Alexa Nastel: The Next Generation of Analytics for IT Operations
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Nastel: The Next Generation of Analytics for IT Operations

Nastel: The Next Generation of Analytics for IT Operations

The modern world is driven by the force of information and technology. When it comes to information technology and management of systems, one of the best approaches that businesses rely on is IT operational analytics. It is an approach to retrieve, analyze, and report data for IT operations, simplifying daily activities for business organizations and helping them to make real-time decisions. With the addition of big data, IT operational analytics is needed now more than ever.

Nastel Technologies is a company that provides this valuable analytics. Established way back in the year 1994, Nastel has decades of experience when it comes to providing tools and insights for various business organizations. Headquartered in Plainview, New York, the company has helped hundreds of large global companies analyze, visualize, and track data from mobile to mainframe.

The founder and CEO, David Mavashev says that Nastel Technologies "provides IT organizations and business executives with the tools and insights they need to understand and manage their digital environments."

Nastel Technologies service offerings include training, consulting, technical support, and implementation. The firm's certifications include IBM TIVOLI Ready, IBM SOA Ready, HP Operations Center Smart Plug-in, and IBM MQ. In fact, Nastel provides the best business and technical expertise in IBM MQ-based technologies. The following regions provide a better understanding of the company's functioning:

  • Transaction tracking: The company is known to track and troubleshoot problems in real-time for any business transaction from the beginning till the end. It doesn't matter if its mobile, middleware, brokers, applications, or mainframe
  • Real-time predictive analytics: Data that's collected from user interactions, transactions, APM metrics, logs, etc. are fused together and powerful analytic tools are applied. Nastel then compares results against established business goals and provides corrective insights in real-time
  • Middleware monitoring and management: The world's largest middleware environments rely on Nastel solutions as it's an assurance of performance and reliability of business-critical enterprise applications
  • Mobile: Nastel provides a wide range of requirements when it comes to streaming data and real-time tracking. Nastel has support for everyone, be it telecom managers, developers, business analysts or IT administrators
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM): With Nastel, enterprise-grade real-time monitoring extends across Web Services, Java, and .NET. The services can run on middleware, mainframes, distributed system platforms, and mobile. The company delivers the visibility needed to understand the health of applications, with the fast-acting automation necessary to slash the frequency and duration of outages

Nastel’s accolades

  • Nastel was ranked No. 1 by Gartner as the sole “visionary” APM vendor in the latest 2016 APM Magic Quadrant
  • The company was also acknowledged by Forrester Research as an established leader in APM and middleware-centric monitoring

AutoPilot Insight Platform

The flagship product from the company is the AutoPilot Insight platform. This platform spans all of the functions that were earlier mentioned. The AutoPilot Insight has benefitted thousands of users with sophisticated real-time smart analytics, fusing high-performance data handling, and the ability to operate across diverse IT technology stacks and components.

There are a wide array of fields like consumer electronics, retail, healthcare, financial services, and many other industries that rely upon AutoPilot. Be it cases of payments, compliance, claims, EMR transmissions, order management, managed file transfers or many other business-critical applications. AutoPilot can handle it all.

"With use cases from financial services to healthcare and telecommunications, Nastel’s enterprise-grade AutoPilot solutions encompass deep real-time monitoring, transaction tracking, and analytics," explains the CEO. "It extracts business value in the form of insights that improve business process performance and enable fast problem resolution," he says.

With more than two decades of experience, Nastel has gained the trust of some large business organizations as its customers, including some of the world's largest banks, retail chains, transportation, manufacturing companies, financial service companies, insurance providers, and more. The firm has a global presence with offices in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, and Mexico. It also has a network of partners throughout the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

The Leading Force of Nastel

David Mavashev, Chief Executive Officer

David Mavashev is a leading expert on IT infrastructure, middleware and messaging technologies with over 25 years experience architecting systems and solutions. His areas of expertise encompass implementing middleware-centric architectures and the underlying infrastructure monitoring that is fundamental for its optimal performance, as well as tools and technologies for monitoring and managing integrated application processes and performance across the enterprise and helping companies achieve business agility through effectively aligning IT with business processes in the real-time enterprise.

A successful entrepreneur, David founded Nastel in 1994 and also served as the company’s CTO for many years. Prior to that, he was the technical manager of the messaging group at NYNEX, where he architected and managed the implementation of the first commercial transactional messaging product, which now forms the basis for IBM WebSphere MQ (formerly MQ-Series). A pioneer in the early evolution of messaging technologies, David logged many years as an IT consultant working with some of the world’s foremost banks and financial institutions.

"Nastel Technologies helps large enterprises collect, analyze, track, and visualize data from virtually any source, from mobile to mainframe."

"Spanning applications, middleware, transactions, end-user experience, logs, and mobile services, Nastel is the answer for your toughest APM and operational intelligence challenges."


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