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Pantavanij: Thailand's Leading eProcurement Solution for Business Efficiency

Pantavanij: Thailand's Leading eProcurement Solution for Business Efficiency

When it comes to eProcurement, customization is the key. This is even more important when customers have to customize higher investment because the main objective of eProcurement is to reduce cost while retaining the same or improving the quality of the products. With this idea in mind, Pantavanij was founded in 2001 in Thailand. Initially, the company was established to serve the Top 5 largest corporate companies in Thailand.

With decades of experience, the company’s expertise in the field of the legacy application addresses the pain points customers face in customization, software license cost, and Thai language barriers today. With these points in mind, the solutions from Pantavanij provide a better match to enterprises serving all business sizes from small to large.

Thailand’s largest eProcurement service

As Thailand’s largest end-to-end eProcurement and cost reduction professional service provider, Pantavanij supports businesses of all sizes. When you sign up with Pantavanij, you’re assured of cost and time saving, business efficiency, process improvement, etc. with digitized procurement. ‘OnePlanet’ is the latest eProcurement platform launched to serve medium to small organizations. The company also provides eAuction, bidding service to clients in both Thailand and 12 other countries with more than 20,000 verified suppliers in over 41 countries and 31 product categories.

Speaking of his company’s founding, Mr. Apisit Kuparatana, the Managing Director of Pantavanij, gets nostalgic. He recalls that earlier every company had the process of procurement and most of ASEAN companies depended on legacy application from the West. This included high investment for all customization and licenses which finally caused lower or unimpressive ROI. But that has changed. “In the past few years we have seen many leading ASIA companies in various sectors such as banking, retail, energy, or manufacturing utilizing eProcurement and eAuction platform from ASEAN or Thailand much more because it is more reliable, scalable, productive, and efficient,” he says.

At the same time, Mr. Apisit talks about the ‘global village’ that has aided in binding communication around the world and easing connection through technology. However, the situation has also caused a higher degree of business competitiveness and disruption for both local and international markets, he notes. “Therefore, when we have a great business process and platform that enhances customization and responds through global market change, the client can produce a product or service at a lower cost while retaining the same or better quality of products,” he justifies.

Opportunities and challenges

At present, Pantavanij has clients from various business sectors of all sizes, clearly indicating that Pantavanij helps customers to achieve their goal in terms of gaining benefits from eProcurement or eAuction with high ROI and lower maintenance cost. Mr. Apisit also understands the current market landscape. He admits that less than 10% of startup companies could not survive in the past few years. “They probably have the right technology and brilliant ideas which can address well to customer’s demands and problems in the beginning, but lack of marketing and business management capability,” he points out.

This is exactly where Pantavanij extends its services. “We believe they can shine through the market if those startup companies have the right partner in terms of financial or the partner who has the experience and the expertise in doing business with a good understanding of the disruption,” Mr. Apisit points out. “In every crisis, there’s always a way, only those with a strong and persistent attitude to never give up will finally breakthrough to see the loophole and whitespace for the unexpected brilliant outcome.”

Future of new opportunities

After recalling the past and advising budding entrepreneurs, Mr. Apisit talks about what the future has in store for him and his company. Pantavanij is seeking new opportunities to serve the international organization to achieve more business efficiency with a higher profit. The company is working towards launching new international business expansion called ‘Pantavanij Vietnam’ located in Ho Chi Minh City, to not only provide eProcurement platform, but also to build an international trading community as well.


  • On a proud note, Pantavanij is serving one of the top three largest food & beverage manufacturers in the world; 2nd largest telecommunication operator in Thailand; and the 2nd largest 7-11 retailer in the world
  • Additionally, the largest premium mall in the south sphere, the largest corporate in Thailand- which is ranked as Asia’s top 50, and the 2nd largest bank in Thailand joins the list
  • 11 out of 20 Thai companies in DJSI are using the Pantavanij platform
  • Pantavanij received the ‘1 of 26 Thailand Top Company Awards 2019’ in ‘The Best eService Provider’ bestowed by The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce incorporation with Business+ Magazine

The Champion

Mr. Apisit Kuparatana, Managing Director

With over twenty years in the technology business, Mr. Apisit has worked in several world-leading international technology companies and also in leading research centers in several countries, serving clients of all sizes in various industries both government and private sectors. Moreover, he is experienced in utilizing many business applications and tools, driving companies to achieve their goals. With his great success and contribution, he was bestowed and recognized by many international awards.

From his world-class experiences, he believes that it is time to contribute back to his hometown and country. He wishes to help Thailand and ASEAN organizations gain greater benefits with lower costs, especially with those amounts that still circulate within the Asia Region. Mr. Apisit wishes to promote and encourage all ASEAN companies to do the great thing for the region and he believes that ASEAN, especially technology companies can do great things to the world.

“Enable every APAC Organization to stand as a Global forefront player with the quality digital platform and reasonable investment amount.”

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