Alexa Rialto Consultancy - An award-winning consultancy driving leadership and business success
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Rialto Consultancy - An award-winning consultancy driving leadership and business success

Rialto Consultancy - An award-winning consultancy driving leadership and business success

In the highly competitive world we live in, there is an increase in demands on leadership due to constant disruption, globalization, and convergence. These ever-growing demands have given rise to consultants who can provide customized leadership solutions for dealing with new challenges. Experts are suggesting enterprises hire a consultant if they are planning to focus on one facet of the business. A consultant with specialized expertise is one thing —but a consultant can be truly effective when he is also a leader who can take control of the issues and provide sound solutions to overcome them.

Globally various consulting companies are providing excellent leadership services, but Rialto Consultancy stands out from the rest. Founded in 2004, Rialto partners with organizations and helps leaders strengthen capabilities to deliver ongoing success and future proof their business in an increasingly complex, ambiguous, and AL led digital world. It develops  leaders to work on the edge of possibility, push the boundaries and do things differently wherever needed to enable them to achieve greater success and survive and grow in a disruptive world. Rialto has already partnered with 400+ organizations and 100’s of  leaders; c-suite, board, senior leaders, and management – across all sectors and industries to develop and accelerate the strategies, capabilities, and people that will take their organizations to the next level. We interviewed the CEO of Rialto, Richard Chiumento, to get more insights into the services they offer. Here are some essential takeaways from the interview.

Consultants do not come with guarantees, so there is always a possibility that you might not achieve the results you had planned when you had hired them, irrespective of the cost. How can businesses overcome this uncertainty?

The key is to surface the most valuable goals and optimise alignment between stakeholders . Our AI-C tool developed from concepts researched with 2 Harvard Professors Thomas Schelling and Chris Argyris and Schellingpoints applied research into collaboration dynamics and Rialto practices AI-C has transformed a teams path from ‘ I think this ‘ to ‘We all agree to do that’ to overcome the 70% failure rate of implementing change, growth plans, mission and values change, operating model transformations, digital transformations, capability or changes in culture, business strategies, etc.

AI-C ensures that any group of stakeholders moves from “I or We each think this” to “We all agree to do that,” thereby getting people onto the same page or onto the bus & delivering Alignment Optimization, which is critical in securing successful change & transformation to deliver business outcomes.

AI-C is used in seven types of change programs (500+ having been delivered globally ) these being:

  • Where a Decision needs to be made
  • Where an Innovation is required
  • Where a Policy needs to be established
  • Where a Process needs to be improved
  • Where a Programme needs to be defined
  • Where Relationships must be improved
  • Where a Strategy must be created

AI-C delivers optimal alignment & can solve any business challenge.

How do you deal with the “never-ending change” in digital transformation?

There is a growing risk of burnout or drift with digital transformation, and it’s essential to keep projects fresh. However, it is also critical to grow teams and their curiosity as change is more constant today and faster. Digitization, AI adoption, and disruptive technologies in the workplace are accelerating more rapidly than ever. Consumers expect products & services to be faster, better, cheaper, and more customized. This acceleration coupled with remote working means that businesses need to rapidly adapt and implement newer & better technology-led operating models to keep up.

The next ten years will bring fundamental changes to our working world. To successfully adapt, leaders and employees in almost every role and industry will need to acquire new skills. Covid-19 has accelerated existing trends, with up to 25% more of the workforce than previously estimated potentially needing to upskill and switch occupations. Employees trained for roles with one set of technologies will now need to pivot more often to stay relevant. This means that to avoid being left behind, we must consistently grow, learn and develop skill sets for the new world work paradigms of AI, data, and disruptive technologies.

Specialized consulting services come with an expensive price tag. How do you maintain your affordability and profitability?

It has long been forecast that Artificial Intelligence and automation will bring about a workforce re-alignment, the scale of which having not been seen since the industrial revolution. While dialogue usually centers on ‘unskilled’ work, however, the dramatic shift of labor may not be confined to blue-collar work, with management consultants also facing significant change to their roles in the coming years. The continued march of innovative new Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought with it the potential for improved efficiency of resources, heightened productivity in manufacturing, and even the potential for low-cost medical care in the developing world. The Rialto AI tool is an example of this trend and can provide clients with greater affordability.

Many business managers and executives question the value of consultants. How do you protect their interest?

It is important to calculate the costs of doing nothing or doing the change program yourselves versus costs of failure or sub-optimal performance. Clients use consultants because of their deep domain knowledge and case studies of delivering the project repeatedly. It is usually much more cost-effective, therefore, to use consultants recommended for a specific project.

Meet the CEO

Richard Chiumento is the Founder and CEO of Rialto. He has 23 + years of experience working with Senior Leadership teams to strengthen their growth mindset, originate strategy and build more adaptive organizations. Richard has been described as a trusted game-changer, skilled collaborator, and one of the best connectors, innovators & opportunity catalysts for today’s disruptive environment.

Richard is a highly acclaimed and well-respected practitioner in his field, listed in Cambridge Who’s Who of Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs; Strathmore’s Who’s Who for Global Leadership & Achievements in Management Consulting; and recently recognized as ‘Professional of the Year’ within the Global HR consulting profession. He has made nine major career changes during his successful career, including a move from strategic HR to line management and periods in sales, marketing, and commercial roles.

“We work with leaders and teams to manage increasing customer and employee expectations – as well as making choices about how to embrace the new forces at play in today’s changing world.”

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