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MyLifeWell – An All-In-One Wellness  Platform Improving Personal and Social Wellbeing for Clients All Over the World

MyLifeWell – An All-In-One Wellness Platform Improving Personal and Social Wellbeing for Clients All Over the World

According to the famous Ancient Greek philosopher, Artistotle, a combination of wellbeing, happiness, and flourishing, or “Eudaimonia,” is the highest human good.

Wellbeing is not the absence of disease or illness; it’s an intricate combination of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and social health factors. Wellbeing is intensely linked to happiness and life satisfaction. Wellbeing is a positive and meaningful outcome for people and numerous sectors of our society because it expresses to us that people perceive that their lives are going well.

The feeling of wellbeing is fundamental to an individual’s overall health, enabling them to overcome challenges and achieve what they want in life successfully.

For a business to succeed in its endeavors, its employees must be fit and healthy. For great workplace productivity, the health of your employees is the determining factor. Ensuring a business invests in the wellbeing of its people is one of the chief responsibilities of human resources management (HRM).

Enabling the best employee wellbeing should be a priority for every employer.

Helping people to achieve wellbeing—MyLifeWell’s raison d’etre and how it delivers them

After working in the corporate world for a few years, Gaurav Goomer, the founder and CEO of MyLifeWell, wanted to take a step back and incorporate wellness into his life. “I quickly discovered that all the existing wellness solutions were fragmented,” says Goomer. He adds that most wellness solutions were too focused on physical health, mental wellness, or just on the coaching and nutrition side of wellbeing and, therefore, did not offer services that met his needs.

Streamlining Goomer’s end-to-end wellness journey across different areas on one platform was not an option. Thus, he founded MyLifeWell with the idea to deliver end-to-end wellness for all. MyLifeWell is a holistic digital wellness solution that uses technology with human interaction to build relationships and influence behavioral change. The firm enables people to get back on track with their workouts, make healthier food choices, learn how to meditate, and more. People feeling the need to escape from their routine, smell the ocean breeze or hike to a glorious waterfall, and reconnect with themselves and their loved ones can do so with MyLifeWell.

Their primary service includes offering holistic and customized employee wellness programs to firms and organizations across various industries. As part of the service, MyLifeWell custom brands the platform with the client’s brand colors, logos, and home screen for each client. They even permit clients to integrate other vendor services like financial planning, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), and so on to make it a true one-stop access point.

MyLifeWell’s customized challenges and programs provide the tools needed to streamline an employee’s wellness journey and assist them at each step to increase engagement and adoption. They also focus on improving clients’ culture for a better-engaged workforce to improve talent acquisition and retention by working hand in hand with the client’s HR team to understand their solutions, practices, and processes around employee health and wellness.

Last but not least, MyLifeWell provides end-to-end implementation and management of the employee wellness program by having dedicated resources for each client. For example, suppose the HR teams want to create a challenge, a new group, or a new banner on the home screen.

In that case, MyLifeWell assumes the total responsibility for developing and implementing those tasks. They consider themselves a partner than a vendor to the client by acting as an extension of the client’s HR team.

Health, wellness, travel, and vacation—unifying all services to serve clients in their quest for wellbeing

MyLifeWell provides many opportunities for employees to engage with the platform and focus on relaxation, self-introspection, or building a healthy lifestyle. Some of the features built for engagement are; over 2500+ classes across fitness, yoga, active aging, dance, and more, and a separate section on meditation and mindfulness  with guided meditations, nature sounds, and calming music to manage stress and anxiety.

What makes MyLifeWell unique is the holistic nature of their offering. People like options, and even though they can find them across multiple apps, setting up goals and tracking across multiple platforms becomes a hazard that eventually culminates in a lower engagement and a broken client journey.

Whether physical, mental, social, or financial wellness, they make it easy for the employees to connect with the areas of wellness they are most interested in and start working towards building healthy habits. Employees can pick and choose their goals and start working towards them.

MyLifeWell follows a very seamless process to make the program more engaging. As part of the process, they educate the employees on the different areas of wellness through blogs, classes, and live webinars, then design customized challenges and programs for them to address their specific areas of wellness.

Furthermore, motivation plays a prominent role in ensuring uninterrupted participation. MyLifeWell provides many necessary tools and incentives through an inbuilt tracker, point system, and rewards to help employees maintain momentum throughout the journey. So, the combination of their “platform and programming” makes their offering unique.

“I have always said that that doing daily yoga or meditation is like putting your laptop in sleep mode, whereas taking a week long vacation is like rebooting your laptop,” says CEO Goomer when asked for the reason behind MyLIfeWell’s wellness retreats and vacations. Travel and vacations are essential for us to de-stress, unplug, and completely reboot our biological systems. And yet, 55% of Americans don’t use their entire paid time off. Workers in America failed to use 768 million days of PTO in 2018. Hence, MyLifeWell’s program stresses the importance of taking wellness vacations and making it easier for employees to find the right options at the right price. They have partnered with multiple wellness retreats and resorts globally to help employees find their perfect getaway and, in turn, become more productive members of the workforce.

Increasing productivity and wellbeing—Integrating goal-setting and continuous engagement with an eye  toward long-lasting results

MyLifeWell follows an integrated approach to yield long-lasting results. They follow the “platform + programming” strategy to influence behavior change. As part of that strategy, they adopt a “continuous implementation cycle” to help the employees set realistic goals and expectations. The cycle consists of 5 steps:

1) Assessment: Employees are prompted to take health assessments and get a personalized report highlighting the risk areas and outlining the steps to take to start their wellness journey.

2) Education: We then educate the employees about the different areas of wellness through live seminars, blog posts, and bi-weekly newsletters.

3) Opportunity for Change: The platform provides them an opportunity for change through the different challenges and programs they can access.

4) Motivation: We ensure that they receive the right motivation through support channels, progress tracking tools, and a points and rewards system to stay focused on their wellness journey.

5) Follow-up: We conduct surveys and perform data analysis to optimize the program for continuous engagement, yielding long-lasting results.

Helping people attain eudaimonia—MyLifeWell’s goals for the future

Just like wellness, the definition of mental health is subjective to each person. Some people can soak in high-stress levels while others cannot. “My advice is for everyone is to be more self-aware of their boundaries and breaking points. Once you are more aware of your breaking points, incorporate activities in your daily lives that help you avoid reaching those breaking points,” Goomer says. Those activities could be anything from nature walks to listening o music to dedicated friends and family time to practicing meditation and mindfulness.

Even though MyLifeWell is in the early stages of its company roadmap, the firm is working on some exciting things to stay true to its vision of streamlining an employee’s end-to-end wellness journey. In that regard, they are working on products and services. Whether the employees are looking to sign up for a financial wellness app, hire a coach for learning yoga, or book a vacation around stress management, they will have the options and the resources to do so.

Enabling employees with their wellbeing despite the struggles of the corporate lifestyle

Gaurav Goomer is the Founder and CEO of MyLifeWell. Gaurav was born and brought up in Mumbai, India, where wellness is more than just an activity; it is ingrained in their culture. Growing up, he regularly saw people around him practicing yoga, meditation, or even laughter therapy. He tries to be active, plays many sports, and practices yoga and meditation.

Moving to the US, working in a large corporate environment, and being married to an American citizen gave Gaurav a unique perspective regarding the gaps and challenges within the workspace and the culture he now tries to address through MyLifeWell.

“We focus on improving clients' culture for a better-engaged workforce to improve talent acquisition and retention."

“We make it easy for the employees to connect with the areas of wellness they are most interested in and start working towards  building healthy habits."

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