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Innovative solutions helping businesses foster better customer relations with AI-powered conversations: Replicant

Innovative solutions helping businesses foster better customer relations with AI-powered conversations: Replicant

In the highly competitive world we live in, businesses thrive on the quality of service they provide their customers. Customer service calls are the way in which businesses interact with their customers and solve their queries and offer support to businesses. They genuinely make your customers feel like your brand and business have their interests at heart.

Globally, there are various companies that provide excellent solutions to simplify customer service, among them Replicant stands out. Replicant was founded on the belief that machines are ready to have useful, complex conversations that will transform the way we interact with the world, starting with customer service. As a leader in Contact Center Automation, Replicant helps companies automate their most common customer service calls while empowering agents to focus on more complex and nuanced customer challenges. Replicant’s AI platform allows consumers to engage in natural conversations across voice, messaging and other digital channels to resolve their customer support issues, without the wait, 24/7. Replicant is serving some of the largest contact centers in the Fortune 100 and growing rapidly.

Travel & Hospitality

Wow travelers with exceptional customer experiences. Whether it’s a holiday or 2 AM, travelers need to be able to reach you. Replicant’s Thinking Machine™ is available 24/7 to answer every call, so you don’t have to staff or offshore to achieve always-on customer service. No matter the day or time, travelers can easily manage their travel plans and get personalized recommendations. Replicant resolves 90% of Tier-1 issues without agent intervention, while providing customers with a consistent brand experience. By shifting call volume from BPO providers to AI, you’ll reduce costs and only pay for the amount of time the AI is on the phone with customers. Plus, you’ll gain more control over the quality of your customer service and experience. With the ability to search call transcripts and automated tagging, you’ll have insight into what your customers want. Uncover trends, like which hotels or flights are booked most frequently. With a better pulse on customers, you can design a top-notch travel experience and ensure you never fall behind changes in consumer behavior and preferences.

Retail & E-Commerce

Grow customer relationships with proactive and effective customer service. Make every shopping experience personal by using Replicant to authenticate callers and pull up their order history. Automatically detect satisfaction to send happy shoppers upsell offers and retain dissatisfied shoppers with discounts. Keep shoppers informed with store updates or the latest promotions based on their past purchase behaviors. E-commerce is all about speed and efficiency. Simply search, click, and enjoy. Customer service should be the same – no hold times, immediate authentication, and quick resolutions. Give customers the ability to get help anytime and anywhere, and remove the burden from agents by letting Replicant resolve Tier-1 customer service issues 24/7. Reduce time to resolution for shoppers’ most common service needs, like delivery status updates, account updates, and return processing, with interactive and intelligent AI-powered conversations. Shopping fluctuates with seasons and holidays, forcing you to temporarily staff up in anticipation of high customer demand. Instead of outsourcing or hiring more onshore agents, efficiently scale your customer service capacity with Replicant. Deliver one-to-one customer service without compromising on quality or increasing costs.

Consumer Services

Delight customers with faster service. Most consumer services require scheduling and rebooking appointments, which takes up valuable agent time. Let Replicant handle these types of Tier-1 issues instead. Now, customers can call 24/7, get automatically authenticated, and make and adjust appointments on the fly, using the fastest form of communication — their voice. Provide customers with self-service so they can easily make changes to existing bookings and reservations without long hold times. Increase customer retention and brand loyalty by giving customers the service they need, when they need it. When food delivery companies receive a spike in orders, it’s difficult to fulfill them fast enough to meet consumer demand. Replicant makes it easy by placing outbound calls to restaurants. Achieve scalable outbound ordering without relying on business process outsourcing partners. Get the best of both worlds now — scale faster while cutting back on costs. Gig workers keep your operations running smoothly. Use Replicant to remove their roadblocks, like showing up to receive an order that’s not ready. The Thinking Machine™ answers their calls immediately and triggers complex workflows, like reassigning a delivery to a new dispatcher or notifying a customer about a delay.

About Gadi Shamia, CEO & Co-Founder of Replicant, in his own words

Every business makes mistakes, designs imperfect interfaces, or leaves questions unanswered. Customer service can help turn these issues into opportunities by providing resolutions to increase customer loyalty and long-lasting relationships. Yet, businesses spend $1.3 trillion on 265 billion customer service calls every year and customers and agents are still unhappy; agents spend their days answering mundane calls while customers wait countless hours on hold.

We built Replicant to fill these gaps – to give customers instant solutions to their most common customer service issues so agents can focus on what they’re good at – fixing problems creatively and connecting with customers, knowing that transactional work is handled by the Thinking Machine™. We built Replicant to end long hold times, frequent call transfers and high customer effort. We built Replicant to give call center executives scalable, elastic customer service that can flex up or down based on customer demand. We built Replicant to solve problems as a team, to help people become more productive, and because just like you, we are satisfied when our customers are satisfied.

“The Thinking Machine responds without delay, understands multi-intent requests, and supports a variety of languages to quickly resolve your most frequent customer issues across channels.”

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