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Resecurity aims to revolutionize cyber security for organizations of all sizes, making them safer

Resecurity aims to revolutionize cyber security for organizations of all sizes, making them safer

In today’s world, everything has turned digital; as a result, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly critical for large corporations and small startups alike. The stakes are higher than ever.  Everywhere, businesses are investing a remarkable amount of money into hiring security professionals, maintaining customer privacy, and other cyberattacks. With this said, partnering with a revolutionary cybersecurity and risk management company is very much in need. In the light of preceding, we introduce you to Resecurity. 

Offering intelligence, risk management, and security capabilities, Resecurity has a mission to enable enterprises, national security, and law enforcement agencies to fight against cyber threats irrespective of how sophisticated they are, and the firm has been successful to a certain extent in reaching its goals.

To better understand the company, Gene Yoo, CEO, spoke more about Resecurity in an interview with CIO Bulletin.

Explain your intelligence-driven cybersecurity services in brief.

Here's the preamble, too often, "intelligence" is articulated as "actionable" or some reference to deep web or dark web – when in most cases, it's all open-source intelligence – commodity at best.  We have been curating our intelligence dataset that goes back almost 20 years.  Our taxonomy of products and services are focused on high fidelity and targeted intelligence for our clients.  So, when we say its intelligence-driven, all three of our products are powered by this set of data.  And not a commodity.

What motivated you to reinvent cybersecurity services?

I have been an operator for both IT and security close to 30 years, albeit, I did work in vendor-scape as well.  But when you are continually focusing on checkboxes vs. giving the operators back reality check of what's going on outside the fortress.  Built by operators and powered by human intelligence analyst.  And we wanted to reinvent or revolutionize actual threats vs. bells and whistles.

Where do you think the modern enterprise security system is lacking behind, and how is your company filling the void?

 It's lacking per se, but too many tools, too many alerts, etc…. It's like a puzzle, and businesses are always trying to find a balance between security and risk.  Anytime you implement a solution, it's NEW time, resources, and money to enable this.  It's not a turnkey.  When we built our solutions, not going to lie, our flagship product Context™ is a workbench.  Built and designed for all groups to use.  But key thing is that when you use Context™ you address the most important thing or the void and answers, is your brand being targeted, is your executives targeted, is your product being abused, etc.  We answer the questions that Boards are asking.  With meaning and evidence.  Simple as that.  The big void we provide is the offensive intelligence from your fortress.  Because you can only see so far outside from the wall.  And for us, we felt that time has come for a new mission.

There are other reputed companies in the market, how are you a better service provider? 

Simple, we have all-source intelligence, not just IP reputation, "dark web", etc… with fancy dashboards with lots of graph that has absolutely no relevance to what you are trying to protect.  Enough with security theater, when we say you are being targeted, you are.    It's like this marketing on threat groups, and trying to map individual actors to groups – and honestly – whoever is selling that should be ashamed of themselves.  It's like asking criminals to say yes, I belong to that group, sure let me tell you why…. This is not a reality. 

Bigger the network. Bigger the issue. Do you think your services are ready to cater to the needs of never-ending digital transformation? 

We built our products to scale from the start.  The way we see it, where the data is usually stored has changed.  But logical or physical data is data.  With the changes in digital – there are impactful changes to both IT and security.  Again, more tools, more time to learn, etc…. Adoption is one thing, but supportability – is another.  We specifically built Risk™ for such changes because there is no expectation that digital is going to stop from transforming and modernize.

Recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent in cybersecurity industry is still one of the biggest challenges. How do you make sure you have the right talent?

To be honest, retention is all about management and leadership.  But also you have to mentor each staff with a manager who is actually trying to mentor them (not go through hey what are you doing, what's done and not).  And sometimes everyone has to be uncomfortable and challenge themselves.  The way I see it, if I raise them and they go from crawl to walk to run, great, I did my job in ensuring their professional growth.  And hopefully, the person that I mentor does the same by giving new talents the same opportunity that I have given them.

How efficient is your endpoint protection expertise, and how do you keep your service standards up and running? 

So going in a full circle, we built Context™ to be the center of our universe, which provides data and insight to Risk™ but coming around, needed something to close the loop – so we built our Endpoint Protection Platform.  Three years of hard work that went in parallel to the rest of our products. Yes, it does the EDR, AEP, AV, C2, etc…. we incorporated all the best solution set with AI/ML on top of our intelligent data from Context™ to put a ribbon on it.  Back to our team being operators from the past, offensive or defensive – so we put our head together and drew a map of how we would maneuver and avoid.  That's how it all started. 

What are your future plans for the development of your company?

We see our market as consumers, enterprises and governments.  Key for us for growth will be investing in people, development and marketing.  We try to keep it simple.

Meet the Expert

Gene Yoo has over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity for some of the world's largest brand names, such as Warner Bros., Sony, Computer Science Corporation, Coca-Cola Enterprise, Capgemini, and Symantec.

Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President and Head of Information Security for City National Bank. He also served in an advisory role to Phantom (acquired by Splunk), Protectwise (acquired by Verizon), Elastica (acquired by Blue Coat), and Vorstack (acquired by ServiceNow).

"Resecurity is focused on intelligence-driven solutions."

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