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Providing easy to use software and affordable medical billing solutions: CollaborateMD

Providing easy to use software and affordable medical billing solutions: CollaborateMD

CollaborateMD (CMD) is a Cloud-based, hassle free Medical Billing and efficient Practice Management Software. With more than a decade of established use in Private Practices and Medical Billing companies, CMD is the most preferred solution available today. With the highest First Pass claim Acceptance (FPA) Rate in the industry - averaging 99%, combined with month-to-month affordable pricing and CMD's use anywhere, at any time, capability, makes CollaborateMD the premier industry choice. CMD's leading 99% FPA average increases customer cash flow by thousands of dollars, reduces claim rework, resulting in overall improved office productivity. CollaborateMD integrates with over two dozen popular EMR / EHR solutions, offering HL7 interface options, enabling their customers to select the best Electronic Health Record to accommodate their office needs. Since 1999, the goal of CollaborateMD has been to continually provide customer's in the Health care industry an efficient solution through technology, innovation and CMD's customer-centric team - dedicated to the customer's success!At CollaborateMD they are obsessed with getting your medical claims paid fast. They are constantly enhancing their innovative and intelligent cloud-based medical billing software to make sure your claims get to the medical insurance payer as quick as possible and get paid. They consider each customer a partner and you can trust that they do everything in their power to make sure you are successful.At CollaborateMD 90% of the medical practices using their healthcare management software solution are the 1 to 20 provider medical practices.The reason why they have so many small to medium sized practices is because their affordable and easy to use solution truly fits their needs. CollaborateMD‘s prices start at $189 per month with no set-up fees. 

CollaborateMD was created in 1999 to provide the small to medium practice with a software solution that truly provides a return on investment. When you join CollaborateMD, you will become more efficient, decrease rejects, speed up the payment cycle, and enjoy the freedom to access your data from any Internet enabled computer. 


Submit Claims and See Results in Real Time:

Real-Time Claim Submission gives you on-demand visibility into your claim. Now, you can rest assured your accepted claims are on their way to the Payer, and rejected claims can be quickly corrected, within seconds of submission. No longer do you have to wait until the next morning to see which claims were accepted or rejected!

Intelligent Revenue Cycle Management Feature:

Are you looking for a way to establish credibility with your clients or patients? Represent your company visually throughout the application or on CollaborateMD’s reports using their Application Branding service. Application Branding can help you build and enhance your brand loyalty as well as extend your reach into other markets to increase your sales. In addition, you can benefit from brand recognition using CollaborateMD as your trusted software provider. CMD2GO is a secure web application allowing you anytime, anywhere access* to conveniently manage your patients and schedule all while on the go. Plus, communicate through our HIPAA Compliant secure messaging to all of your users.CollaborateMD recommends using the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Devices running Apple iOS 10 or newer can use CMD2GO. Devices running Android 4.4 KitKat or newer can use CMD2GO. There are no specific screen resolution requirements to operate CMD2GO. CMD2GO is responsive, which means it will automatically scale based on the device or resizing of the browser window.

Process Payments fast and accurately:

Smart businesses know that integrated payment processing saves time and money. CollaborateMD ensures hassle-free credit card processing that will easily reduce follow up on co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance balances, which will translate into improved A/R. By entering your patient’s credit card payments within CollaborateMD, you will increase business efficiency and accuracy.By giving patients a secure online payment portal, offices are reducing patient calls, increasing billing accuracy, and accelerating patient payments.

Meet the leader behind the success of CollaborateMD

Darrell Turneris the President of CollaborateMD. He is experienced in the areas of program management, functional management, systems, software, hardware engineering, integrated master plans and schedules, product life cycles, architecturedevelopment, process development and continuous improvement. Proven program management and leadership experience related to the entire life cycle of small to large size programs with the ability to develop creative and cost-effective solutions. Experienced lean six sigma subject matter expert and certified black belt. 

“The reason we have so many small to medium sized practices is because our affordable and easy to use solution truly fits their needs.”

“We consider each customer a partner and you can trust that we do everything in our power to make sure you are successful.”

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