Alexa Provenir — The Secret to Smarter Risk Decisioning
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Provenir — The Secret to Smarter Risk Decisioning

Provenir — The Secret to Smarter Risk Decisioning

Financial institutions are evolving with time. While the old traditional systems favored the institutions, creating some friction for general users, the new Fintech revolution is all about a fundamental shift, placing the customer at the core of everything. The latest Fintech companies are playing smart with the use of technologies such as Voice, Data, and Artificial Intelligence. There is a great potential for such firms, as they provide fast and secure transactions through the comfort of your homes.

Provenir is one such Fintech company that makes risk analytics faster and simpler for financial institutions. The Provenir risk analytics and decisioning Platform is a powerful orchestration hub that can listen to any channel, integrate with any data service, and operationalize any analytic model. It helps clients process more applications with greater efficiency and increase sales conversions with instant, real-time risk decisions.

Provenir serves clients in a broad range of financial verticals, including consumer, cards, payments, ecommerce, and auto financing. It delivers immediate business value to you through its transparent, progressive, and collaborative culture. The company is passionate about helping individual businesses improve processes or achieve a transformative platform for risk decisions across an organization. The company was launched in 2004 and is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, with offices in Miami, San Francisco, UK, and Singapore.

“Provenir operates around the world, providing you with the data, technology, and support you need to power a global business. We’re your go-to partner, regardless of time zone.”

BNPL Lending Technology powering Rapid Growth and Innovation

The credit card industry is currently valued at an estimated $8 trillion worldwide but Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) products are lining up to take a bite out of its market share. Provenir is actively working with BNPL providers to help them power rapid launch and growth. Every startup needs good technology to stay competitive in the market. Provenir provides you easy access to alternative data, powers real-time onboarding, and gives you the agility to rapidly adapt to evolving legislation.

Provenir has advanced automation that lets users get credit even without having a traditional credit score. Its easy data integration and advanced automation capabilities put real-time onboarding and sophisticated decisioning at your fingertips. It provides one solution for data, KYC, analytics, and insights, empowering you to create industry-leading customer experiences that manage risk and drive business growth. 

With Provenir, you don’t need hard credit pulls to accurate power decisions. Its prebuilt integrations make it quick and easy to create a personalized data ecosystem to power all of your decisioning needs. You get rapid access to a range of alternative data, including behavioral scores, telco, and more. Whether onboarding new merchants or signing up customers at checkout, you need to create a seamless application experience that supports real-time KYC, mitigates fraud, and powers accurate credit approvals. Provenir’s powerful onboarding automation tools help you create a cohesive and straightforward experience that enables you to meet the strictest compliance and audit requirements.

The Provenir Cloud Suite creates a risk decisioning ecosystem that fully automates decisioning across the customer lifecycle, including credit line management, transaction approvals, and collections strategies. With straight-through processing to power real-time decisioning, you can give your paying customers instant approval that drives loyalty at the checkout. 

Provenir Cloud Suite

Provenir provides cloud technology that lets you make the right decisions faster. It is loved by startups, trusted by decacorns. Provenir’s cloud-native data, decisioning, and analytics platform puts industry-leading technology in the palm of your hand — no matter how big your business grows. Provenir’s no-code user interface lets you rapidly create sophisticated decisioning workflows, integrate any data source, and get real-time business insights. It’s an all-powerful cloud data science platform that supports a wide range of AI and machine learning capabilities across the customer lifecycle. Cloud advantages and cutting-edge technology make it easy to launch, learn and innovate, driving the agility and flexibility to grow your business.

Decisioning Cloud: Decisioning cloud advantages let you make smarter decisions faster. You can use Provenir’s Decisioning Cloud to tackle virtually any risk decisioning or analytics workflow. It helps you empower business users to design, build and deploy new workflows or make changes quickly and getting products to market today.

Insights Cloud: It uses real-time data to identify innovation opportunities. The Insights Cloud pulls decisioning, performance, and third-party data into one centralized location. You can continually monitor analytics and model performance, test predictions before deployment, and track KPIs to inspire more strategic business plans.

Data Cloud + Marketplace: The Provenir Data Marketplace makes accessing data fast and easy to eliminate the data integration and aggregation struggle. You can filter by type, use case, and region to pick and mix data sets to match your business needs.

Solutions Cloud: With its prebuilt solutions, the Provenir Solutions Cloud is the natural extension of its cloud suite that accelerates your time to market. You get to choose from prebuilt insights dashboards, decisioning workflows, and more — and enhance and evolve your Provenir experience.

SME Lending

Due to high risk and high costs, traditional banks have been shying away from SME lending. Provenir allows you to work with innovative small business lenders. While automated processes and real-time decisioning are the minimum requirements you expect from an online SME lending platform, you sometimes need more. You need a solution that drives risk strategy innovation, which means making changes in minutes, deploying sophisticated credit risk models without relying on vendors, and accessing the right data at the right time. 

Provenir’s no-code user interface lets you make changes in minutes and get to market faster. Its simple data integration makes accessing and using data in your decisioning fast and easy. The sophisticated automation tools empower your business to approve loans in milliseconds automatically. Industry-leading automation and integration capabilities are at the heart of the Provenir platform. It streamlines every step of the lending process so you can lower origination costs, make smarter decisions and power the rapid approvals customers expect.

Meet the CEO

Lawrence Smith is the Founder and CEO of Provenir. He has been named one of the Top 50 US Financial Technology CEOs for 2021 by The Financial Technology Report. Hundreds of innovators, strategists, and corporate leaders applied, but only a select few are recognized for their impact on the financial services industry. Provenir provides powerful tools that can listen to any channel, integrate with any data service, and operationalize any analytic model. It helps clients process more applications with greater efficiency and increase sales conversions with instant, real-time risk decisioning.

“At Provenir, we pride ourselves on our culture, talent, and technology. Our leadership team brings together a diverse and innovative group of individuals whose collective experience makes Provenir the strong and progressive company that it is today — and will continue to be tomorrow.”

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