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Prodea – Unleashing the Internet of Services

Prodea – Unleashing the Internet of Services

IoT is vast and fast-moving where it is estimated that around 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020. Hence, it is important to consider an intelligent way of connecting these IoT devices, and use them to safely communicate. This, in turn, opens up a sea of opportunities for both service providers and the consumers. The team which facilitates this set-up is trending and Prodea is a trustworthy choice.

Prodea is a technology and services management company that is revolutionizing the IoT market through a combination of technology innovation, marketplace strategy, and business transformation methodology. Considering the laborious tasks involved in amending new IoT solutions and services onto an existing network, Prodea aims to aid the aspiring service providers to quickly add and integrate best-of-breed IoT solutions over their existing offerings and also across multiple vertical markets. Prodea’s mission is to empower their customers to unleash the Internet of Services. Their strategy is to connect devices; effectively use and store the data generated by these devices, and finally convert this data to actions creating more valuable services.

Prodea is a privately held company launched in September 2006 and was formed by the Ansari family – Dr. Anousheh Ansari [Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder], Amir Ansari [CTO, and Co-Founder], and Hamid Ansari [President, and Co-Founder]. It’s development centers are spread across Richardson, Texas, and Silicon Valley. Prodea is Ansaris’ latest venture to tackle complex issues and concerns relating to the IoT world.

In 2017, Prodea Systems acquired Arrayent, Inc. the leading consumer IoT cloud services platform. The Prodea Smart Device services along with Arrayent’s cloud-based solutions enabled device-to-cloud connectivity; advanced device and user management; third-party ecosystem interoperability; powerful data management and output, and much more. Until now, Prodea and Arrayent have connected over 100 products belonging to 20 popular market brands across 80 countries. Prodea’s Smart Device customers include Braeburn, Chamberlain, Whirlpool, Salus Controls, Pentair, Febreze and many more. These customers are provided with opportunities to understand their end-users through product usage analytics, consumables reordering, and interoperability with devices of other brands etc.

Examples of Prodea-enabled Internet of Services

To add new IoT services to an existing chain of offerings, or to extend new services into multiple vertical markets is a challenge for service providers – like healthcare providers, governments, and many others. Adding to the woes is the highly expensive and less effective fix which requires duplicating the whole operational infrastructure for each vertical. Prodea comes to the rescue disrupting the paradigm with their IoT Service X-Change and underlying career grade program IoT Services Platform that enables operators to quickly add and integrate new IoT solutions. The most successful deployments include:

  • Smart Home Service

It is a home surveillance, control and automation service for businesses. By combining technologies from IoT Service X-Change partners and Prodea’s IoT Services Platform, operators will be able to deliver their customized smart home solutions - networks that can include up to fifty curated and tested devices. One such Smart Home Solution provided by Prodea is Remote Home Patient Monitoring Service, in which the healthcare providers connect with the elderly and sick via video calls or other means and the diagnosis facilitated by various health monitoring devices. This telemedicine approach is cost and time-efficient, and also upholds the importance of primary care today.

  • E-Government and Enterprise Services

It is a blend of best-of-breed solutions from both Service X-Change and Services Platform of Prodea. The solution’s mission is to bring in change and innovativeness for both end users and huge organizations like government agencies that use it. Project DRUV - deployed in Rajasthan, a northern state in India, was the first successful project in this steam. The Prodea Project DRUV was a community development program, executed in partnership with the State Government, Tata Trust, and Airtel succeeded in achieving internet connectivity and providing educational content to the underprivileged and undeserving population.

IoT Service X-Change Platform and the Prodea X5 program

The Service X-Change platform is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) architecture. It is a framework that is embedded with services, specifically designed for service providers and manufacturers of consumer home products. The three main components of the framework include IoT Service X-Change Platform for quickly launching connected products with services across global markets; Insight Data Services to gain access to key insights from the user and product usage data; EcoAdaptor Service to enhance product value through cloud-to-cloud integration and interoperability with other ecosystems.

Prodea X5 is everything you need to successfully launch IoT products and its services. It is a 5-step program that works in sync with a suite of cloud services. The steps are Envision, Launch, Manage, Learn and Evolve. Envision helps customers plan their IoT launch; Launch focuses on assisting them in real-time launching and operability; Manage governs and maintains the products to deliver an outstanding end-user experience; Learn educates clients with devices’ data; Evolve aims to achieve interoperability with other IoT ecosystems.

The All-Rounder Chief-Of-Executive

The CEO and Founder of Prodea, Anousheh Ansari, is also a Space Ambassador - First Female and Fourth Private Space Explorer, who made the headlines with her eight-day expedition aboard the International Space Station. She is a successful ‘serial’ entrepreneur who was Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman for Telecom Technologies, Inc. and later on served as GM and Vice-President for their Softswitch division. She was honored with World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, Ellis Island Medal of Honor, DFW International Community Alliance Hall of Fame Award, the Working Woman’s National Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, and the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Southwest Region and many other awards. Anousheh, an active member of many nonprofit organizations, holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University. She is currently pursuing Masters in Astronomy from Swinburne University.

“We are facilitating the evolution of the ‘Internet of Things’ towards an ‘Internet of Services.”

“Our Mission is to transform businesses by enabling our customers to quickly deploy managed IoT services across vertical markets.”

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