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PLANET Technology Corporation: IP-based Products and Solutions All Innovated under One Roof

PLANET Technology Corporation: IP-based Products and Solutions All Innovated under One Roof

Networking is now the integral part of day-to-day operations in all sectors from commercials to industries, be it conglomerate or SME. Today’s networking, coupled with IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0, SD-WAN and other technologies, makes digitization crucial to data processing, storage and transmission. Most importantly, networking can be connected miles after miles, depending on the needs of a company, thus saving deployment and manpower costs. Traditionally, connecting one network to another is so inconvenient, considering the cabling mess, electrical outlets and deployment bottlenecks.

PLANET Technology Corporation is the solution to all this clutter, making networking a lot easier, better and cost-effective. Network management systems are the latest in its lineup of innovations. With these systems in your hands, remotely managing a network is never a problem to those SMEs or conglomerates which need work efficiency, fast troubleshooting and speedy diagnostics. PLANET offers a wide range of transmission-based products including switches, routers, media converters, and more, and communications products, all under one roof, to meet today’s market demands.

PLANET Technology was founded in 1993. Today, it is the leading global provider of IP-based networking products and solutions for SMEs, enterprises, and network infrastructures of IoT, IIoT and IoV applications. Since its establishment, PLANET’s focus has been on the R & D of the transmission-based networks and communications solutions.

Mr. Jack Chen, Chairman and CEO, will walk us through the company’s journey

Tell us about the history of PLANET. How has it transformed over the years?

Since the first day of its establishment in 1993, PLANET has been focusing on the innovation of the transmission-based network technologies and solutions with a complete range of product offerings to satisfy the growing demands of various entities from Businesses, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Industry, Government, etc.

Exported under its own brand “PLANET”, the company today has distribution channels in more than 140 countries across five continents. The “PLANET” brand awareness was firstly boosted in Europe, followed by the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Under a long-term partnership regulation, these overseas partners and distributors have brought PLANET closer to customers, ensuring global branding but with a local touch, and creating mutual business opportunities and benefits.

PLANET has also been demonstrating its consistent commitment to the role of global citizenship, besides its product innovations and global branding. On a strategic, long-term approach to implementing CSR incorporating economic responsibility, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility, PLANET places a high priority on corporate governance, environmental sustainability, corporate commitment, and social participation.

What is the underlying reason for making “Shaping Future Networking” as the firm’s slogan?

The slogan demonstrates PLANET’s dedication to shaping the future of networking by continuously providing innovative network solutions to seamlessly intelligent, user-friendly, and sustainable network applications. PLANET is one of the few brands in the industry that’s able to provide a comprehensive collection of both the commercial and the industrial grade network transmission devices, including Network Management Systems, LAN Switches, Power over Ethernet, Industrial Ethernet, Fiber-optic Connectivity, Wireless LAN, IP Surveillance, IP Telephony, Broadband Communications, Network Security, Home Automation, and Network Peripherals. The products and solutions enable data, voice and video transmissions to effectively execute using a wide range of networking technologies. In this future smart network era, PLANET will continue to come out with various innovative network products to meet market demands. It will also magnify its differentiated strengths and persistently commit to sustainable management for setting a new milestone in boosting its brand further.

What is the 3R strategy? How is it key to PLANET’s success?

PLANET offers its customers its network products that are priced competitively but perform unmatchedly. By putting the 3R strategy into practice, we deliver the Right products at the Right time to the market at the Right price. PLANET meets every customer satisfaction when it comes to both business and technological requirements. The company has earned good brand awareness and recognized as one of the leading brands in the global ICT market by dedicating its operations to the innovation of network transmission products. In this respect, the 3R strategy is the key to PLANET’s success, reflecting PLANET’s corporate culture, which is to be growth-oriented and forward-looking.

What are the most innovative products PLANET offered?

PLANET’s history of technological innovations forms a strong foundation for breakthroughs in high-performance and next-generation networks. The company has launched several uniquely intelligent and energy-saving networking products to create a user-friendly network management infrastructure based on IoT, IIoT, or IoV platform for industries, businesses, and homes, making “PLANET” stand out in the international arena.

Intuitive Cloud-based Network Management System

PLANET Network Management System (NMS) Solution, containing CloudViewer App, Touchscreen NMS controller, and UNI-NMS platform, offers you various options to choose from to manage all your network equipment, such as Ethernet switches, Power over Ethernet (PoE) equipment, wireless APs, VoIP devices, IP surveillance devices, industrial networking equipment and IoT products, in real time. The NMS solution successfully integrates MQTT, SNMP, ONVIF Protocol, and PLANET Discovery to enable you to monitor networking devices efficiently from a single platform. Furthermore, PLANET CloudViewer is an Intelligent App that monitors your network in the cloud, thereby managing your network in real time anytime, anywhere via your mobile phone or tablet. Users can quickly check network status, device information, and port and PoE statuses from the cloud to reduce management costs.

Ring Managed Industrial Ethernet and Automation to Facilitate Industry 4.0

To satisfy the network connectivity needs of industrial-grade applications where information level, control level, and device-level are applied, PLANET Industrial Ethernet Switches featuring ERPS, Cybersecurity, or Flat-type design make the network applications for harsh environments more secure and easier to use. Integrated with SCADA/HMI system, PLANET Industrial Automation products guarantee reliable data transmission in factory automation, building automation, smart transportation system, etc. Besides, fully compatible with TCP/IP and industrial protocols such as Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, and MQTT, PLANET Industrial Ethernet and automation products ensure excellent interoperability for Industry 4.0 and IIoT network deployments.

Off-Grid Ethernet Solution with Renewable Power System

To solve the problem of setting up surveillance networks or wireless LAN outdoors, PLANET has developed the world’s first Touchscreen Renewable Energy Management Controller, together with its Renewable Energy PoE Managed Switch, to make the network and power deployment and management much easier in remote areas such as national parks, forests, off-grid medical centers, etc. Featuring real-time data access through the user-friendly GUI, the Touchscreen Renewable Energy Management Controller supports the IT administrators to efficiently monitor green power status, average power usage, instant PoE usage, and more.

High Power over Ethernet and Long Reach Network Solution

PLANET Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution provides PoE power output as high as 95 watts and intelligent PoE management functions to realize efficient and flexible network deployments in every sector. Besides, its unique Long Reach Power over Ethernet/Coaxial (LRP) products enable IP networking to be deployed at a distance of up to 1,000m (3,289ft), far beyond the traditional 100-meter (328ft) for Ethernet networks, making an IP infrastructure to be built in remote areas at any distance without having to worry about power source and cabling. Moreover, PLANET’s intelligent PoE management functions enable effective central power management of per-port power feeding of deployed PDs.

Meet Mr. Jack Chen

Jack Chen founded PLANET Technology Corporation in Taiwan in 1993. Before that, Mr. Chen was with Wang Laboratories, one of the world’s leading computer companies in the 1970s and 1980s, for 11 years, accumulating lots of ICT product innovation and international branding management experience.

The company, under the leadership of Mr. Chen, has been honored and awarded for many years for excellence in corporate performance and CSR, including ‘Humane Entrepreneurship Award’ from ICSB, ‘Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards’ from Enterprise Asia, ‘Corporate Citizenship Award’ from the CommonWealth magazine for 14 consecutive years since 2007, etc., thus becoming a CSR model in Taiwan and worldwide.

“ PLANET has set out to maximize customer satisfaction on both business and technological requirements. ”

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