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December Special Edition 2022

Quext – Helping apartment owners and operators build better communities through technology

Quext – Helping apartment owners and operators build better communities through technology

"We’re helping owners and operators build better communities through smarter apartment technology, and these are the products that make it all possible."

The right property management system (PMS) or platform is a key factor in hotel success. Having a system that makes front desk workflow easy will create a seamless guest experience. More accommodation business recognizes the need to work as efficiently as possible to streamline operations. Working with a smart PMS system, hotel platform, where constant updates are made, can help you manage your property from anywhere, at any time, from any device. PMS capabilities have expanded beyond core functions like room inventory, reservations, housekeeping and assigning guests to rooms, to include all areas of hotel operations. It is so much easier to integrate with third-party technologies, including channel managers, point-of-sale systems, payment gateways, and accounting systems like Xero and MYOB. With the abundance of new technology in the property management systems industry, there is no time like the present to upgrade your PMS.

Quext is a game-changing property management platform, built by industry experts that make smarter decisions brilliantly simple. It’s the easiest-to-learn, most-intuitive, all-in-one, cloud-based apartment community nerve center ever offered. It's a smart idea that's simply overdue. The company has reimagined the latest and greatest tech to work seamlessly in multifamily environments. To make a long story short: Quext build products that help you create the kind of community where people will love to live, work, and play. They understand the needs of multifamily property owners because the founders are owners. Their products help you increase ROI, improve efficiencies, and elevate the resident experience. By automating busywork, streamlining lead generation, and simplifying property management, they give apartment operators everything they need to focus on people, not processes. Quext helps set your multifamily property apart by giving residents access to technologies that simplify their day-to-day lives and make spending time at your property time well spent. Your apartment’s tools and processes drive your community’s marketing efforts, online presence, and day-to-day operations. That’s why they designed Quext products to seamlessly integrate with the most popular multifamily technology products on the market.

Building Better Communities through Technology

Quext IoT: Smart apartments aren’t just the future; they are here right now. Residents already prefer smart home amenities over traditional appeals like pools and spas. Smart HVACs and appliances already save property owners around the world millions of dollars a year. Platforms like Homebase already tie these elements together for multifamily buildings, creating truly connected smart apartments. Smart apartments need a single platform that ties together property management, community management, building automation, and smart home devices. This unified platform is the key for easy control over such a complex system. It makes your staff more efficient and provides a seamless experience for residents. It is a smart home technology solution purpose-built for multifamily communities. Featuring a patented LoRaWAN thermostat with embedded smarthub technology and best-in-class smart door locks, Quext IoT brings the best of home automation to your apartment community with 30% less hardware and 100% fewer headaches. Instantly boost your NOI and increase your overall property value with a cost-effective solution to high-end technology. Remotely adjust the temperature in vacant units and credential lock access from the comfort of your office. Give residents a true smart apartment experience, simplify their day-to-day tasks, and even help them save on energy. Instead of WiFi, Quext IoT thermostats run on LoRaWAN network technology. Each property just needs one gateway that communicates with every thermostat in the community. That means you get reliable connectivity across your entire property without taxing your WiFi network. Quext IoT was purpose-built for apartment communities, and it requires 30% less hardware than other solutions.

Quext Connect: It is a high-speed fiber network specifically designed for multifamily communities. With better coverage, ultra-reliable speeds, and simple installation, Quext Connect drives ROI for your property while giving residents WiFi access from the moment they move in. Quext team of industry experts can even provide brokering support to help you get the best deal for your property (without all the headaches). Instantly increase your property value with a cost-effective apartment internet solution designed to maximize NOI. Empower residents to stream, game, work, and shop with the industry’s most powerful and accessible fiber network. Get total transparency into your network’s performance, and streamline troubleshooting with a single point of contact. From your property management office to the fitness center, their apartment internet solution delivers reliable high-speed WiFi to every corner of your community. With no upfront costs to residents, no credit checks, and no data caps, residents enjoy worry-free access to the connectivity they deserve from day one. Plus, Quext Connect empowers operators with the tools they need to help your community grow. Quext calls that a win-win.

Quext Digital Human: Smart Apartments save time and hassle in other ways too, like doors that lock automatically at night and smart thermostats that change the temperature based on the weather. This enhanced living experience for residents will demand higher rents and increase NOI for property developers. It is a fully autonomous, AI-driven virtual leasing agent that delivers real-time online customer service through face-to-face video chat. Powered by an advanced digital brain, Digital Human provides round-the-clock customer support, automatically supplies your team with qualified leads, and empowers your property managers to focus on what matters. Unlike your typical chatbot, Digital Human reads, analyzes, and responds to user’s emotions and facial expressions for more human-like conversation. By interacting with this fully animated CGI employee through video chat, users can go on virtual property tours, ask questions about your community, view floor plans, and even schedule in-person tours without a single click. Out of the box, Digital Human includes hundreds of catalogued responses, unlimited custom replies, and can even speak Spanish. Property managers can fully customize the Digital Human experience for their users. You can program Digital Human to start conversations with neighborhood information, highlight specific amenities, or even guide users to discover the amenities of your choice. Plus, with hundreds of stock replies and unlimited custom responses, Digital Human can be endlessly optimized to deliver the exact customer service experience you have in mind. With a quick 5–10-minute initial setup, a single user-friendly platform, and open API and integrations, Digital Human seamlessly plugs into your existing property management processes to take pressure off your actual human team.

Quext Websites: It is a cost-effective web design platform and CMS that makes building and maintaining a high-performance apartment website easier than ever. With beautifully crafted page templates, built-in functionality, and advanced software integrations, Quext Websites makes it easy to build the perfect website for your apartment — no web design knowhow required. With modular templates built by professional designers, Quext Websites gives operators all the flexibility they need to build their dream website. Adding features like galleries, calls-to-action, and photography only takes a few clicks, and every template comes with built-in functionality to enhance the user experience. Get instant access to all the building blocks you need to craft a modern apartment website that perfectly represents your community. Just pick a template, select the content sections you want, and start populating the fields. It’s that simple. Users’ experiences on your apartment website could be the difference between a signed lease and a high bounce rate. That’s why they’ve made it easy to include best-in-class features like virtual tours, AI-driven customer service, and online tour booking.

Dave Gilles | CEO

Dave is leading the charge and signing the paychecks. He previously worked at Madera Residential as a CEO. Dave has also attended Illinois State University in 1985. When Dave was young he wanted to be a professional baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals.

"We’re delivering game-changing solutions to apartment communities across the country, and they all start the same way that Quext did — with a conversation."

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