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Projects are living, evolving constructs. Plan them with LiquidPlanner

Projects are living, evolving constructs. Plan them with LiquidPlanner

At any given organization, there are multiple projects running at the same time. Skilled talented employees are put into multiple projects, which may result is confusions, clashes, and sometimes- poor quality of work. So, what's the solution? An efficient project management tool where the dashboards show every project, deadlines to plan, who's working on what, etc. Here's LiquidPlanner- a company that excels in project management tools and many other solutions.

It all started when founder-duo Charles Seybold and Jason Carlson found deeply broken project management tools. As well-seasoned project managers themselves, they witnessed teams couldn’t rely on projects to come in on time, budget details or trust their schedules. They were attempting to run hundreds of projects relying on unreliable and inflexible tools.

Together, they established LiquidPlanner in 2006 to develop a project management tool to use it for themselves. They needed a supportive and reliable tool that was also dynamic. The tool had to organize tasks and projects by priority, predict the best or worst case probabilities, and collaborate everything in one central location. More than a decade later, LiquidPlanner is proudly the only resource-driven, predictive project management solution in the world with its star solution- Dynamic Project Management.

LiquidPlanner believes to make teams more effective, communicating and setting priorities is very important. As projects keep multiplying, the Dynamic Project Management eases scheduling. Everything becomes automatic- people know what to prioritize and when priorities change, so do the schedules. 

Dynamic- in every sense

To understand what LiquidPlanner delivers, we need to understand Dynamic Project Management. Here are some of the top features of the solution:

Smart Schedules: In every project, changes are bound to happen. As the only project management software available, LiquidPlanner automatically adapts to it. You can easily see an update in the entire portfolio, when there’s a change of date or resource, always reflecting reality!

Resource Management: Managing all your resources- people, time, funds, etc. is crucial for every project. LiquidPlanner offers Resource Workload reports that tell who’s working on what and how much work they have on their plate. You can plan accordingly and distribute the resources.

Cross-Project Visibility: When you use solutions from LiquidPlanner, you can see everything in one place. You can see the risks, schedules, budgets, and the progress for not just one project, but all of them. You can then communicate with clients and set expectations accordingly.

Contextual Collaboration: With multiple projects running, effective collaboration is crucial. LiquidPlanner collaborates everything about projects and tasks. This allows everyone on the team to stay updated and on track with progress.

Integrated Time and Budget Tracking: Integrated timers and timesheets make tracking simple for all the team members. Pay rates and billing information can spike up the team’s time investment and also allows everyone to make informed decisions.

Advanced Analytics: You can gain valuable insights by analyzing your rich store of real-time workspace data. The entire status and health of a project or even the entire portfolio are displayed for analysis so that you can build easy reports.

Additionally, Dynamic Project Management provides features like planning items, dependencies and wait time, deadline alerts, project duplication, calendar sync, My Work view, mobility, access controls, API and integrations, security, user authentication, and support.

Today, there are thousands of companies globally who are using LiquidPlanner to deliver their projects with absolute perfection. For the company, getting things done is what’s most important and it’s always got your back so that you stay ahead of the competitive and fast-moving market.

Clients Applaud

“The way we communicate with our clients totally changed- so much for the better. The problems we faced in the past just don’t occur anymore.” –Andy Silber, Director of Project Management at Product Creation Studio.

“We were new to project management and LiquidPlanner was extremely easy to implement, extremely easy to adopt. It was really built on the next generation platform.” –David Cantu, Co-founder and CEO of Redapt.

Howdy Leader!

Ted Hawksford, CEO and Member of Board of Directors

With 25 years of diverse professional experiences, Ted has accrued expertise in leading business transformations and developing teams to achieve large scale growth. His business-driven people strategies have been essential in helping companies achieve overall business goals, including sales growth, customer loyalty, and productivity gains as well as talent acquisition, retention, and experience. Before joining LiquidPlanner in February 2019, Ted was vice president of human resources at Restaurants Unlimited, Inc., where he contributed to leading organizational strategy, promoting operational effectiveness, and elevating team performance through innovative leadership. Ted’s prior roles include leadership capacities at, Fluke Corporation, and Microsoft. Ted graduated from the University of Washington with an executive master of business administration and obtained his undergraduate degree in hospitality business management from Washington State University.

“When you build your plan around priorities instead of hundreds of hard-coded dates, magic happens.”

“LiquidPlanner eliminates outdated plans, missed deadlines, and surprises so your team can get more done.”

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