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Resecurity - Unified platform for endpoint protection

Resecurity - Unified platform for endpoint protection

Cyberattacks are now very common. Recent reports show that hackers attack a computer every 39 seconds in the US. Not just nations and businesses face threats from hackers' actions and intentions, but individuals face many risks as well. Cybersecurity has become more than necessary than ever.

Founded in 2016, Resecurity, Inc. has been globally recognized as one of the world's most innovative cybersecurity companies with the sole mission of protecting enterprises globally from evolving cyber threats through intelligence. The company has developed a global reputation for providing best-of-breed data-driven intelligence solutions. We had a conversation with Gene Yoo, the CEO of the company, where he shares more about the company. Here are some snippets of the same.

What are the important factors that you address while designing and developing a security solution?

The product must speak for itself, in what it's presenting. We often overuse the term "actionable," but it's about the data's quality in reality. Unless you have massive samples of data to run against AI/ML, it's only going to know what's being fed. You know, like garbage in garbage out. We built the platform to be simple, flexible, and scalable to any size of any organization. To do this, we had to build our platform around data and the quality of the data.

 Do you provide implementation advice and broadly establish the need for cybersecurity to your clients?

We believe in the ZERO implementation schedule. Our solution is built to go live the minute the client is enabled in our platform. Part of our engagement is always to have trusted advisors, not about the product, but subject matter expertise in all things cybersecurity. Resecurity is built and operated by operators from all varying backgrounds. This makes us unique in that we've been in the trenches more often than most people perceive us as a product company.

Tell us in brief about your training module for teaching users how to use your tools.

There should be no reason why you need to be trained in the products. We built our solutions with operators in mind who need to get on the keyboard and operate their missions. We provide demonstrations on how to move around the portal, but training on the product is not necessary.

Fear of the potential loss of control is typically what prevents many organizations from outsourcing aspects of cybersecurity. How do you protect the interest of the enterprises?

We like to think of ourselves as mission-ready drones, constantly monitoring the global threat landscape supported by our human intelligence analysts to find and see threats that others can't. We don't just look at the wide net of information, but deep and upstream. This is why our client engages us because they know that it's about data and having the necessary team with the right skills to go further than commodity intelligence.

Specialized vulnerability and threat intelligence solutions available on the market often come with an expensive price tag. How do you maintain your affordability and profitability?

I think that's the first question everyone needs to ask. Besides the bells and whistles on the product feature, what is the data they provide or the data's quality? And if it's working, why do we continue to see the breaches from happening? Lastly, what type of intelligence beyond forums or what is actually open-source intelligence.

People have called us various names, but the reality is that we are a data-driven intelligence company. Because we focus on tailored intelligence or what we called all-source intelligence, we focus on intelligence data that actually matters to our clients. Which also reduces noise for our clients as well.

In reality, balancing affordability vs. profitability is not a big concern for us. We want to provide the best intelligence source for our clients, and it is really about reputation and integrity. That's what matters to us first and foremost.

Internal inefficiencies in an organization undermine security analytics and operations. How do you help your clients streamline their operations?

Well, we built two distinct products just for this. We know there's never enough time, resources, and money to have a world-class cyber threat intelligence organization, so we built Context™ for large and complex clients and Risk™ for any size. Risk™ reduces the need to learn or become experts on the product but gives you a heads-up display of what actually matters to you. And of course, we have many native integration points to automate where clients request this and our trusted advisors to guide our clients above and beyond our products.

Tell us about your journey towards becoming a global leader in vulnerability intelligence, breach data, and risk ratings.

We are fortunate that everyone at Resecurity believes in the mission, which is to provide the best all-source intelligence and data-driven cybersecurity platform. But we are not experts in everything, marketing, sales, finances, etc. Lots of learning lessons and what works and what doesn't, but it was definitely a road less traveled. When you have a company built by a bunch of engineers, you tweak and pivot constantly. It's an experience and a journey that I would trade for the world.

About the CEO

Gene Yoo is the CEO of Resecurity. He has over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity for some of the

world's largest brand names, such as Warner Bros., Sony, Computer Science Corporation, Coca-Cola Enterprise, Capgemini, and Symantec. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President and Head of Information Security for City National Bank. He has also served in an advisory roleto Phantom (acquired by Splunk), Protectwise (acquired by Verizon), Elastica (acquired by Blue Coat), and Vorstack (acquired by ServiceNow).

Our mission is to enable enterprises, national security, and law enforcement agencies to combat cyber threats regardless of how sophisticated they are.

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