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NeoSystems, LLC. – Assisting Government Contractors and Organizations by Securing Their Business

NeoSystems, LLC. – Assisting Government Contractors and Organizations by Securing Their Business

Everyone dreams of having a wildly successful business, but many times you don't realize the logistical aspects of running a successful business. The more profit you pull in, the more invoices and accounts receivables you are likely to be handling, and the more complicated every bit of your financial management becomes. Outsourcing your financial management is an excellent way to smoothly grow your business without running into accounting problems. Sound financial management and accurate financial reporting are essential for any growing business. A skilled finance department requires full-time employees that may or may not meet your company’s requirements. With outsourced financial management and sophisticated accounting software, you can completely shift focus on core business operations, gain access to reliable financial data, and save your company in the process. Outsourcing your bookkeeping to an outsourced accounting firm gives the CFO peace of mind and enough time to focus on important issues within the company.

NeoSystems LLC. is one such company that provides outsourced accounting & financial management, human capital, information technology, hosting, and managed security services to government contractors and nonprofit organizations. The company's flexible approach, highly experienced staff, and best-in-class software applications allow clients to reduce their accounting and financial costs, hire, on-board, evaluate, develop and terminate staff while meeting rigorous and continuously changing government standards and program requirements all while supported by an innovative, responsive staff of IT specialists.

Offering Simple yet Significant Financial Management and Outsourcing Solutions

Deltek Costpoint Services: Costpoint is a leading enterprise management software solution designed specifically for project-based businesses. Deltek Costpoint software empowers businesses to run more efficiently and profitably—by enabling teams to track, identify, and manage projects. Deltek Costpoint is the leading accounting and reporting system that makes regulatory compliance easy, and audits quick and efficient. Costpoint software offers government contractors unparalleled project management, accounting, labor, reporting and compliance capabilities and is the leading platform for project management, and has earned the trust of federal agencies and their auditors. With Deltek Costpoint, businesses will have a holistic view of projects and better cost control to accelerate business plans and maintain growth. NeoSystems offers scalable solutions to improve your back office with a team of industry experts, industry-leading information technology (IT) tools, and an advanced technical infrastructure. NeoSystems will custom build solutions and services that are tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

Tailored Back Office Management Software Solutions: Smart companies are focusing on their back office operations to grow faster and more effectively. So if you’re looking for software that does back office operations and streamlines business, NeoSystems is your one-stop shop for solving your Accounting, Finance, HR, Contract, and IT needs in any environment. They partner with industry leaders including Deltek, Workday Adaptive Planning, Integrify, SAP Concur, UKG, IBM, NetSuite, TIP Technologies and Microsoft to provide world-class back office software solutions and services to the clients. Only NeoSystems offers highly configurable, affordable, and transformative back office system solutions and more for small and medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises. Depending on your needs and timeframes, the firm can provide trusted advisory services, such as back office software selection, and assist with system configuration and implementation of integrated solutions that create efficiencies and drive growth.

NeoSystems Expense Connector for Deltek Costpoint: NeoSystems Expense Connector extends the integration capabilities between Concur Expense and Deltek Costpoint. It effectively provides a bridge for data to pass back and forth, and allows Concur Expense to enforce the business rules while enabling applications to programmatically import, manage, and export data – working seamlessly across diverse sets of applications – thereby greatly improving efficiency and accuracy. Now you can stop entering your expenses into two separate systems. You get a complete view of your spending with tight integration between Concur Expense and Deltek Costpoint. Government contractors of all sizes can accurately and predictably manage their travel and other expenses with automated data synchronization, giving them a consistent and up-to-date look at their finances. Post expense data directly from Concur Expense into Deltek Costpoint, allowing you to process your employee reimbursements significantly faster, which is guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Michael Tinsley | President & CEO

Michael is a recognized leader in developing back office strategies and solutions for government contractors, nonprofit organizations, and commercial entities. As Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Michael oversees an entire network of professionals with diverse skill-sets that deliver scalable, full-scope back office solutions and best-of-breed systems to clients. Under his leadership NeoSystems has expanded to managing daily strategic back office functions for over 200 clients in multiple industries.

Most recently, Michael was named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® Mid-Atlantic 2016 Finalist for the second year in a row. He was also a Finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the Greater Washington DC area in the Emerging/Growth category in 2015.ey entrepreneur of the year 2016 finalist His career includes extensive financial and administrative management experience with high-growth businesses and organizations. As a result, NeoSystems takes a customized approach in designing solutions for clients, while keeping their growth strategy a top priority.

Mr. Tinsley holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Murray State University.

"We are providing quality, innovative, and affordable accounting services for government contractors so that they could focus on executing for their client: the US government."

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