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Office Line: The partner of choice for every enterprise

Office Line: The partner of choice for every enterprise

The turn of the century created a base for worldwide system integration. The way business organizations conducted their daily routine changed significantly. Much before IT integration became a basic thing, Office Line was already leading the IT system integration since 1997. Providing quality business solutions that are tailor-made for specific business requirements and having a global approach has been the founding mantra of the company.

Let’s take a tour with Mr. Panagiotis Kouris, the CEO of Office Line about his company’s establishment, where it stands today and what the future holds for the Office Line.

Tell us about how the company was started.

Office Line was established in 1997 and when we started-22 years ago, our mission was to integrate through system integration to become a high-level regression company for the market. Our first vision and mission were to provide the greatest solutions to our customers.

Let’s talk about the products the company offers.

Our main products are based on Microsoft technologies. But I can define some solutions that are unique to Office Line- regarding identity management, data center modernization, enterprise mobility, cybersecurity, hybrid cloud management and operation. We are delivering, monitoring and supporting our customers 24/7 and we are also designing and building business contingency plans. I would say these are the main pillars, regarding the services that we are delivering, which is a gateway to our customers.

What attributes set your company apart from its competitors?

We are making huge investments in building and specializing competencies inside our company. Regarding Microsoft services, we are 100% global partners of Microsoft with our specializations. So, our first competitive advantage is technical knowledge and competency regarding our services. The second one is we are very flexible in terms of supporting our customers. Being flexible is also one of our competitive advantages and it complements.

Our mission is to deliver services and solutions for all the industries. This is something very unique to our company. Delivering solutions in sectors like shipping, financial, banking, heavy industry, or any other kind of market segments, we have designed proper tools and flexible solutions for our customers.

Innovation distinguishes a leader from others. What are your leadership values?

Our values are responsible for the innovation of our solutions. We have a passion for edge technology and to enhance the integrity and quality of our services; we also hold our responsibility towards the community and the environment. Our main value is the quality we deliver with our services, but also we are seeking for inspired innovation solutions for intelligence technologies. And for the last 10 years, we have transformed our company into cloud services.

How do you bring a strong culture in the workplace?

This is a difficult question! While we are transforming our own company, our vision is also to bring technological transformation across the globe to all the organizations. So inside the company, we are delivering short workshops with the top management, who are bringing in this culture and creating that awareness inside the company. As part of the new culture, we’re delivering communication training about how technology can make our lives easier; how it can make a modern workplace and a better place to work; how useful are the tools that we are delivering for the remote access and remote working; etc. Our motto is “Work smarter not harder.” Now about the 60% of our employees are working remotely- our remote workers. So, it is one of our main goals to transform the culture inside the company and as a result, we can easily transform it also to our customers. We believe that technologies and tools that we are using inside- as far as we are familiar with this tool, we can deliver more quality services to our customers.

How do you motivate your employees to achieve operational excellence?

We have some incentive tools inside the company so they can be motivated. Incentives are for two different sides-one is the financial one; second is training incentives, which is another motivating factor for our employees to become better and deliver unique services to our customers.

What are your goals for improving customer experience?

Within our company, we have a department called Customer Success Management. It is responsible for the end user and customer’s experience, and also to have a continuous relationship with our customers. We are very engaged and on-top with the customers to identify success, understand customer experience and to always increase the quality and experience of our customers regarding the solutions that we’re delivering.

What would you say is the most memorable moment in your business career?

We have managed for the last four years to increase our revenue by 40 percent and also increase our employee number by three times. That’s a very huge growth for our company. And also, we received four awards regarding our transformation, our enablement, and how we deliver solutions to our customers. This growth with revenue, employees, and customers is a huge goal for our company.

What is the future ahead for Office Line?

The vision and roadmap are to be a global service delivery company. Till now, our approach extends to all over Europe and some customers in the U.S. But for the next three years, we are planning to be a Cloud service delivery company across the globe. Regarding the revenue, we believe that we can also double in the next two years, by 2021. Our goal is to approach and deliver in the U.S. market and to also have a better market share in Europe.

Meet the Leader

Panagiotis Kouris, CEO

Mr. Panagiotis Kouris has been leading the company as the CEO for the last 6 years. He’s regarded as an exceptional partner and service provider with integrated knowledge of his area of expertise.

“Office Line is a leader IT system integrator and Cloud solutions provider empowering customers’ specific business requirements.”

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