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PreCheck –  Improving healthcare by connecting people with information

PreCheck – Improving healthcare by connecting people with information

Healthcare is one of the most critical fields because every action impacts patient lives. We always need highly qualified healthcare professionals as well as technologies to provide quality patient care. Founded in 1983 to provide background investigation services for a diverse range of clients, PreCheck has concentrated on healthcare background screening, credentialing, and program integrity since 1993. Today, they provide healthcare organizations with the information they need to verify and preserve the integrity of their people and programs. We recently interviewed Zach Daigle, the President of PreCheck, to discuss the company’s history and its bright future.

Tell us about PreCheck and its unique solutions for healthcare organizations.

Today, PreCheck offers a wide range of services catered to healthcare employers, including employee credentialing, professional license management, exclusion and sanction screening, immunization tracking, electronic I-9 and E-Verify processing, and employee health screening. PreCheck currently serves over 4,000 hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, educational institutions, and other ancillary healthcare organizations across the U.S.

At its core, PreCheck’s thorough and effective background screening program not only improves the safety of a healthcare organization in terms of its talent screening but also helps the facility avoid legal liabilities. PreCheck helps HR departments move away from in-house screening through our thorough, customizable background checks. To provide support to healthcare Compliance departments, PreCheck’s exclusion and sanction screening service, SanctionCheck, generates actionable reports and ensures employers avoid Civil Monetary Penalties.

Using our proprietary healthcare license management system, LicenseManager Pro, PreCheck provides continuous post-hire primary source verification of licenses, certifications, and registrations. With PreCheck’s LicenseManager Pro in place, healthcare providers can stay ahead of accreditation requirements and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) directives. PreCheck’s suite of solutions is designed to effectively solve compliance challenges for healthcare employers.

What makes PreCheck different from its competitors?

The key to PreCheck’s steady success lies in our ability to clearly understand a client’s business objectives and accreditation needs for delivering the highest quality of care. This modus operandi has allowed the company to help numerous healthcare organizations and health sciences institutions optimize their background screening and compliance programs. PreCheck’s suite of healthcare talent screening tools helps organizations qualify and monitor talent throughout the full employee lifecycle.

What is included under drug testing and occupational health testing services?

PreCheck offers drug testing and occupational health screening services to help healthcare organizations comply with workplace policies or medical bylaws and standards. As a third-party program administrator (TPA), PreCheck can help clients implement workplace drug and health testing requirements to ensure accurate testing with high-quality service. Clients get access to our network of collection sites and clinics to perform drug testing, physical exams, and other work-related health testing. We also offer a random drug testing application to manage the selection of employees for random tests.

Drug testing services include urine analysis drug testing panels, breath alcohol testing, hair follicle drug testing, blood serum drug testing, medical review officer (MRO) analysis, and electronic scheduling and reporting. Health test services include chest x-rays, immunizations, pre-employment physical exams, pulmonary function tests, TB/PPD testing, titers, and vision tests.

How is EmployCheck a complete automated system?

EmployCheck is a web-based system that provides instant employment and salary verifications. This service automates and manages an employer’s responsibility to provide employment verifications for current and past employees. PreCheck’s system creates a secure and reliable source for immediate fulfillment, with minimal staff time required. Not only is EmployCheck easy to implement, but it is also provided at no cost to employers. With this system, HR and payroll departments can take back valuable time by forwarding calls for employment verifications to EmployCheck. Verifiers receive instant verifications through the secure, web-based automated system.

How was PreCheck’s COVID-19 suite of solutions developed and how can it help employers during the ongoing pandemic?

In April 2020, PreCheck collaborated with parent company Cisive to release SAFE19; a COVID-19 Clearinghouse solution developed to address the world’s journey to re-open after the coronavirus pandemic. SAFE19 is a secure, paperless, central repository specifically designed to handle the uploading, validation, and compliance reporting on COVID-19 test and immunization data. With SAFE19, governments, businesses, and educational institutions can safely re-open while controlling the spread of COVID-19.

In May 2020, PreCheck developed our CONTACT19 contact tracing solution, designed to allow employers to take a proactive approach to test and contact tracing to ensure workforce safety. The program encourages employees to self-report if they have COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test and can identify and notify other employees who may have been in proximity, making recommendations for isolation or quarantine.

In June 2020, to complete our suite of COVID-19 compliance solutions, PreCheck released ACCESS19: a secure, paperless, safety solution specifically designed to allow businesses to resume day-to-day operations while keeping our workforce safe from COVID-19. It eliminates paper documentation COVID-19 attestation processes for companies by enabling the entire procedure to be complete from a secure, mobile device. With these three solutions, our team can ensure employees’ ongoing safety and remain compliant with federal, state, and local guidelines and it can do the same for any organization.

What falls under your healthcare suite of solutions?

Our healthcare suite of employment screening solutions includes thorough and timely background checks and drug tests to help healthcare employers comply with stringent employee screening protocols while providing new employees with enhanced experiences. Beyond background checks and drug tests, our suite of healthcare solutions includes:

  • Healthcare license management system that provides ongoing, post-hire primary source verification of licenses
  • A comprehensive exclusion and sanction screening service
  • Immunization and health record management
  • Electronic Form I-9 system to store supporting documentation electronically and submit to E-Verify
  • A web-based system that provides instant employment and salary verifications
  • COVID-19 compliance solutions for monitoring immunization status, contact tracing, and self-attestation policies

With its suite of healthcare solutions, PreCheck helps organizations ensure comprehensive talent screening that supports quality of care. In today’s highly competitive, dynamic healthcare environment, the ability to provide quality care begins with hiring the most qualified employees while also ensuring patient and staff safety.

What lies ahead for PreCheck’s future?

Today, as a part of a continued mission ‘to connect people with information to advance the quality of healthcare,’ PreCheck is working on enhancing its services’ effectiveness by leveraging disruptive technologies like Blockchain, Robotic Processing Automation, and Machine Learning. Simultaneously, our firm is also investing a significant amount of time and effort in advancing our employee monitoring capabilities. With a clear-cut goal to remain the healthcare industry’s trusted and preferred background screening partner, PreCheck is regularly upgrading our services portfolio to help healthcare organizations provide the highest quality of care by hiring and retaining the best-qualified talent.

Meet the President

Zach Daigle is the President of PreCheck. He has been with the company since 2003 and has amassed over 15 years of healthcare-specific compliance, credentialing, and background screening experience. His expertise extends beyond personnel qualification screening and monitoring to building transformational and technology-enabled compliance programs for healthcare organizations. With a background that includes leading customer service, product development, sales, marketing, and operations teams, Zach offers a unique perspective and exciting vision for PreCheck. He has a history of driving strong organic growth throughout his career by building exceptional teams and sophisticated technology to solve the industry’s toughest challenges. Zach has been a member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) since 2004.

“With decades of screening experience in healthcare, PreCheck continues to provide award-winning services to a diverse client base.”

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