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OpticWise helps property owners and operators monetize their technology assets and please their tenants

OpticWise helps property owners and operators monetize their technology assets and please their tenants

Mobile, secure, and private connectivity is now the requirement of nearly every apartment or business. Network technology has connected nearly the entire world together and people are shifting over to networking solutions in their home or business for sharing of various resources and vital communications required by the modern technologically advanced user tenant.

Here is why we recommend you OpticWise: they are focused entirely on helping property owners and operators provide tenants with a sophisticated, seamless, and secure data network solution while turning a building’s network and in-building connectivity into both a tenant retention tool and a profit center.

We uncover the journey of OpticWise while in conversation with Bill Douglas, CEO

Q. How do you market your business, and which tactics have been most successful?

We market through thought leadership. We do a lot of presentations to industry groups and a fair amount of pro-bono work with the intent of bettering the industry as a whole. We believe that rising tides raise all boats, and we inevitably attract like-minded clients through our efforts.

Q. What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

I became an entrepreneur when I was 12. I turned a simple job into a small business that created several jobs and benefitted many people. I was hooked. Every time I see a problem, I see an opportunity. That strategy has done well for me throughout my 40+ entrepreneurial years in business.

Q. What was your most satisfying moment after you became an entrepreneur?

I find joy in the quiet things…. My favorite example is when I get to sign a mortgage application for an employee buying a house. We created that job, and this employee is using it to provide for their family. Or, when we put employees through college. Yes, we enjoy being profitable, but the real joy comes from positively impacting others and sharing in the fruits of our labor.

Q. How do you build a successful customer base?

One customer at a time. Each raving fan is a lead source for more customers. Take care of clients, and they spread the word.

Q. How do you help your clients build good infrastructure?

We work with them on three main points: mobility, resilience & protection, and their building-of-things™ strategies. Once those are fully understood, we design the digital infrastructure(s) for their commercial real estate properties and work with them through delivery, installation, testing, and golive. Typically, then, we manage the core pieces that impact tenants, all whilef fully servicing the tenants.

Q. What is your specialization and how is it out of the ordinary?

We monetize technology assets for commercial real estate owners. OpticWise takes what was traditionally an expensive headache and turns it into a profitable endeavor. It’s out of the ordinary because we focus on the tenant’s experience while providing services that drive NOI for the owner, all while reducing OpEx and increasing resilience.

Q. How do you cater to multi-family property managers and owners?

Simply put: we listen and cater the solution to fit their needs, their property, and their culture. The key is to drive NOI and take care of tenants.

Elaborate on your services and how they are helping your clients.

Our 5S™ user experience sums up the tenant benefits: Seamless mobility, Security, Speed, Stability, Service. Our Commercial Firewall service generates income for property owners. And, our Digital Infrastructure Management service reduces expenses and increases efficiencies.

Q. How are your technology partners an asset to OpticWise?

We rely on the major manufacturers to integrate their software and equipment to our platform, thus enabling the 5S™ solution to be widely and successfully utilized by tenants.

Q. Where do you envision the company in a few years?

We feel that we are already a market leader. OpticWise continues to experience significant, sustained growth. We’re attracting high performing talent and clients. In a few years, we’ll be driving further ahead with new initiatives to set standards across the industry and benefit everyone, not just our clients.

Meet the leading light

Bill loves growth companies and is very passionate about IoT, DT, 5G and UX technology collisions and the numerous, global implications and opportunities therein. Solving problems to meet market demands, growth, disruption, building teams, developing cultures and positively impacting the world are motivating drivers.

Being a present and contributing father, living life to the fullest, giving back with gratitude, and positively impacting others are his personal core values.

Bill Douglas is a lifetime entrepreneur, having started, sold, acquired and exited multiple businesses. He’s made the INC growth list, among many others, and has been awarded a US Patent, and is a mechanical engineering graduate of the prestigious Georgia Tech and of the Entrepreneurial Master’s Program at MIT.

Professionally: Bill is currently the CEO of OpticWise, a proptech visionary focused on monetizing technology assets for commercial real estate. He's a lifetime entrepreneur, having started, sold, acquired, and exited multiple businesses, made the INC & others growth lists, awarded a US Patent, and more. He's a mechanical engineering graduate from Georgia Tech and of the Entrepreneurial Master’s Program at MIT.

Personally: Bill has survived two near-death experiences and overcome a major medical diagnosis, thus the ResilienceGuy nickname. He's a father of two adult men and enjoys fitness, biking, skiing, volleyball & golf. Bill has seen both sides of life and both sides of success. Many experiences have taught & molded him and he's passionate about giving back by helping others grow and succeed.

“OpticWise is an intelligent proptech enabler for modern workplaces & multi-family residential communities.”

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