergonomic experts; mathematical PHD’s; ETL and data warehouse cowboys; business consultants and MBA’s all united by a common purpose. That business purpose being the ambition and mission to alter the genetic makeup of business organisms using business intelligence as an agent of change to produce new and improved business cells capable of efficiently consuming data to produce business results.

Data Meaning’s Methodology Traces Back to Harvard

If the process sounds familiar it’s because it is. The company’s methodology traces back to business principals originating from Harvard Business School first introduced by Drs. Robert Kaplan and David Norton. The Gartner Group suggests that over 50% of US based enterprise firms have already adopted a similar management system and according to the Harvard Business Review, it’s been selected as one of the most influential business ideas of the past 75 years. Since this methodology has passed the test of time and has experienced such ubiquitous adoption, the company found it wise to introduce principals of it into the real of business intelligence project and incorporate it into their methodology.

By Clarifying Business Drivers, Data Meaning Translates Solutions into Quantifiable Action

Data Meaning’s approach introduces accountability and ensures that they provide a clear prescription as to what should be measured in order to quantify the success and return on investment (ROI) of the business intelligence initiative. By clarifying the strategic initiatives and business drivers leading to the business intelligence project the company is able to translate the solution into quantifiable action.

This approach provides feedback around both the internal business drivers and external outcomes in order to continuously improve strategic performance and business results. When fully deployed, the company’s solutions transform strategic planning and business ideals from an academic exercise into the nerve center of an enterprise. The end state being an organization that incorporate business intelligence and makes it part of its DNA. Business Intelligence as an extension of the business not as a side project or operational task.

Catered Services

Regardless of your organization’s market focus or your specific role in the business, Data Meaning can help you meet your business objectives and create lasting business advantage. Their custom solutions cover key business practices and industry verticals. The organization offers a full-featured, best-of-breed solution that helps you maximize your data within the context of your audience and desired business outcome.

Creative Services: Data Meaning is the leader in solving complex business challenges while giving users actionable and memorable experiences.

Business Intelligence: The company’s methodology is designed to help you maximize the value of your investment, leading to better.

Data Management:  Data Meaning offers high-performance visual data preparation and user-friendly transformation interfaces for businesses.

Change Management: The company provides you with a framework for managing change and the details needed to adopt change successfully.

Delivery Management: Data Meaning’s hybrid approach allows for a flexible path to execution and more accurate cost and timeline estimates.

Education & Training: Data Meaning works with you to develop learning assets specifically for your application and environment.

Marvin Mayorga, Managing Partner

As a Partner at Data Meaning, Marvin Mayorga, brings nearly 19 years of experience in building solutions and guiding Fortune 500 companies and other organizations in their pursuit of analytics, and cloud technologies. In this role, Marvin focuses on building teams of technical and functional experts that could design and deliver solutions to transform companies’ interactions with their customers. Prior to co-founding Data Meaning, Marvin was the Managing Partner at Washington Metro Consulting Group.

“Data Meaning can transform the way your business uses business intelligence and technology to drive visibility, efficiency, and success.”

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