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New Signature: Delivering Innovative Technology Solutions to Solve Human Challenges

New Signature: Delivering Innovative Technology Solutions to Solve Human Challenges

The global expansion of companies on a large scale has sky rocketed over the past couple of decades. The explosion of the Internet and other technological advancements has led to the boom of several companies, small and large. However, as technology keeps expanding and opening new dimensions, there is a dire need for a right consultation regarding technology itself.

Moreover, the expansion into cloud services and cloud computing has further expanded the industries. And this is another reason why organizations require the right technology and IT consultations to build clear plans and innovative solutions for businesses. It helps to reduce costs, drive business growth, and improve competitive market positioning.

New Signature is a company with an emphasis on cloud and full-fledged services of Microsoft solutions that are focused on delivering great customer experiences through transformative business and technology solutions that can solve challenges faced every day. As a customer-service focused technology consulting firm, New Signature has multiple offices spread across North America.

“Behind every interaction is our dedication to provide outstanding experiences and to build authentic relationships with those around us,” says Jeff Tench, the CEO of New Signature. “We are passionate about driving transformational results for clients across all company sizes, geographies and industries.”

Transforming your Tomorrow

What started off in the year 1996, has grown and bubbled into a marvelous organization decades later. Through organic growth and acquisitions, New Signature has added depth and expertise to its awarding-winning team. Moreover, as the years flew by, the company has ensured to introduce new capabilities and has expanded its geographic focus from the United States to global markets.

New Signature has a longstanding vision to empower its customers, colleagues and communities to achieve their potential. The company drives on its mission to deliver innovative technology solutions to solve human challenges. The expert team at New Signature delivers full lifecycle solutions. Right from the inception of a project and its planning right through its deployment. The team will always cater to the client’s needs with constant support and maintenance.

“We describe ourselves as intellectually curious, but curiosity alone doesn’t make for an outstanding experience. It is how we apply our learning and intellect,” notes Jeff. By staying on top of the latest and greatest in technology has allowed New Signature to help its customers find innovative solutions to its technological challenges. Be it infrastructure optimization or even custom application development, the expert team at New Signature can do it. Currently, the company holds more than 600 Technical Certifications and 15 Microsoft Gold Certifications. 

Suite of Solutions

When it comes to solving technological challenges, New Signature is always there to help customers. With its technological solutions, it helps companies –irrespective of its shape and size, make major investments in Microsoft technologies, both on-premises and in the cloud. Managed Services, Solutions and Consulting from New Signature can make IT a strategic business leader.

“We bring together a strong set of capabilities that allows us to strategically cover our customers throughout their journey to the cloud, and beyond,” notes the CEO. When it comes to managed services, New Signature offers comprehensive services for Microsoft solutions. And this extends from cloud environments to hybrid and also includes on-premises infrastructure scenarios. There is also a full-service IT management from New Signature.ciobulletin cover new signature 2018

But that’s not all. New Signature also provides professional services that help its customers strategically transform their business using Microsoft technologies and platforms. Customers who need aid in transforming their business using cloud and hybrid solutions or requiring assistance with productivity, collaboration, mobility and relationship management, or even with identity management, advanced analytics, or the Internet of Things are catered to at New Signature.

“We also help with their core infrastructure, from supporting their workloads to setting up disaster recovery solutions,” Jeff elaborates. “We plan, build and deploy Microsoft solutions, and drive additional value through enterprise-class cloud applications and a portfolio of managed services that help keep desktops, systems and cloud services healthy and performing well.”

The People

Speaking about the team, the people at New Signature are those who are inspired by the new advances in technology. And every member of the team is eager to discover the endless possibilities with technology and pass them on to the clients. Importantly, New Signature also honors its commitment to diversity and considers it a competitive advantage in serving its global customers.

“Always a people-first company, we work together to help our clients find the best solutions for their business,” says Jeff. The company is always open to and welcomes creative personalities who are fascinated by technology. New Signature assures that people who wish to join a team of like-minded, intellectually curious individuals always have a place at the company.

New Signature ensures that every employee knows the positive difference they make when they help a customer to solve their challenges. With a focus on delivering only the best customer experience, New Signature empowers its people to build rewarding relationships that contribute to its positive and rewarding work environment.

“Employee well-being through our core values is incorporated in every aspect of New Signature’s business, from strategy to operations to executive leadership,” notes Jeff. And the executive team of the company carries extensive experience and are proven leaders spanning from the world’s most innovative and fastest growing technology fields.

Values that define New Signature

Ever since its establishment, New Signature has planted certain values deep into its foundation. Here’s what they are:

  • Human

“We use our hearts and minds to collaborate for success,” explains Jeff. The company harnesses technology to drive business, but it never lets that replace with human connections. The people at the company use their hearts and minds to collaborate for success. It instills confidence in the customers through relationships forged from trust. 

  • Generous

New Signature is always giving out and respectful. With its constant efforts to be generous, New Signature evaluates its service level with empathetic and considerate communications and actions. “We always find a way to support our customers and colleagues by giving our time and talent and equally respecting the time and talent of others,” he says.

  • Authentic

The best part of New Signature is its authenticity. Simply put, the company explains everything as it is and with positivity in mind. “Being authentic helps to nurture our strong and trusted relationships,” explains Jeff. The company is honest, transparent, and reliable. When you partner with New Signature, you are partnering with a group of purposeful, outcome-driven and results-oriented professionals.

  • Innovative

New Signature is constantly pushing the boundaries at the intersection of people, process and technology. For the company, there are no limits to its dreams. There is always a continuous innovation that pushes the boundaries of the people, process and the technology. The priority is always to bring the customers and colleagues the best solutions first.

Transforming Client’s Businesses

Here’s what customers of New Signature have to say about the company:

“New Signature was recommended to us by Microsoft. On every point we brought up, every question we had, New Signature gave us a thorough and timely follow up and made us comfortable. We did not think of New Signature as an installer or an implementer, but as a business partner,” says Steve Payne, the IT Director of Davis Construction. New Signature helps the company in implementing Skpye for Business for Davis Construction.

According to Mark Ptacek, the Lead Systems Specialist at Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, “In the end, New Signature and Dell Software provided a winning partnership that helped Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated meet their goals.” New Signature helped the company with Microsoft Exchange Implementation.

Awards for the Best!

A company with such high caliber has an entire wall of fame to commemorate its achievements over the past decades.  New Signature was named the top Microsoft partner in the United States and the United Kingdom in 2014 and again in the United States in 2015. The company became the first partner ever to win the prestigious US Partner of the Year award two years in a row. With over 600 individual technology certifications, New Signature is a recognized expert at the forefront of Microsoft advancements and couples these powerful technologies with exceptional services to empower its customers, colleagues, and community.

Hello Leader!

Jeff Tench is the CEO of New Signature. As CEO, Jeff leads the executive team to set the direction and focus of the company and participates as a member of the New Signature Board of Directors. He is a focused leader with a passion for building a great culture, teamwork and collaboration.  He brings sales management and leadership experience and expertise from his successful 20-year career in the telecommunications and technology sector to New Signature.

Jeff began his career at US WEST Communications serving in a range of product management and marketing positions followed by his 11-year career at Level 3 Communications. At Level 3, Jeff held a variety of positions, including SVP Product Management, SVP of Product and Marketing for Level 3’s European Markets Group.  He left Level 3 in 2010 as President of Business Markets Group. Most recently, Jeff was the CEO of Teliris, Inc., a Columbia Capital portfolio company which was sold to Dimension Data Holdings in 2014.

“We are passionate about delivering transformative technologies and great customer experiences.”

“We strive to create amazing experiences for our customers in everything we do while helping them to reduce costs and gain greater agility for their IT environment.”

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