Alexa NINJIO: Creating Cybersecurity Awareness through micro-learning videos
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NINJIO: Creating Cybersecurity Awareness through micro-learning videos

NINJIO: Creating Cybersecurity Awareness through micro-learning videos

Cybersecurity awareness is of the utmost importance for employees worldwide. Their small seemingly unimportant actions can result in a huge loss or data breach for their enterprise. Intruders are always looking for loopholes in a system, and by fooling employees, they can do things that can be fatal for the company. To educate their employees, many businesses still make them take training programs that involve many lengthy and non-engaging videos or falling asleep to a PowerPoint presentation. NINJIO has changed this game by delivering premium nano and microlearning content that leverages creative storytelling’s power to engage and educate employees about the latest scams and breaches that are happening.

The idea for NINJIO came to the Founder, Zack Schuler, after reading an article in a magazine about the challenges of educating people on the important topic of cybersecurity. He felt that there was a large gap that needed to be filled and space existed for a security awareness business that would use Hollywood-style storytelling to raise necessary awareness about cybersecurity threats and how one could go about protecting themselves and their organization. He reached out to his former college friend Bill Haynes who had worked on over 70 episodes of CSI: NY and Hawaii Five-0 to create the content. He also enlisted animation expert Ben Reynolds, as well as an award-winning creative director/designer Roy Dequina to breathe life into the idea of NINJIO.

Today, NINJIO is a leading cybersecurity awareness company that educates employees of organizations on how to become more secure through its microlearning animated and security stories that are not just engaging but are also based or inspired by real companies and their security breaches. “NINJIO produces 3-4-minute-long animated episodes that teach the employees of our clients “how not to get hacked.” We do this using Hollywood-style storytelling with famous actors playing the voices of our animated characters,” says Zack Schuler, Founder, and CEO of NINJIO. The company creates and releases an episode each month and covers the latest breach or scam in the cyber realm. They have been lately covering a series of COVID-19 scams that are happening as we speak.

In addition to their NINJIO AWARE content, they also produce a series called NINJIO NANO. Here, they simply boil down their 3-4-minute-long episodes into roughly one minute and 30 seconds. Clients primarily use this series as post-simulated phishing failure training because it is short, sweet, and to the point. NINJIO currently has an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars in the Security Awareness Computer-Based Training Market, according to the leading research and advisory company Gartner Peer Insights, and in January was named the ONLY Cybersecurity Awareness Company out of 42 to be designated Garter Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” designation. Today, NINJIO’s client roster ranges across almost every industry, every continent, and includes Fortune 10 companies as well as the Founder’s 8-person dental office and everything in between.

Engaging the employees emotionally

NINJIO consistently monitors the threat landscape as it evolves and changes for the latest breaches and the latest hacks. This way, the company can release an episode in a 30-day cycle with highly relevant content that depicts what is going on right now. This educates the employees on the latest happenings in the world of cyberattacks and cybersecurity. The company helps in educating the viewers on the attacks that are currently on the rise, be it a new style phishing attack, a smishing attack, or a new COVID-19 scam. Other solutions in the meanwhile train employees in threats that have been prevalent a year ago and not ones that they are facing today. Everybody knows that content that focuses on old cybersecurity awareness is like watching the news from a year ago, and this is something NINJIO steers away from.

NINJIO believes that keeping people’s attention requires content that appeals directly to them emotionally. For this, NINJIO’s team uses storytelling as a medium for education, and does everything in their power to capture the emotional attention of every viewer in the first scene of every episode. You will never see a boring lecture come from NINJIO.


In the beginning of 2020, NINJIO adopted a new cloud based Learning Management System that was purpose built for Cybersecurity Awareness Training. Included with this system came a very mature and sophisticated simulated phishing platform, giving organizations the ability to run simulated phishing campaigns to as an additive tool to help measure risk within their organizations. While NINJIO’s main focus is and always will be on creating the best content on the market, having their award winning training and simulated phishing all under a “single pane of glass” has been proven to be very helpful for many of their clients.


Another initiative that started in 2020, was an entirely different animated series. NINJIO set out on a new adventure to create episodes in the realm of HR, but more specifically, “People” their new series, NINJIO PEOPLE takes a very small subset of HR topics that are not focused on checking a box, nor meeting a compliance requirement, but simply helping people deal with difficult circumstances and difficult conversations. These episodes are made for “employee first” corporate cultures to really help empower their employees. For more about NINJIO PEOPLE, visit

About the CEO

Zack Schuler is the Founder and CEO of NINJIO. He is an entrepreneur who has 26 years in technology. He founded Cal Net Technology Group in 1995 before establishing NINJIO. Cal Net Technology Group was an IT Services provider to small and medium-sized businesses in LA. Olympic Valley and Boathouse Capital acquired the company and Cal Net was then subsequently acquired by NexusTek. He was previously on the boards of Ascension Lutheran School and Sherwood County Club Charitable Foundation. He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. He has a BS in marketing from California State University, Northridge.

“NINJIO is responsible for a 500% increase in our security awareness. We saw a 5x increase in suspicious emails being reported after only 4 months on the NINJIO platform,” CIO of Food Company.”

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