10 Best Data Analytics Companies 2019

Periscope Data: Accelerating Data Analytics to New Heights

The world today is unimaginable without data. Every company in the future will have to be data-driven to stay relevant in the digital age. Data will be the quintessential pixie dust that will help companies harness raw information to make breakthrough decisions to drive businesses as we move forward.

Founded in 2012, San Francisco-based Periscope Data has helped over thousands of organizations transform by introducing them to the power of data analytics. The company has helped them create a single source of truth by securely connecting and joining data from multiple sources. Their Data Engine can deliver fast query performance at scale for any kind of workload. Such promise in its product offerings has attracted many to work with Periscope Data. Its list of customers today includes the likes of Adobe, EY, Tinder, ZipRecruiter, Supercell, and Crunchbase.

A Sisense Company

Sisense, a reputed business analytics company was in talks with Periscope Data about a possible consolidation. 2019 finally saw the merger of the two like-minded companies. While the past seven years were a growth phase for Periscope where it grew into one of the most advanced data platforms in the world, the journey from here on would be combined with Sisense objectives.

As the two companies look to develop a unified product, the company is now a $100 million ARR generating entity with 700 employees on its workforce and 2000 customers in its customer portfolio.

Happy Employees

The highest-rated companies when it comes to large companies in the U.S. are Facebook, Google, and Microsoft but among the startups - one of the highest rated companies for employee satisfaction is Periscope Data. Periscope Data rakes in many awards and plaudits every year for its brilliant data analytics solutions and innovations but the company also believes in keeping its employees happy.

The job listing pioneer Comparably recently compiled a list of 25 small and mid-size companies by seeking anonymous feedback from employees. Periscope Data was ranked 8th on this list of excellence that measured compensation, perks, benefits and work environment.

Also, another list compiled by Comparably adjudged Periscope Data as a fantastic company for the millennials who rated the company A+. This rating put Periscope on par with tech pioneers including Stripe, Salesforce, and GitLab. The rating also means that the company is rated higher than Facebook, Google, and Zynga.

Meet the extraordinary leader

Harry Glaser, CEO and Co-Founder

Mr. Glaser co-founded Periscope Data with Tom O’Neill. The company today serves more than 1000 customers. Prior to Periscope Data, he was a product manager at Google.

He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Rochester.


Periscope Data was recognized as the winner in five categories at the Stevie Awards 2019. The company took home the:

-Gold for “Best Use of Customer Insight”

-Gold for Favorite Customer Service team “People’s Choice”

-Silver for “Customer Service Department of the Year”

-Silver for “Customer Service Management Team of the Year”

-Silver for “Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year”

The company was also on shortlist of “Best Cloud BI or Analytics Solutions” by the Cloud Awards in 2019. 

Working with Cover

Cover is a San Francisco-based company that helps people get insurance for anything from cars to personal property. Its customers can avail the services through Cover’s mobile app.

A customer has to simply take pictures of the item they want to insure, and answer a few questions. Using these, Cover finds its customers the best insurance policy from over 30 carriers. They complete the whole process via text messaging!

In 2018, the company was collecting a huge amount of raw data from the interactions with the customers but this data was not being passed through any analytics solution. Cover needed to pipe all the data it was collecting into a single analytics tool. Periscope Data stepped in to help.

Periscope Data was set up quickly. Cover discovered that Periscope Data’s SQL Views capability meant that they did not have to use a separate ETL tool. The simplicity of Periscope’s tool suited well with Cover’s requirements.

We can create dashboards, create email reports, everything we need, so Periscope really has the full scope of what we needed to effectively drive business insights from our raw data tables. Periscope has also scaled a lot with our needs as we’ve done some more complex analysis. It’s easy to get started, great for scaling, and gives you all the functionality you need right at your fingertips. – Chris Stanley, Business Operations at Cover

Bring the power of data science to BI with an advanced analytics platform that delivers deep insight in hours — not weeks or months.

We’re a group of happy, passionate people working to build a product that data teams — and their companies — love.

Periscope Data Helps More Than 1000 Companies Make Data-Driven Decisions.