Alexa Powertek Corporation's objective is simple 100% customer satisfaction  and 100% customer retention
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Powertek Corporation's objective is simple 100% customer satisfaction  and 100% customer retention

Powertek Corporation's objective is simple 100% customer satisfaction  and 100% customer retention

As technology is developing day by day, the uses of information technology increases. IT has made it possible for many businesses worldwide to run successfully.

Since Powertek’s establishment in 2001, It has grown to a be a multi-millionaire firm, providing a wide range of information technology and software development services for Civilian, Defense, Law Enforcement and Department of Defense customers.

Powertek’s core value is being extraordinary. It’s the most important vision of the company that they strive to achieve every day. Besides this, they give priority to customer service, excellent reputation, being ethically and socially responsible, care for employees always.

Practicing these values is helping the company create long-term benefits to their customers, employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and the communities they serve. Powertek feels employees come first because without employees there is no business. “If our employees feel valued and excited about working at our organization, and fairly compensated, they will not want to go elsewhere. Moreover, their commitment and enthusiasm will be evident to our customers. That enthusiasm, that excitement and that investment comes through in every interaction.”

When asked about employer-employee relationship for the company’s growth, the team mentioned that they embrace employer-employee relationship to foster a sense of community and a shared purpose. Meetings will be held very often in which employees can converse with the team about their ideas, and ask questions. Employee feedback is accessed regularly to measure employee satisfaction. The firm offers many employee oriented programs, benefits, and perks such as:

Generous Benefits and Perks

Benefits and perks play a large role in keeping employees engaged and happy. But benefits should go beyond healthcare coverage and paid time off. The company offers other financial awards for employees who exceed performance goals, serve as customer champions, and stay with the company for a certain time period. Generous paid leave policies also go a long way toward helping its employees feel they are valued well beyond what they contribute at the workplace.

Provide Employees with Ongoing Education

Furthering the firm’s employees' education can help them feel valued, important and invested in Powertek. Learning is not just an afterthought it is a core focus of Powertek.

Clear Paths to Advancement

Powertek promotes within. Doing so will not only provide a clear, forward-looking path to greater compensation and responsibility, but will also help its employees feel that they're valued and a crucial part of the company's and its customers’ success as a whole.

Powertek team gave us points to justify why they are ‘A great place to work’

A Brand We Can Be Proud Of

We at Powertek focus on building a compassionate culture and want to make a difference and make a positive impact. We:

  • Participate and contribute to national and international charities and helpful organizations
  • Participate in the local community
  • Team-Building and family-like work environment

Competitive Salary and Benefits

Financial stability is a great motivator to stay in a job. Less than half of employees quit because of salary followed by career advancement opportunities, better benefits, and location. Powertek’s benefit program includes one of the best insurance and health care in the market comparable to other companies.

We Have Leaders, Not Bosses

Provide our employee with clear direction towards the future; they are able to handle challenges; have genuine desire to offer high quality; have the belief in the importance of people; and Inspires confidence.

Keep An Eye On Your Managers

People leave managers, not companies. We train our managers to encourage and act in the best interest of our employees to include “soft skills”. We train them how to encourage and motivate different types of people, personality traits, conflict management, stress management, crisis management, and others. We conduct managers training 4 times a year.

Make Employee Engagement Possible

We actively engage our employees and take the time to understand what motivates them. We motivate them to engage, care, and to stick around and stay part of our company.

Offer Employees Learning Opportunities

We offer generous learning opportunities such as on-the-job training as well as access to our PowertekU (over 4000 IT courses) to enhance and increase their performance and to help them grow and expand their skills.

Offer Cross-Training Programs

We offer Cross-training programs so our employees have a broad skill set, not just limited to their specific job. We offer mentorship programs that encourage mentee to become mentor. Create a leadership ladder so employees know what they need to do to move up.  Good employees want the opportunity to advance.

The company says that a healthy work-life balance is essential, and its employees know that the firm understands its importance. Powertek encourages staff to take vacation time, and if late nights are necessary to wrap up a project, it offers late arrivals or an extra day off to compensate and increase job satisfaction. The company also offers them telecommuting and flexible schedule to improve work-life balance for their employees.

In two years, the firm visualizes itself as a company who provides thought leadership and trusted partnerships through recommendations to customers on how to improve their operational efficiencies in IT operations, application development, data management, and cyber security. Powertek developed and implemented its powerOPSINT operational intelligence methodology which incorporates data analysis, predictive analytics, data management, and quality control techniques to help customers understand their operational data and turn that into useful information for more measurable results to increase performance and support informed decision-making.

Greet the duo

Nancy Scott – President, CEO

Nancy’s belief is that a company is only as good as its people, and the team is surrounded with the best! Nancy oversees and mentors the leadership team, leads strategic planning and business development, and is committed to branding Powertek through networking and relationship management. Nancy has 27 years of leadership and Federal IT experience. She held positions in various marketing and management roles prior to establishing Powertek. She is credited with building a customer-centric company focused on providing tailored, innovative approaches to Federal agencies. Her focus has also included cultivating a company devoted to professional development and employee success.

Samar Ghadry – Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

Samar’s experience working daily with her employees to aid in real-time problem solving provides her with a lot of personal satisfaction from supporting the mission objectives of the company’s customers and the professional development of its employees. She believes that in this rapidly changing industry, we've continued to thrive by always looking ahead for the best personnel, services, and partners to get the job done. Samar created and directs the implementation of Powertek's customer-centric business model, drives plans for strategic growth and long-term market expansion, and builds and synergizes corporate capabilities and leads operational excellence across multiple industries. With 27 years of business experience as a proven leader, Samar brings the creative energy that has guided Powertek's steady growth. She has held key executive positions with industry-leading companies, including Chief Operating Officer and Sr. Vice President of Marketing.

“We support civilian, law enforcement, and defense communities with a goal to be the go-to contractor for our current and future government customers.”

"Our values serve as the foundation of our company, the roadmap by which we gauge our performance and the benchmark by which we measure our progress."

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