Alexa Pariveda Solutions: A provider of information technology services and strategy for businesses
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Pariveda Solutions: A provider of information technology services and strategy for businesses

Pariveda Solutions: A provider of information technology services and strategy for businesses

Pariveda Solutions is more than just a technology consulting firm, at least they do much more than a traditional IT company. They believe in developing individuals to their core potential by constant commitment just like developing stellar software solutions for their clients. This unusual approach helped the company grow.

Despite moving against the current industry norms, the company has grown every year since its inception in 2003. Their approach towards clients and their people have given them an edge and have helped those craft innovative solutions. At the core, Pariveda Solutions is an information technology consulting company that provides businesses and individuals with training and support for their career development and to build technology solutions.

What we do?

Pariveda Solution provides a plethora of training programs covering several dimensions like effectiveness, business of IT, relationships, leadership and more. Their technology solutions are custom build applications in areas such as strategy, mobility, cloud computing, data, portals, and collaboration; CRM; custom software; enterprise integration; and user experience.

Pariveda’s major focus is on providing strategic consulting services to our clients’ in order to improve their performance through customized application solutions tailored to their needs. There are three major areas in which Pariveda solutions shed insight to their clients on how to solve the unknown and unmet needs of their enterprise.

The Strategic Objective solutions help the clients in defining their direction through experience and analysis and the Foundational Capabilities that Pariveda offers to act as a strong foundation for the strategic objectives that are laid out. Lastly, Innovative Solutions are final pieces of the puzzle that help operationalize the said strategic objectives into a memorable experience for your customer.

Employee-owned company

Pariveda differentiates from the rest of the crowd by its unique ways, for instance, the ownership structure of the company is an important aspect in reaching the company's goals. What Pariveda has done is they have made all employees owners of the company.

This innovative event happened in 2007 as the company created an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and currently it owns about 48% of the company which will grow up to 100% over the years. The company philosophy is that when employees become owners they tend to take put in their whole effort which will maximize the value of the company in the long run.

Combining Business and Technology

Pariveda focuses on both Business and IT, thus leading IT as a business for a business. In order to make this happen the company needs both operational efficiency and the transformative quality to maximize the productivity of clients’ Information systems (IS) organizations which will result in more value to the enterprise.

The IS organization is considered a business and any business needs to manage itself in the context of its value chain. A wide understanding of what its customers want is necessary to deliver value across all business units. Also, the IS organization takes care of the supplier and the IT raw material.

Pariveda works with IS organizations to help them operate efficiently, thus the company works like a services organization rather than a cost center. By stressing on the Business of IT, Pariveda helps its customers deliver the right products and services to support the primary mission of their enterprise which drastically increases the value of their stakeholders.

Why Pariveda stand out?

Pariveda believes in the efficiency of small teams working together to solve humongous problems with the help of strategy and technology. The company grows by building deep relationships with their clients and others in their networks. Pariveda is built on the foundation of trusted relationships and the challenges and exhilarating experiences cement the trust more.

At Pariveda people are passionate about their work and their openness while communicating the work will provide a unique experience for the clients. The company wants to stand out in the industry and the communities by giving back more.


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  • Pariveda ranks as the Number #6 Best Firm to Work for from Consulting Magazine
  • 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, Inc. 5000, 2017
  • Computerworld 100 Best Places to Work in IT, ComputerWorld, 2017
  • Fortune Best Medium Workplaces 2017, Fortune, 2017

About CEO

Bruce Ballengee is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Pariveda Solutions, Inc., His contributions to the company and keen insight helped the company achieve great heights. He is often consulted by industry leaders for his deep technical expertise and business knowledge. He has 30+ years of experience in operations and technology working with both business and IT organizations. He's well versed in areas like operational effectiveness and enterprise architecture for service companies and IT organizations. Bruce has extensive experience in the telecommunications, energy and software industries, along with high-tech manufacturing and financial services. He received a B.B.A. in Finance and Economics from Baylor University in 1979 and an M.B.A. with a specialization in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1981. 

“Our mission is to develop, manage and apply talent for the benefit of clients, in partnership and for profit.”

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