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Resecurity — Empowering organizations to reimagine cybersecurity

Resecurity — Empowering organizations to reimagine cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the basic foundation that can protect an organization from any harm online. The concept of cybersecurity is not very new; instead, it has been over few decades. However, with the increased penetration of the internet to the masses and widespread adoption of internet-connected devices, the data is much easier to collect now. The rise of social, digital media, cloud technology, etc., is pulling up more personalized data from the users, which raises an even more serious concern. This ever-evolving technology revolution is both a blessing and a potential curse. And with this, we need much more robust security systems that can safeguard organizations and individuals from a potential hack.

Resecurity is a cybersecurity company that delivers a unified platform for endpoint protection, risk management, and threat intelligence for large enterprises and government agencies worldwide. It is an American cybersecurity company with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The company provides next-generation endpoint protection and intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions to leading Fortune 500 corporations and governments worldwide.

The origin of Resecurity

Founded in 2016, Resecurity, Inc. has been globally recognized as one of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity companies with the sole mission of protecting enterprises globally from evolving cyber threats through intelligence. Resecurity, Inc. has developed a global reputation for providing best-of-breed data-driven intelligence solutions.

There are two vantage views from an improvement standpoint. Resecurity is better positioned to understand the customer needs and align its tailored offerings to its base from the inside. And from the outside, it has a better understanding of its customers, their intelligence needs and better aligning its internal people, process, and technology to the ongoing advanced threats.

The evolving cyberattacks and identity theft

We continue to hear about many of the common exploits and patterns in the news, but the reality is that it’s not the commonality of the attack but specific to technical debt that enables bad actors to take advantage of as well as sophisticated actors using zero-day to compromise the environment.

Given the digital transformation in the last 20 years, it’s not just about individuals worrying about their online identity. There a few companies that sell their data for advertising. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect privacy. It’s a double-edged sword where you are trying to defend yourself, but you also have providers playing both ways.

The ways Resecurity mitigates threat, vulnerability, and risk

Resecurity believes in patching and control review cadence with a continuous inventory of all assets. This is the foundation. Secondly, it does continuous testing of said environment and remediation in a timely fashion. Thirdly Resecurity monitors, not just the crown jewels but everything, to acquire logs for monitoring all assets. And finally, Resecurity dedicates time, resources, and funds for your group. Everything requires sufficient resources, a documented process, and time to do things. In addition, it takes time to analyze, manage and mitigate the ever-evolving type of vulnerabilities.

Resecurity ContextTM Intelligence Platform

Resecurity Context is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform enabling enterprises and government agencies to collect actionable intelligence from multiple sources by different criteria and to accelerate the analysis, prevention, and investigation workflow required for strategic and timely decision-making. The program supports a flexible set of search filters to increase targeting, accuracy, and relevancy of the search results. It has a robust monitoring module allowing to configure multiple long-term monitoring tasks based on different criteria to optimize time-consuming and manual operations. The operator may quickly switch from search operations to long-term automated monitoring by creating a monitoring task based on the provided search query or using an interactive wizard. The monitoring module provides real-time and near real-time cyber threat intelligence reporting capabilities depending on the technical specifications, structure, and type of the source and operational security level.

The platform enables an operator to configure the frequency of data updates, affecting the timeframe to identify new data. To minimize the possibility of error, bias, and misinformation, Resecurity Context leverages data science and big data analytics to “mine” and analyze intelligence from a wide range of sources. Resecurity Context provides full information about the original source and allows the operator to research the library of used, recently added, and new sources, as well as the data aggregation process across them. The listing of Intelligence Sources contains over 32K unique data points from the Dark Web, Deep Web, Surface Web, and other digital channels of interest (such as IRC, Jabber, Telegram, etc.).

Resecurity has been one of the reasons for the revolution in cybersecurity. It was built by operators for operators. It aims to work with actual data and data-driven actions. The company is committed to providing the best-tailored source of intelligence through humans and technology. Its core services include Data Breach & Incident Response services, as well as many of the standard consultative and testing. Resecurity has expertise in Research and Investigation Services.

Meet the CEO

Gene Yoo is the Chief Executive Officer of Resecurity. He has over 30 years of experience in cybersecurity for some of the world’s most prominent brand names, such as Warner Bros., Sony, Computer Science Corporation, Coca-Cola Enterprise, Capgemini, and Symantec. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President and Head of Information Security for City National Bank. He also served in an advisory role to Phantom (acquired by Splunk), Protectwise (acquired by Verizon), Elastica (acquired by Blue Coat), and Vorstack (acquired by ServiceNow).

“Our comprehensive risk intelligence focuses are more than just outside threats. Resecurity’s intelligence platform analyzes all points of attacks from external sources, internal bad actors, and cloud-based threats.”

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