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Redberri A complete software company invested in diverse fields

Redberri A complete software company invested in diverse fields

Managing corporate data issues can be a complicated task. Very few companies have the caliber to scale well after a good start. Redberri is one such company with various ventures and a deep-rooted commitment to philanthropy, passion for pursuing economic development, launching disruptive technology platforms, and investments in social entrepreneurship worldwide.

Redberri is composed of a group of innovators and software engineers whose specialty is solving complex corporate data integration issues. Chairman and CEO Deepak Kant Vyas has been the driving force behind Redberri’s rapid expansion, diversification, Research & Development in Life Sciences and Medicine. It will soon be launching the world’s largest medical portal & Physicians Hub –, Redberri Telepresence – Telemedicine, Virtual Video/Audio Meeting bank-grade encrypted video conference system, PEAS – Patient Education & Awareness Series. Chairman Vyas’ vision for the company has enabled the company to start various ventures and deep-rooted commitment to philanthropy, passion to pursue economic development, launch disruptive technology platforms, and invest their social entrepreneurship around the world.

The Inception of Redberri

Redberri started its journey with fortune 100 company Brunswick Corporation. In early 2000,

the company was acquired under Deepak Kant Vyas Chairman & CEO’s leadership. Their growth has been phenomenal, and they continue to share their partnership with Brunswick Corporation. Today, Redberri is a diversified company that touches lives every 48 seconds worldwide with its disruptive technology in Travel, Hospitality, Media, Finance, and Medical. Their long-awaited technology Redberri Connect and Redberri Telepresence will be launched in November 2020 after extensive beta testing globally, with 890 thousand users along with their flagship Medicalciti global launch in spring 2021. Since the acquisition of Redberri from Fortune 100 company Brunswick Corporation, its flagship product - SOA service-oriented Architecture has gone through significant development to expand its footprint from the financial sector to Hospitality, Travel, and Medical sectors.

Redberri Integration Platform

Redberri philosophy has been simple; “Provide a product or service that is relevant, technology that has the power to be disruptive, impactful and resourceful, easy to implement, adopt, and useful across global application and cross-platform compatible.” Today Redberri’s products and services are used in over 169 Countries in financial sectors, banking, logistics, and hospitality. Their unique service-oriented architecture enables one to fetch data from many sources for distribution to make sources in real-time, thus allowing stock trading, compliance, banking’s connectivity for ATM access.

Redberri’s Enterprise platform SOA enables the financial sector to leverage the power architecture to get data in real-time. “One of the examples that strike and stands out is Stock Exchange’s compliance requirement, our technology enables processing millions of data feed in real-time and verify trade compliance,” says Deepak Kant Vyas, Chairman and CEO of Redberri.

Scalability and Flexibility of Redberri Enterprises

Redberri is a unique SOA software that powers Navigation systems for satellites, eMR -Electronic Medical Records, Logistic and real-time data distribution. Their technology powers most of the ATMs with Plus & Cerro Sign, optimizing banking and the financial industry. Redberri also powers the Aviation & Hospitality Industry with a strategic partnership with Sabre and Online Travel Agencies. They also have real-time hospitality technology installed at The Montcler Hotel.

Redberri Connect

Redberri Connect is a cross-platform compatible product that powers the world’s leading navigation systems from commercial satellites to automotive navigation systems strategically placed in commercial satellites to power data distribution in real-time. World’s fastest-growing connectivity software powers many unique industries, technologies. Although it is invisible, its performance is visible in many forms – maps, images, weather forecasts, financial tools, medical imaging & remote robotics surgeries.

Redberri Classroom for institutions

Redberri Classroom is a remote learning tool used by the world’s leading academic institutions and UNO to empower, teach, translate, and enrich the knowledge. Soon, Medicalciti will introduce comprehensive eLearning Tools to fully integrate virtual learning, training, and socially interactive hubs.

Redberri Conference

Redberri Conference is an innovative product to offer the corporate world with hybrid meetings, telepresence or virtual presence for the medical industry, meeting industry for a convention center, meeting rooms, and law practice connecting the world’s court systems.

Redberri is cross-platform compatible widely used in a macro enterprise environment on large scale implementation. As a corporate policy, they only cater to major enterprise applications due to security and scaling requirements. Redberri is very selective in license and identifies their prospects based on their corporate value, long-term development, and support credentials that can impact the world’s common good. 


One of its most ambitious projects, Redberri’s Medical portal, is scheduled to be launched globally as the world’s largest medical portal connecting physicians worldwide, empowering Patient 2 Physician connectivity.

MedicalCiti project also includes Innovation Center in Indiana to develop state of the art technologies in Medicine, Bio-Tech, Agri-Tech, and Herbal products. The project will also have a fully integrated Pharmacy, eLearning, Continued Medical Education, and eCommerce marketplace.


A yet another innovative product from Redberri is the CompaniCiti Corporate Portal for the world’s business, which fully integrates the Business Directory of over 11 Million Businesses in North America. It will soon be expanding to Asia and Europe. It is the world’s first fully integrated corporate portal with eMarket Place, International Trade, Technology Innovation for business, and I2P (Idea to productization) platform for Innovation and Branding. CompanyCiti is in also scheduled to be launched very soon.

COVID-19 response

Redberri’s goal is to provide communities access to technology and adapt to the post-Covid-19 environment. “Our highly successful Tele-Medicine product inspired us to work on Attorney Telepresence. As the travel & tourism industry adapts to the new post-Covid-19 environment with Hybrid meetings, Conferences, and Events. Our technology is adapting to offer several innovative products,” says Deepak. Redberri has always invested in community development, education, and social capital through its foundation – the Redberri Earth foundation.

“We were early adaptors in carbon credit marketplace, adopting schools & communities in developing countries, investing in start-ups with a mandate to ignite innovation, economic development in communities and transforming a social change,” elucidates Deepak.

About the CEO

Deepak Kant Vyas is the Chairman and the CEO of Redberri Corporation (Joint Venture with Brunswick Corporation) & Earth Foundation. He is also the Past President of World Affairs Council and Past Chairman of Missouri District Export Council, and Member of National District Export Council with unique distinction as the first Missourian and Asian Indian ever to be elected to the position representing over 14 Midwestern states.

He has also served as Chairman for Legislative affairs to promote global trade and closely worked with three administrations, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama administration. He has closely worked with Franklin L. Lavin, the US undersecretary for Commerce, to lead the largest US Business Delegation to India and promote Singapore – USA free trade agreement.

He is the first Indian to be honored with three Industrial Promotion Gold Medals in 1990, 1992, and 1994 by the Government of India – Council for Industrial Development. He is rightly nicknamed Mini India in the US Department of Commerce. Chairman Deepak Kant Vyas recently led the largest Business Delegation from Missouri to India on the State of Telangana & Gujarat’s invitation.

“Redberri is completely platform-independent, eliminating the need for extensive redesign or development of standalone solutions for each partner.”

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