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Rapid 7: We Exist So You Can Securely Advance

Rapid 7: We Exist So You Can Securely Advance

In a world of hackers, malicious softwares, identity theft and data theft, security has become an obstacle instead of an opportunity. It is a cumbersome requirement preventing firms from conducting their operations on a secure note. However, What if businesses could be securely advanced with clarity and confidence? What if security could become an opportunity and not an obstacle?

Rapid7 believes in simplifying the complex through shared visibility, analytics, and automation that unites teams around challenges and successes of cybersecurity. Whether it is a comprehensive security platform, an assessment to better understand your security posture, or something in between, they’ve got your back!

The Rapid7 Insight cloud equips the user with the visibility, analytics, and automation needed to unite teams and work faster (and smarter). Security, IT, and Development now have one-click access to vulnerability management, cloud application security, incident detection and response, automation, and more.

The Rapid7 Insight cloud collects data from across the client’s environment, making it easy for teams to manage vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, investigate and shut down attacks, and automate operations.

Rapid 7 modules offer:

Unify Data Collection

Collect data once from across the IT environment, enabling Security, IT, and DevOps teams to collaborate effectively as they analyze shared data.

Scale with Ease

Expanding use of the Insight cloud to include multiple solutions is easy. Once the data collectors are installed, launching new Insight products is just a few clicks away.

Integrate Seamlessly

Get faster analysis, prioritization, and remediation, with existing tools. The Insight cloud integrates with the existing technology stack, acting as a force multiplier to already-deployed solutions.

Insight-FUL Products Offered by Rapid 7:

Rapid 7 have created a wide array of products in order to better equip their clients against malicious softwares and detect threats to their systems.

InsightIDR – Cloud SIEM for modern threat detection and response

  • Unify Security Data: Easy cloud-based log and event management to meet compliance
  • Detect Behavior Behind Breaches: Attackers favor stolen credentials, malware, and phishing. Detect and contain these threats before things get critical
  • Respond with Confidence: Accelerate investigations 20x with visual timelines. Contain attacks across users and assets from within InsightIDR

InsightVM – Recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave™: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q4 201

  • Gain Clarity into Risk: Better understand the risk in modern environment to work in lockstep with technical teams
  • Extend Security’s Influence: Align traditionally siloed teams and drive impact with the shared view and common language of InsightVM
  • See Shared Progress: Take a proactive approach to security with tracking and metrics that create accountability and recognize progress

InsightAppSec – Extensive dynamic application security testing for seeing more and remediating faster

  • Secure the Modern Web: Automatically assess modern web apps and APIs with fewer false positives and missed vulnerabilities
  • Collaborate with Speed: Fast-track fixes with rich reporting and integrations, and inform compliance and development stakeholders
  • Scale with Ease: Effectively manage the security assessment of application portfolio, regardless of its size

InsightConnect – Orchestration and automation to accelerate teams and tools

  • Orchestrate: Connect teams and tools for clear communication and complete integration across the tech stack
  • Automate: Streamline manual, repetitive tasks with connect-and-go workflows—no code necessary
  • Accelerate: Supercharge operations with automation that creates efficiency without sacrificing control

InsightOps – Ridiculously easy log management is just the beginning

  • Centralize: Collect data from any source, in any format. Search and analyze logs using simple keywords or analytic functions to find answers
  • Monitor: Track metrics like CPU, memory, and disk usage. Receive real-time alerts. Review live dashboards and scheduled reports
  • Troubleshoot: Quickly identify and resolve errors, reliability problems, and security issues across the infrastructure and software stack. Automate and remediate issues using the RESTful API

Consultancy and Management Services Provided by Rapid7:

Rapid 7 provide consultancy and management services to help their clients operationalize any program using cutting edge methodologies.

Security Consulting

Rapid7 Consulting offers the support and guidance of industry leaders and security specialists to help accelerate security improvement via cutting-edge methodologies and risk prioritization.

Product Consulting

Deployment services are tailored to operationalize any program, augmenting the deployment with product configurations, process automation, and reporting workflows.

Managed Services

Security programs supported by adequate budget, talent, and technology are non-existent. Managed Services team can help the client get one step closer to their fantasy of a well-managed and ever-evolving program, without the need for in-house hires.

Training and Certification

Training by Rapid 7s’ experts takes security skills to the next level. Modern technologies are evolving every second, and hence the skill set should keep pace. From product training to penetration test training, Rapid7’s resident experts are ready to propel their clients to the top of their game with essential, hands-on curricula that will help them maximize skills, resources, and tech stack.

Top Five Customer Benefits

  • 342% ROI over three years – Customers experienced an average return of 342% when calculating the overall benefits of InsightVM
  • 22% reduction in false positive alerts— fewer false alerts and more accurate data helped customers save time
  • 33% reduction in investigation efforts – Better reporting and actionable insights helped customers make visible progress
  • 60% reduction in patching efforts – Patching automation and improved workflows helped customers streamline the remediation process
  • $2.3M savings over three years – Up-front risk reduction helped customers avoid potential incidents and associated costs

Corey E. Thomas – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Corey Thomas is the CEO of Rapid7, as well as Chairman of its board of directors. In 2018, he was elected to the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) board of directors and the Massachusetts Cybersecurity Strategy Council. He also serves on the board of directors for LPL Financial, as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, sitting on its audit and health care quality and affordability committees. He previously served on the U.S. Commerce Department's Digital Economy Board of Advisors. Corey has extensive experience leading technology companies to the next stage of growth and innovation. Prior to joining Rapid7, Corey was VP of marketing at Parallels, Inc., a virtualization technology company; group project manager of the Microsoft Server and Tools division, steering product planning for Microsoft’s data platform; and a consultant at Deloitte Consulting. Corey received a B.E. in electrical engineering and computer science from Vanderbilt University and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

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