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Noodle AI: When Enterprise met AI

Noodle AI: When Enterprise met AI’s Enterprise AI is augmenting Enterprise software to become the standard technology for high value, high complex, and high volume decisions.”

Complex supply chain systems require innovative planning but in most companies, they fail to do just that because their sales and operations team planning lack insight even though they have the information. The people who make the plans find a grey area when there's a conflict between the team and lay out a suboptimal plan without properly analyzing all the factors and risks that are involved. Although there are forecasts involved, most of them are based on backward-looking data and don't consider several external factors like the weather, customer reviews and other important data.

But making complex decisions isn’t so hard for an AI especially when it is designed by people who are well-versed in doing that, is the world’s most advanced end-to-end platform for enterprise artificial intelligence. The design of products is based on a set of interconnected machine learning algorithms for use to power applications and a data platform for manufacturing and supply chain. The company houses top executives from fields like data science, enterprise software, and AI industries.

Revolutionizing Enterprise AI began its operations in 2016 when Stephen Pratt decided to leave IBM Watson to build a startup along with Raj Joshi, Martha McGaw, Matt Denesuk, and Ted Gaubert.

The AI applications by today are sold on a subscription basis (AI-as-a-Service) and its platform offers a fixed fee based approach on infrastructure, data storage, compute and other factors. envisions a world without waste using artificial intelligence and their proven business model implements AI-as-a-Service enterprise applications and their platform is built for the AI use-case to deliver business value and reduce industrial waste.

Breaking the conventional enterprise design

At improvements are setting the pace in demand prediction, logistics, Multi-channel customer Interaction Optimization, and industrial operations. There is rapid advance in the field of the learning algorithm and this improves the chance of understanding unstructured data more easily which leads to improved prediction power of historical data.

Currently, offers a platform that is powered by Dell hardware and Intel chips and its platform works in the form of a subscription – AI-as-a-Service. In this way, customers get a head start and also ensure that the focus is always on delivering ongoing value. The subscription package includes customization and deployment of the customer production AI model, right from configuration to testing, training, and upgrading. Through this customers get to enjoy a seamless service as constantly improves the predictive capability of their core solutions.

Offering solutions the customer’s way is customer-oriented in its service outlook and has successfully created a low-risk way of experimenting with Enterprise AI. The company offers AI-as-a-Service which drastically reduces the need for a huge capital investment in the platform. The ROI is high for all customers as they get industry best solutions and quantifiable bottom-line business results. Also, customers get to enjoy the added benefit of having access to top data scientists and the world's most efficient supercomputing platform.

Being part of

The company culture is welcoming and the Noodle team is always vibrant and outgoing. The company motivates employees to pursue their artistic nuances inside the company.

“When we're not noodling on the future of Enterprise AI (and sometimes while we are), we are writers, musicians, moms & dads, dancers, lovers of nature, triathletes, football coaches, surf instructors and beyond.”

The company hosts Salsa nights and several other activities for its employees; the open culture of the company despite mind-boggling work is quite impressive.

Looking into the Future

The company is scaling up rapidly as there is a huge increase in demand for predictive services, is leading the way in the field of Enterprise AI and helping the companies adapt to the new ways of AI-based solutions. is currently one of the most disruptive forces and will be able to cover almost all verticals and functions within the enterprise.

Meet the AI Mastermind

Stephen Pratt is busy creating world-class technology services organizations. Before founding he was a part of IBM Global Business Services and he managed all the Watson implementations worldwide. Stephen also founded Infosys Consulting. He has worked with Deloitte, Booz and Allen & Hamilton in the role of consultant and has been twice selected as one of the top 25 consultants in the world by Consulting Magazine. He has Bachelors and Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and The George Washington University.

“Enterprise AI® is all about finding valuable patterns hidden in your operations. It continually learns, and presents observations & recommendations to help operators make better, more precise, and continuously improving decisions.”

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